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CZW Best of the Best 15 Review (4/9/16)

It is one of the biggest nights for CZW, and usually one of the better nights in ring for the company. There is a stacked line up for this show, so let’s not wait any longer and get into it. DJ Hyde starts off the show, and has a 10 Bell Salute for Kris Travis, very classy of CZW to do this! We have everyone of the competitors walk out to introduce us all to them, all in these nice BOTB 15 shirts with the lineup of the tournament on the back.

(BOTB First Round) Ryan Galeone vs. Ethan Page vs. Rickey Shane Page*

Veda is coming out with Galeone and cuts a heel promo. The crowd is hating this, and it is amazing. So great to see Ethan Page in the Combat Zone! The audio was really bad for this match. Shane Page yells OH YEAH and hits a double Twist of Fate and it was sloppy but funny. Page pulls down his trunks and tries to shove the other Page’s face into his ass. Well then. Rickey at one point hits Veda then lands a Coast to Coast. Galeone hits a pretty bad botch. RSP ends up winning, this was a very sloppy match, and it was not good at all.

(BOTB First Round) Lio Rush vs. Joey Janela vs. Jon GreshamN/R

Janela comes out and he is covered in blood, as it seems that him and Rush had an altercation. And Rush is in the suit he came out in. Gresham taps out Janela easily and Rush did not move. Way to kill the hype for the most hyped match of the show for me.

(BOTB First Round) Curt Robinson vs. Anthony Henry vs. Shane Strickland***1/4

Robinson is the youngest wrestler to ever compete in the BOTB. Curt Robinson looked very impressive, and Strickland was great. Seeing Henry in CZW is awesome! Henry hits a disgusting Air Raid Crash on the apron on Shane Strickland. Robinson hits a double German suplex off the top. This crowd hates Robinson for no reason, maybe because he is younger than most of the fans and is actually doing something with his life. He hits a nasty dragon suplex. Henry slips off the rope but still hits his moves and it looks great. There was a bit of sloppiness here but it was fun. Strickland hits a killshot and wins the match. A very fun match, good way to pick us back up.

(BOTB First Round) Dezmond Xavier vs. David Starr vs. Dave Crist***1/2

Crist and Xavier are in the same faction, so this was looking like it would be unfair. Starr starts the match off in control hitting a dive, and making Crist dive into Xavier. This match started off like a hoot, it was fast and intense. Xavier does the ACH Swan dive but adds an extra flip. They botched a top rope move but it ends up looking like an awesome elbow drop. Wentz tries to help Xavier but Crist gets pissed. Starr hits a Product Placement to get the win, a great choice. He is great, and that was a very fun match.

After the match Matt Tremont comes out to cut a promo. He calls out FMW and Onita. Joe Gacy comes out and demands a match. Chrissy Rivera comes out and calls both of them out, she is Greg Excellent’s manager. Excellent comes out after Rivera tells him too. Uh. It then turns into a fight and it was horrible. At one point Excellent tries to light them on fire so there is that.

Ethan Case vs. Chip Day vs. Aaron Williams vs. Brittany Blake vs. Jason Cade vs. Tony Nese***

3 of these wrestlers are amazing, 3 not so much. Blake tries to roll up everyone, and Case uses her as a weapon. He just socks her in the face after. Williams tries to sweep the leg but misses. Case came across as a complete star. Hit a sweet cutter off the second rope. Nese flips out of a suplex of Chip Day and lands a double stomp that looked good. I am usually not the biggest fan of Nese but he delivered here. Although he got superkicked by all the men in the match. Only bad part was Blake but even she hit an awesome Chip Day assisted DDT. But she did fuck up a hurricanrana. She hit a Candice LeRae Tope DDT. There was a spot where Blake kept going to dive but got rejected. Cade ends up throwing her to the outside then dives to the outside himself. This match went on way too long though. Cade takes a crazy bump. The finish was bad as Blake wins by hitting a stomp and a sloppy destroyer. Nice way to send us into intermission.

(BOTB Second Round) Jon Gresham vs. Rickey Shane Page**

Gresham starts off with some good ol grapplefrick. Gresham made Rickey look good in this. But that did not last long as RSP was not that good at grapplefrick and it got pretty boring. Gresham is great at it but damn, RSP was not the best at it. Gresham chokes out RSP to win, this felt like a squash, as Page was just held down, no chemistry and very awkward.

(BOTB Second Round) David Starr vs. Shane Strickland***3/4

The crowd was dead at the start, no idea why. Match starts off with a sick dive and brawling on the outside. There was a cool apron sequence that ends with Starr throwing Shane onto the apron and then dives. Strickland hits a nasty brainbuster onto the buckle and then a Swerved Stomp. Starr nearly wins after an amazing German and a vicious lariat. The crowd FINALLY gets into it after that. A super gutbuster as well and then a nasty forearm. He hits the Product Placement and wins! Easily best match up to this point.

Nation of Intoxication vs. The Amazing Gulaks***

Going into this match, I was hoping it would be AMAZING! Drew and Devon started us off. They were gonna sit on chairs and slap each other but Rory pulls the chair from under Drew and they push him over, AMAZING! A lot of funny spots from the Gulak saved this match, they were, no pun intended, amazing to watch. They hit a doomsday device onto a chair and it hit his ankle. A pretty entertaining match but NOI were kind of boring. They hit the Grand Finale and won. A fun little match.

(No Disqualification) Tim Donst vs. Danny Havoc**

They brawled on the outside almost right away and some of it was awesome, meanwhile some of it was bad. Like Havoc trying to Russian Sweep Donst was bad but he made up for it by putting him through a chair. They double clothesline themselves into some thumbtacks and then they both land in them a couple times. Donst rolls up Havoc to win. It started off good but it ended pretty badly. Near the end it got very boring. Donst is not going to be in the Tournament of Death, well then.

(BOTB Final) Jon Gresham vs. David Starr****1/2

Gresham rocking the sick wXw varsity jacket. After some awesome lengthy introductions and a handshake, the match is underway. Gresham was avoiding Starr on the outside in the beginning. Once they started to grapple, my goodness it was the frickiest of fricks. This was a hoot, a perfectly paced hoot. At one point Gresham rolls out and takes the shirt off of security to wipe off his sweat but Starr spits on him. Starr hits a superplex, he rolls through and they do a brainbuster apron spot. Amazing. They fought on the outside and it was very entertaining. A tope suicida into the fans and then headbutts, including one into the barricade as Gresham used his brain to move out the way. Gresham piledrives Starr on the outside, he barely makes it back in. After great limb work, Starr nearly taps. He kicks out of a 450 too, on Gresham’s second attempt. After a long GRUELING battle, Gresham makes him tap. A STARR making performance. After the match Gresham cuts a promo saying that he should be cheered, he is what should be cheered, not death match scum. Starr is pissed about that and they start to brawl. Starr gets the mic and says Gresham is scum and he should fuck off because DJ Hyde created an awesome company. I am just so happy with how this turned out.

It was a very rocky first half, almost bad, but the main event saved the show. Starr and Gresham are amazing wrestlers and this was just an amazing match I could go on about forever! For all your CZW reviews, you are already in the right place, Wrestling With Words!

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