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CZW Cage of Death 2015 Review

CZW’s last hoorah of the year is always Cage of Death. We’ve had some legendary Cage of Death matches the last few years whether it was 2011’s Cult Fiction vs. CZW, or last year’s four way involving non deathmatch guys. This year’s Cage seems to be a real good match between 3 deathmatch guys in Tremont, Moore, and Masada and one crazy man who isn’t known for deathmatches in AR Fox. I am looking forward to seeing what Fox could do in this environment.

Now onto the actual show. Emil Jay and Maven Bentley are in the ring as they announce the partnership with SMASH Wrestling in Toronto for a show in January. Maven welcomed back CZW’s concession guy from his deployment and brought out some Marines and did the national anthem. Now onto the matches.

(CZW Wired Championship) Joey Janela (c) vs. Lio Rush***3/4

I was happy this was the opener. Two of CZW’s good young talent getting an opportunity to open Cage of Death. Lio Rush came out with some face paint and with a handshake and we’re underway for the CZW Wired Title match. They start off with some reversals and some fast paced action. This is the first time I’ve watched CZW in about 10 months and the first time I’m seeing these two. I was very impressed with both their fast paced offense. Highlights included a reverse rana by Rush on the apron early in the match and a top rope moonsault to the outside by Janella. Another spot is that Rush actually had the balls to do a suplex to Janella from the apron to the outside on the floor which got a good double down 9 count. Rush went for a frog splash which got caught by Janella into a cross face. Janella’s facial reactions are gold and his body language is there. Janella brought a chair and they did a good sequence culminating in Janella taking a swanton to steel as Rush moved out of the way. The finish was smartly booked as Janella had a cross face locked in and Rush got the pin. Really good stuff here.

Beaver Boys vs. The Amazing Gulaks***3/4

I was really looking forward to this match as I like all four of these guys. The Gulaks have a great gimmick and they’re great workers, and Beaver Boys are great too as seen in their appearances in PWG and CZW. Rory has really found his niche out of the deathmatch scene and he’s as good as his brother in that catch as catch can wrestling. Everybody on the scene knows how good Drew is but Rory is really underrated and I’ve really liked what they’ve done with him. Both teams have innovative tag team moves and the Gulaks play…no pun intended…AMAZING heels with the assortment of their showboating and tag moves. Of course the CZW crowd cheers them but I don’t blame them. As good of heels the Gulaks are, the Beaver Boys are really good babyfaces giving the cocky Gulaks a taste of their medicine from time to time. The ‘Amazing’ schtick surprisingly doesn’t get old and they get reversed from time to time. The Gulaks get the win with the Air Gulak and this was very good stuff. I would have liked to see more near falls but I can’t complain with the things I saw.

Greg Excellent vs. Tony Nese***1/4

This is a match featuring two guys with the exact opposite physiques and opposite directions in wrestling. Excellent is CZW’s comedy guy and a very good one at that, who in storyline wants to be taken seriously. Tony Nese obviously has some of the tools to become a successful wrestler being in EVOLVE with the Premier Athlete Brand. This matchup is very interesting because it will be either good or really bad. It was the first option. They worked a good little match. And it was as much Excellent as it was Nese, they told a simple story, Greg playing the bigger guy and Nese bouncing off of him both literally and figuratively. When it was a slow pace, it was advantage Greg Excellent. When it was fast paced, it was advantage Tony Nese. Excellent hit the Tiger Driver for the win. Again we get a good match. 

George Gatton vs. DJ Hyde**3/4

George Gatton gets an opportunity to face the boss in an obvious David vs. Goliath match. Gatton is not even 175 pounds soaking wet and DJ is 6″8, 285 and this could be a good dynamic. You can tell that Gatton is still green as he had his moments and they kept the match really simple and slow but I can’t have a gripe with that. DJ is a smart worker in hiding Gatton’s weaknesses and this match had a fun student vs. teacher dynamic. Hyde went for the lariat and Gatton got a roll-up for the win. This was a simple yet effective match. 

(CZW Tag Team Championship) TV Ready vs. Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Sozio)*3/4

This is the first time I’m seeing the team of TV Ready of BLK Jeez and Pepper Parks and I think they have a good dynamic. Team Tremendous was missing Bill Carr, and Dan Barry wanted to go at it alone but Sozio wasn’t going to let that happen. To say I wasn’t invested in this match was an understatement. The first four matches of this card all had fun elements to them. This match just bored me. And I wasn’t the only one. The fans weren’t into it as well and Dan Barry is a good worker, but Carr adds a lot to that act and their dynamic is what gets them booked elsewhere. Sozio just doesn’t have any star quality whatsoever and the fact that he’s a former CZW Champ is sad. The match itself sucked. That’s all. 

(I Quit Match) Tim Donst vs. Joe Gacy****1/4

Another match I’m very into as both of these guys are good. I was concerned with the cage as I didn’t think it would get the heat this rivalry deserves but I was wrong. Very aggressive from the start, no chain wrestling, these two people hate each other and they just beat the tar out of each other. Gacy has improved vastly because of wrestling in the Dojo Wars series and Donst has been great since he no sold cancer (see what I did there). They used a barbed wire chair and a staple gun but they were used effectively, as Gacy was really aggressive in stapling Donst’s arm a dozen times. Then he proceeded to DDT him while wearing a hat filled with thumbtacks. Some real creative and aggressive action from these two. Then they did the Adam Cole/Young Bucks thumtack superkick spot. Gacy then brought out a strand of barbed wire which Donst used as handcuffs and did his best Rock impression. After a Death Valley Driver off the apron to the guardrail, Gacy still doesn’t want to quit. Gacy powerbombs him on to the barbed wire chair and the ref asked if he’s going to quit and he replied, “Donst doesn’t die.” Then Donst quits after Gacy went to throw him off the scaffolding. After the match Gacy did it anyway. This was an excellent brawl and the best Hardcore match I’ve seen this year.

(Ultraviolent Rules) Ricky Shane Page vs. Danny Havoc***1/4

The match is set up where half the ring is barbed wire ropes, and the other half has carpet strips. They start with some quick offensive moves. Havoc gets tossed into the barbed wire ropes and then Page goes through the barbed wire ropes and we’re under way. They brawled on the outside for a bit culminating in a suicide dive to Havoc and a sea of chairs. Then they battled by the barbed wire and Havoc dove onto Page into carpet strips. They battled on the apron for a bit as Havoc threw him off the apron onto the backs of the chair. Then Page gained his bearings as Havoc got a barbed wire board and Page powerbombs him on the board. They rolled around in the barbed wire for a bit then a pane of glass was brought by Havoc and set up on the chair. Havoc finished Page with a full nelson suplex onto the glass for the win. 

David Starr vs. Sami Callihan***1/2

David Starr has been one of the shining stars of 2015 in Beyond Wrestling and CZW. He challenged Sami Callihan for Cage of Death. It came true obviously. They brawled to start off the match and they were very aggressive to begin. Then Callihan powerbombs Starr into the second row and the crowd threw Starr back into the ringside area. They brawled a little bit and then Starr tosses Callihan into the second row. They brawled on the outside as Callahan suplexes Starr onto the floor. Then Callihan puts Starr in the corner for a couple Nick Gage boots. They did a couple pin sequences going back and forth with each other. These two had a great striking exchange with kicks, slaps and forearms and the match ended with a DVD into a stretch muffler. Good work by both men here. 

(Scramble For a Spot in Best of the Best) Poseidon vs. Chip Day vs. Eddie Smooth vs. Desmond Xavier vs. Connor Claxton vs. Lucky 13 vs. Brittany Blake***1/4

Poseidon looks like a Dalton Castle ripoff right on down to the two men he brings to the ring with him. Who in the hell is Chip Day? It’s the stupidest name in wrestling. Eddie Smooth looks like every dick heel ever produced and that’s not a good thing. Desmond Xavier is at least not offensive so I like him to win. Connor Claxton, finally some legitimacy in this match. Lucky 13 is at least serviceable and is legitimate. Brittany Blake is a good worker in the Dojo Wars series. Man, CZW had one of the best wrestling rosters at the end of 2014 and now I have to sit through this shit. The work was inoffensive but at least this was the cool down match before the cage. Desmond Xavier was impressive in this with his fast paced offense. The Poseidon gimmick wise sucks but he’s a good worker as well. All 7 did a good job in this spotfest. There was a really cool tower of doom spot. I take back all the negative things I said about some of the competitors. Even Poseidon had his “sea creatures” do a dive and he did a tope as well. Desmond Xavier did a red arrow type maneuver to end the dive fest portion. Desmond Xavier won with a flippy dive that I can’t describe onto Chip Day. A good, fun spot fest. 

(CZW World Championship Cage of Death) Masada vs. AR Fox vs. Matt Tremont vs. Devon Moore****

Emil Jay brought out Larry Legend for the introductions of the competitors. This year’s Cage has a scaffold, off course wrapped in barbed wire, laced with glass and filled with weapons. The most interesting part of this match is AR Fox as he isn’t known as a deathmatch guy but should feel comfortable with the main event spot. Masada is also very intriguing as he hasn’t been in a cage of death for three years. Larry Legend as always does a great job setting the stage for the cage with his introduction. They split off, Tremont with Moore and Masada with Fox. AR Fox gets the first taste of glass as he gets powerbombed by Masada. Devon Moore threw Tremont off the scaffolding into a barbed wire board. Trash cans, tables and more this is going to be an incredible spectacle. Moore belly to belly’s Fox onto a barbed wire board. Tremont is still reeling from the spot with Moore, and AR Fox met with Masada barbeque skewers to the head. Tremont is busted open worse than the others. Tremont brought out the light tubes and I’m pretty sure they’re banned in Jersey. Fox introduced Tremont to the light tubes with a top rope sitting Spanish Fly. Tremont takes some more damage from Moore and Masada and Moore are fighting on top of the scaffolding. Tremont joins them. Fox joins them and before he can join, Tremont throws Masada off the scaffolding onto a barbed wire table. Then Moore and Tremont continue fighting and tries Moore into Masada. Tremont then does a double clothesline off the scaffold and to end the proceedings. AR Fox joins the party with a cross body. He then climbs back up and does a swanton onto Tremont. Masada turns his attention to Moore and DVD him to the glass onto the floor. Fox demands the staff to bring him a table and builds a contraption with a pane of glass on the table. Masada comes back and finishes the contraption. Fox and Tremont climb the scaffolding as the “please don’t die” chants come. A sidewalk slam from Treamont finishes the job through the glass and table on Fox. This match was brutally insane. 

Overall this event was really good. With the exception of the tag title match, you can get something out of every match. Thanks for reading the review and listen to my show Get in the Ring; Thursdays from 3-5 on Montco Radio.


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