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CZW Proving Grounds Review (3/26/16)

After last month’s show, CZW Seventeen, I had mixed feelings going into this show. And the fact that Masada, Callihan, Speedball and AR Fox got pulled out, I wasn’t the most hyped for this show. Emil Jay comes out and gets the crowd hyped, which he is great at. To start off the show one of the members of the Dub Boys, Dave Call, calls out Sabian as he trained him, and Nate Carter dressed as Sabian cuts a promo about BLK Jeez. TV Ready then comes out, and they trade words, and then they start to brawl.

(CZW Tag Team Championship) TV Ready (BLK Jeez & Pepper Parks) (c) vs. The Dub Boys (Dave Call & Nate Carter)**1/4

Before the match started, it wasn’t even specified if it was a tag title match until commentary said so half way through the match. BLK Jeez was oddly a face here, and he hit a cool tope con helo to a huge pop. At one point Nate Carter spears Pepper Parks to the outside. TV Ready win after doing a Boston Crab double stomp combo to get a 3 count. It was a pretty short match, which is good because this match had no heat and the crowd was dead. Not the best choice of opener. After the match Da Hit Squad comes out and they attack TV Ready. If this is the next Tag Title feud, I am 100 percent down with this.

Tim Donst vs. Sozio**

Always like watching a Tim Donst match, a Sozio match though? Depends, and against Donst this could have been good! Tim Donst acting like a dick and doing chain wrestling in CZW and making the crowd mad because of that, is awesome in my opinion. Actually Tim Donst being a heel is just awesome in general, he is so natural at it. Sadly, in this match there was a big anchor holding him down, Sozio. He wasn’t bad. But he definitely wasn’t good. This match’s pace was just terrible, oddly slow, but the action itself wasn’t horrible. Donst makes Sozio tap out with a from Dusk til Donst. Pretty boring.

Nation of Intoxication (Conor Claxton & Lucky tHURTeen) vs. Scarlet & Graves (Desmond Xavier & Zack Wentz)***1/4

Conor Claxton has a damn Go Pro on. Desmond Xavier starts the match off hot with an awesome headscissors. tHURTeen tries to one up him with a cooler headscissors from the corner, an Ode to Zandig. Every time I see Claxton, he gets better, which is great to see. Wentz and Xavier have great  agility which was fun to watch some good ol flips.  tHURTeen at one point, uses Desmond as a step to dive but Desmond hits a damn Sasuke Special! NOI hit an Indytaker onto a standing steel chair and WENTZ KICKS OUT, as the ref wasn’t looking when the chair was out. Scarlet and Graves win after hitting a swanton and a tumbleweed corkscrew! A fun sprint, some of it was very sloppy, but it was a fun match to watch with great spots.

Joe Gacy vs. Greg Excellent**3/4

Match starts off with an ambush from Greg but Joe Gacy hits a springboard moonsault to the outside. Greg throws Chrissy Rivera onto Joe for a tornado DDT. Then the match officially starts. Greg wins after pinning Gacy and having his feet on the ropes. The match was alright, ain’t that bad. These two throw big strikes at each other and hit some big moves, including an awesome handspring stunner from Gacy.

(CZW Wired Championship) Joey Janela (c) vs. Dave Crist vs. David Starr vs. Lio Rush****


Going into the show, this was the match I was the most excited for, all these guys are good to great to amazing. Someone throws change and Starr gets very mad, rightfully so, as it is fucked up since he is Jewish. Rush and Janela were targeting each other and it was great. The match was such a fun sprint, a lot of great spots, double team moves, just great. They picked some of the best talent they have and it was a smart decision. David Starr suplexes both Rush and Janela and it was great. David Crist almost decapitates Rush with a stomp off the top while Rush was running. Rush gets thrown off the top rope by Starr onto Janela as Starr gets stomped by Crist. Starr then hits multiple suicide dives onto Rush and Janela, and then gets hit with a dive by Crist. Janela hits the nastiest tombstone after reversing Rush Hour for a 2! Scarlet qnd Graves take out Starr and Rush hits a low-blow and is now the new Wired Champ! This match was a hoot and a holler and was a great one with some awesome spots and the finish was a bit off, but it didn’t affect the match. Rush cuts a promo, crowd chants “Fuck ROH”, ugh, and he says he busts his ass and says he should be more over than Joey Janela. It’s a damn shoot, he keeps saying mark, yells at the crowd, and I love it.:

For intermission they play Kevin Steen vs. El Generico which was great, wonder where they are now…… 🙂

DJ Hyde comes out and announces the first Tournament of Death participants and they are DJ Hyde himself, Danny Havoc, Alex Colon and Rickey Shane Page. The Preacher and Alex Colon also announce they have a match on 5/14.

EYFBO vs. The Amazing Gulaks***1/4

AMAZING! The best word to describe Drew Gulak. Some great team work in this one from both teams, including an STO/Russian Leg sweep combo from EYFBO, guess you could say it was Illmatic. A few funny moments in this one, like when the Funky Monkey kept saying amazing, and Drew was screaming “That’s our thing!” At one point Drew gets stuck in stalling suplexes, and Rory takes him but Drew is so confused he keeps trying to suplex him. Once they realize who they are trying to suplex, they give the hard cam an AMAZING! An assisted Gulak hurricanrana was very cool. A “this is amazing” chants starts. They then start to brawl on the outside, which was filled with hilarity. Mike Draztik puts on the Gulak’s cape and does an awesome dive with it on. Powerbomb/Blockbuster from EYFBO and they get the 3 count. Such a a funny match, I really dug it.

Jonathan Gresham vs. B-Boy***1/4

After some lengthy introductions, which were great because Emil Jay is awesome, the match got underway. Gresham was wrestling heel and it was great. Gresham at one point hits a deadlift German suplex. He was working his knee a lot, including nasty stomps on it. B Boy throws up Gresham into a nice cutter. The ref stops the match after Gresham puts B Boy in a leg lock, and it was what he thought was a good idea. Da Hit Squad and Homicide hit the ring after the match! Homicide in the Combat Zone! B Boy then cuts a promo about how good the talent and the fans are, and says thanks. That was a pretty good match, with Gresham looking very impressive!

(CZW World Championship Taipei & Barbed Wire Board Death Match) Matt Tremont (c) vs. Devon Moore**1/4

Tremont is wearing a “Japan is scared” shirt, awesome. I am admittedly not the biggest fans of death matches and these two, but I went in with an open mind. They have glass taped on their damn hand tape. Devon Moore just goes face first into a barbed wire board, what the hell, that looked brutal. They go off the apron through a board on the outside, just painful looking. A fucking superplex off the top to a barbed wire board then a Death Valley Driver through another board while tangled up in the wire. God, this may be a bit too painful to watch. Match is soooo slow. Tremont hits a piledriver to win. That was a pretty mediocre way to end the show, the match was boring and but too painful for it to be that boring. Greg Excellent comes out and says fuck the fans who bought the tickets to see the guys who pulled out. Tremont then says are we in a shooting mood and then says he is gonna fuck up Masada. He then says thanks to Devon Moore for being a brother and getting him a job here and says that’s a shoot. Well that was a weird way to end the show.

The show started and ended weak but in between, the show was great. The parts that really sucked, were a bit hard to sit through, but the middle of this show was some of the best CZW has been in a while, thanks for reading this review!

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