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CZW Tournament of Death 15 Review – The Ballad of the Deej and Jeezus Part 1: The Burial

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CZW Tournament of Death 15


Markland’s Little Acres/Ultraviolent Underground – Townsend, Delaware

June 11, 2016

CZW is one of the only major promotions to still hold a deathmatch tournament annually and this year it was quite the event as John Zandig’s return to CZW last month brought another layer to the often storyless tournament and making the three non tournament matches all deathmatches made it for a great ultraviolent feel to the day.

With that said, you know what you’re going to get with a TOD, violence galore not for the feint of heart. There was thumbtacks, light tubes, barbed wire, staplers, BBQ Skewers, Deer Heads and more. Now let’s get to the first match

(TOD 1st Round) Fans Bring the Weapons Match: Rickey Shane Page vs. Tim Donst**1/4

I was looking forward to all the first round matches and this one was no different. Rickey Shane Page was the standout of last year’s tournament and the story here was that in order for him to gain a roster spot full time with CZW, RSP had to win the tournament. Tim Donst looked to again be the foil of that as he is entering his first deathmatch tournament. I was looking forward seeing what Donst could do here as he had a couple good ultraviolent showings in some of his CZW matches including the brutal I Quit match with Joe Gacy at Cage of Death. The fans bring the weapons stipulation is always an entertaining one as you don’t know what sick sadistic things the fans could bring as weapons, but this one was a bit lackluster because of the weapons. Some of the weapons were creative like the board of staplers or the deer head laced with lightbulbs, but everything else was too normal and tame for what TOD normally brings and what other matches would bring later in the round. This was more of a wild brawl with weapons rather than a deathmatch. Even with those things said I felt these two didn’t really click and the match was clunky at times. The finish came after RSP got military press slammed onto light tubes and a pick up truck bed by Donst. RSP would get up and cradle Donst on the truck bed for the victory.

(TOD 1st Round) Barbed Wire Madness Match: Connor Claxton vs. MASADA***

This was the first round match from the death match fans perspective of being very big. I wouldn’t of batted an eye if this was the final and these two would deliver. As Claxton, the Nation of Intoxication member, after going to the final last year, is looking for the same success in 2016. MASADA on the otherhand is looking to become the first three time winner of TOD as he won TODs 10 and 11. Besides having a big barbed wire contraption and a board, there were cinderblocks, salt, chairs, and lemon juice all to use at Masada’s and Claxton’s disposal. This was a fun little first round match as they also brawled all over the place and the barbed wire and weapons spots all built to something. They weren’t just throwing shit to throw shit, it was a nicely built match. Some great spots included Connor Claxton jumping off of an 18 wheeler onto staff members, MASADA sentoning a barbed wire board onto Claxton, and a memorable finishing sequence involving cinder blocks. The final blow was a piledriver by Claxton onto cinder blocks and salt. This was very fun.

(TOD 1st Round) Light Tube Bundles Match: Alex Colon vs. Danny Havoc***1/2

This was the first round match I was most looking forward to as Havoc is one of the best deathmatch wrestlers in the world today and Colon is very athletic and I feel he could take to the style quickly. The latter did happen as both these two put on a hell of a light tube spot fest with lots of blood and spots. These two had a great intensity and chemistry within the match. Colon was pretty ambitious too, trying to do a monkey flip with a light tube. They went all out in this round one match when Havoc lit a light tube on fire and colon put it in his gut for the pinfall. Yes, there was FIRE IN THE 1ST ROUND. These two worked really hard and entertained both me and the crowd with the light tube spotfest.

(TOD 1st Round) Home Run Derby Match: Matt Tremont vs. Jeff Cannonball ***1/4

This was an interesting first round match pitting two normal tag team partners against each other. CZW decided to portray Cannonball as an outsider, attacking Tremont last month at Prelude to Violence.  Tremont is coming into TOD as both the defending tournament champion and the current CZW world heavyweight champion so the suspense of Tremont losing in the first round was really limited which hurt the match a bit. But Cannonball worked his ass off and got the respect of Tremont including taking a kenzan to the head put in by Tremont. The final spot was a sick powerbomb by Tremont to Cannonball onto light tubes and a trashcan. This was a fun swinging for the fences match.

Non Tournament Rockstar Pro Deathmatch: Aaron Williams vs. Ron MathisDUD

This match pretty much sucked, this was in the death spot between the first and the second round and the crowd wasn’t into this match at all. I know the CZW deathmatch crowd is a tough one to please but these two guys did more interference from the Foundation than anything else. They weren’t given enough weapons or things to do in this match in order to make the fans happy. Williams however did adjust to the style pretty well for a first timer, but the pace and everything was off here. The finish came after Williams piledrove Mathis on the second rope.

(TOD Semi Final) Barefoot Rites of Passage Match: Rickey Shane Page vs. Conor Claxton**1/2

Whoever came up with the concept for this match is a sick fuck. So you have the wrestlers barefoot, there are hot coals on the outside and a bed of nails on the inside of the ring. If that wasn’t enough, their hands are Taipei style with glass glued to taped fist with cinder blocks and tool box. At this point I’ve got to mention Emil Jay is drunk on commentary and it was very hilarious. This match was pretty short but a fun brawl. The finish came after an ankle breaker onto coals by RSP and two rolling fists. The concept was pretty fun, but it was too short for it to become anything.

Semi Final Match Sharp Shit Match Matt Tremont def Alex Colon**1/2

This was another short but fun brawl with light tubes and carpet strips. Alex Colon looked good here and Tremont got the win. Lots of fun brawling all over the place. Not much to say. **1/2

Scaffold Match- Devon Moore & Lucky 13 vs. Dale Patricks & G Raver**

This was supposed to be a one on one match between Dale & Devon. Raver interrupted before the match started and sided with Dale. A two on one beat down ensued until Lucky 13 came to the save. A tornado tag match was then made. Light tubes, barbed wire boards, and guard rails were introduced pretty quickly, and of course; blood was drawn. Dale Patricks’ was absolutely pouring blood after being hit with a light tube. A couple cool spots happened throughout the match like Raver hitting a Lucky with double knees through a barbed wire board, G Raver going through the guard rail, and the finishing spot where Devon Moore hit Dale with a Finlay roll off of the scaffold onto a barbed wire board which at Raver was under. Lucky 13 & Devon Moore picked up the win. Solid stuff.

Panes Of Glass Match- Josh Crane vs. DJ Hyde**

With glass all over the ring, it didn’t take long for blood to be shown. Josh Crane was looking to make a impression and he sure did just that. From the start he was on fire. Throwing DJ through a glass sheet, frog splashing DJ through one, hitting him with a glass bat and so much more, DJ was taking an ass whooping. So many light tubes & panes were being busted that the ring was covered with shards of glass causing both men to be covered in blood all over their bodies. DJ started to fight back and eventually looked to have the match won after a choke slam through a glass pane. But, someone’s music hit and it turned out to be Black Out on a bulldozer. They were wearing Zandig 2016 shirts of course, and they drove the bulldozer close to the ring. While DJ Hyde was distracted by them, Zandig came from behind and hit DJ with an exploding barbed wire bat… not joking. This caused Josh Crane to get the win over DJ Hyde. Zandig wanted CZW back, but DJ said no. They beat his ass and and put him in a bulldozer. A hole was dug in the ground and they dropped DJ in it and started to bury him. Zandig asked DJ one last time for his company back and DJ Hyde said yes before getting buried. Hell of a scene.

TOD Finals: DeathMatch- Matt Tremont vs. Ricky Shane Page***

The ring was laced in barbed wire and light tubes plus, on one side of the ring was a wooden barricade which was lit on fire. It didn’t take long for this to get violent and after 2 rounds for both of these men, they were hurting. They were bloody. And they were barley able to walk to the ring. But, they both gave it their all. At one point, RSP hit a suicide dive through the light tubes and barbed wire just to hurt Tremont. They also went back and forth busting light tubes over each other’s heads. This was brutal. Very fucking brutal. Matt Tremont was going insane. He called for a scaffold to be brought down, and he beat RSP so bad that a gash formed on Ricky’s head that wouldn’t stop bleeding. They had to stop the match to wrap his head. But, he wouldn’t give up. They just kept beating the living shit out of each other. After nearly being beaten to death, both men climbed up onto the scaffold. Of course it didn’t end well. RSP hit Matt Tremont with a Death Valley Driver off the scaffold through a table full of light tubes. Ricky Shane Page is your 2016 Tournament Of Death winner.

After the match, Tremont congratulated RSP and put him over then handed him a trophy. RSP asked Tremont for a CZW World Championship match in July. Matt excepted.

Overall; TOD was a hoot. This could possibly be a show of the year candidate, that’s how fun it was. Respect to every man who put their body on the line for this show, and congrats RSP on the victory.


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