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What’s Your Fantasy (Booking)? – CWF vs. Freelance

I know it’s been a while since you’ve seen this name around these parts but I’d figure if I don’t come around here often then I might as well have some quality material ready when I make a grand arrival, if it really is that grand of an arrival anyway.

Blame Dylan Hales for this. Blame Trask for this. Blame fantasy booking for this. However, do not blame either Freelance Wrestling or CWF Mid-Atlantic as this column will serve to set up a supercard of sorts between two of the best companies in all of wrestling in the year of our Lord 2016. These companies both deliver a great showcase every time out.

The commentary delivers, the talent delivers, the shows are paced brilliantly and if you are not watching either of these companies currently, I’m not begging you to remedy this but take care of that and thank the people who have talked you into watching these companies and the talent involved.

If this piques interest then please tell the editor or myself as I have a cavalcade of similar ideas that I’d love to spew forth. If this is horrible keep me humble and tell me immediately. Without further ado, I present CWF vs. Freelance vs. The World…  The Best Supercard Of Honor Since Supercard Of Honor III

Reminder: The views expressed by Robert Barry in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Wrestling With Words. Proceed with caution. This is all based on hypothetical’s and I doubt any of these pairings will actually happen but Brad Stutts and Mark Maxwell pay attention to their fans and stranger things have happened in wrestling 2016.

Night 1

Freelance Scramble

Stephen Wolf vs. Sugar Dunkerton vs. Ethan Case vs. Chris Castro vs. Jesse Adler vs. “White” Mike Jordan vs. Ethan Alexander Sharpe vs. Sally Stitches

The usual chaotic environment in which these gentlemen thrive and a staple of every Freelance show. Mix in talent from both companies because who wouldn’t want interactions with “White” Mike and Sugar Dunkerton or Ethan Alexander Sharpe getting bludgeoned by Chris Castro? Jesse Adler and Sally Stitches bring their usual fantastic babyface fire. Stephen Wolf is starting to make waves in Freelance and normally I’d have him pick the win up here but Ethan Case can do better off with a victory here.

Six Man Tag

Kobe Durst, Brubaker & Colby Corino vs. Darius Lockhart, Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude

Colby Corino is wonderful in trios matches but he has a crisis of character as he is split in the middle with his cohorts in The Ugly Ducklings with Killjoy, and Lude and the new group he has formed with Brubaker and Kobe Durst in Freelance. This is going to be fast paced the whole way through with everyone hitting their signature moves and serves as a showcase for Lockhart who should be booked in more places, not just Freelance. Colby’s new team gets the win here in underhanded fashion, that’ll make Steve proud.

Special Attraction Match

Nick Richards vs. Craig Mitchell

MAXIMUM EFFORT vs. Trained To Dominate. Nick Richards is great at working underneath and Craig Mitchell is fantastic at wrecking his opponents. Richards has been on a roll in 2016 and defeating Craig Mitchell would be another notch in his belt. This will be a solid match that could likely steal the show. Mitchell gets the win with a little help from Team Beta.

Six Man Tag

Space Monkey & Roscoe Eat Lisa vs. Kamakazi Kid & The Dawsons

Cult hero Space Monkey always has a spot in my heart as well as on Freelance cards. The Dawsons and Kamakazi Kid are talents that not enough people talk about. The trio of underdogs in Monkey and Roscoe Eat Lisa will garner plenty of sympathy against the conquering trio of Kazi and The Dawsons. Heck, let’s call for an upset here that will keep the fans of both teams happy.

Tag Team Match

Sandwich Squad (Mecha Mercenary & Aaron Biggs) vs. Viking War Party (American Viking & Frank Wyatt)

HOSS! What else do you need from this match? The Sandwich Squad has looked near unbeatable during their title reign over in CWF and perhaps they come into this match a little too overconfident and the Viking War Party almost pulls off a victory before being overwhelmed by the mass of Mecha and Biggs.

Special Attraction Match

Anthony Henry vs. Mr. 450

This is a match that needs to happen, whether it happens at Freelance, CWF Mid-Atlantic, any indie in the world or even SCI 2017 (which, wink wink at higher ups associated with the tournament, that’s actually not a bad idea. Someone work on that. These two always deliver in whatever setting you put them in and I’m fairly sure that the fans will be going nuts for both men who deserve more bookings and eyes on them. CWC 2017 anyone? Mr. 450 wins this as it could set things up down the line for him to challenge either Trevor Lee or Prince Mustafa Ali.

Six Man Tag

The Carnies vs. Chet Sterling, Smith Garrett & Chip Day

Chip Day has history with Kerry Awful, Nick Iggy and Tripp Cassidy. Chet Sterling is ridiculously talented for only having 3 years in the business. Smith Garrett is a wonderful carpenter and could play off everyone well here. Expect the usual double team, triple team moves out of The Carnies repertoire and strikes upon strikes from Chip, Chet and Smith. Sterling’s selling will be masterful here as he is perfect at being a ragdoll. The Carnies win as they are a complete faction and honestly the most complete faction in all of wrestling right now.

Tag Team Match

Aric Andrews & Lee Valiant vs. The N-Words

The N-Words rule Freelance so who better than Andrews and Valiant who reign in the shadows for CWF to come in and challenge their place. Devious men who want nothing more than for their opponents to suffer but The N-Words have other plans and after another wonderful tag with much struggle for the hometown team The N-Words claim victory.

Four Way Dance Elimination Rules

Andrew Everett vs. Matt Cage vs. Roy Wilkins vs. Stevie Fierce

Imagine Stevie Fierce winning this whole thing, it might not be too far-fetched. Anyways, back to reality. Chris Castro wants to get a piece of Matt Cage and will cost him a win here. This is essentially a battle of who is better –CWF Mid-Atlantic or Freelance Wrestling. Cage gets eliminated first after everyone including Castro gang up on him. Everett and Fierce form an uneasy alliance but that backfires and Everett gets eliminated by Wilkins after some miscommunication between Everett and Fierce. Wilkins and Fierce go power move for power move until “THE GOD” “THE ALL STAR” hits a Shining Wizard that would bring a tear to Keiji Mutoh’s eye and follows up with the Seventh Inning Stretch to keep momentum for Night 2.

Freelance Wrestling Title Match

Arik Royal vs. Prince Mustafa Ali

ACE OF THE WORLD vs. ACE OF FREELANCE. I don’t need to hype this one. Royal puts up a momentous effort but falls short in a 20 minute clinic. Mustafa Ali has been consistently good this year getting bookings everywhere due to his immense talent and drive. Both men could both have a busy 2017.

CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title Match

Isaias Velazquez vs. Trevor Lee

Again, I don’t need to hype this one. Trevor Lee has been on the roll of a lifetime during his CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship reign. Isaias Velazquez is quietly having a great year and unless you are watching Freelance this year then you are missing out on a great talent. Velazquez pulls out all the stops and there’s no way this isn’t a MOTYC. This could be worked as a sprint or stretch it out and still have a credible psychology heavy match with limb work. Trevor winds up winning this after an intense 25 minutes of war.

Mustafa Ali arrives and holds up the Freelance Title in Lee’s face. These two have a standoff and a match is made for Night 2 setting up a match for Title vs. Title.

Night 2 

After a successful Night 1, we return for Night 2 having less tag matches and some showcase matches highlighted by a main event that many fans have been eager to see for ages.

Freelance Scramble

AR Fox vs. Space Monkey vs. Rayo vs. Dirty Daddy vs. Austin Theory vs. Otto Schwanz vs. Logan Easton LaRoux vs. Jaxson James vs. Slade Porter vs. Andrew Everett

Everyone wipes each other out. Look at that collection of rag tag talent. I’m a sucker for Slade Porter and when the dive train happens, Slade gets the best of it and capitalizes on it and picks up the win over Dirty Daddy. Cult heroes, high flyers and some new talent looking to impress. What’s not to love?

Sugar Dunkerton vs. Innocent Isaiah Santero

Comedy match, straight and to the point. Sugar Dunkerton handles his business quite easily and you could even book it as Suge D being disgusted that Isaiah is even in the ring with him. Isaiah pushes Suge D and forces him to use some dirty tactics to get a victory. Afterwards they make up and blame actions on heat of the moment.

Tag Team Match

Darius Lockhart & Chip Day vs. David Starr & Mr. 450

These four set out to prove a point that they are the best in the world. Frantic tag match and I have Darius Lockhart picking up a victory over David Starr. Again, the talent here deserves more bookings and Darius Lockhart is an incredibly underrated talent, not just in CWF but everywhere he goes. You could get multiple pairings in this mach and even down the line. Set up Day vs. 450 or Lockhart vs. Starr or Starr vs. Day. Endless possibilities.

Chet Sterling vs. DJ Z

Two of the best right here. Sterling hangs in there the majority of the match until DJ Z’s experience comes into play and everyone comes away from this match wanting Sterling to be in Freelance more often. Wonderful showing from both men who the fans rally behind and another match that has the potential to steal the show.

Jeff Cobb vs. Roy Wilkins

An Olympian will always beat an All Star. That’s not a mantra, it’s just facts. Jeff Cobb will suplex Roy Wilkins all over the ring and Wilkins will sell in fascinating fashion. Let Coach Gemini get involved and it will be a shoot. Maybe Coach goes so far as wanting to recruit Cobb but Cobb turns him down and they have a great back and forth contest. Cobb wins this with Tour of the Islands.

Nick Richards vs. Chase Owens

Two men who have grown leaps and bounds in recent years. Chase Owens is a solid wrestler who has the misfortune of being bogged down by being in BULLET CLUB. Here he has an opportunity to shine against Richards who is always willing to prove himself no matter what opportunities he is given. These two gentlemen should surely get a shot at the 2017 SCI, just a thought. Either way, Richards wins here as Owens underestimates him and pays the price.

Six Man Tag

Sandwich Squad & Jake Something vs. The Carnies

HOSS! HOSS! HOSS! The Carnies win in a monster sprint setting up the challenge of Awful and Iggy against Mecha Mercenary and Aaron Biggs. All six men get the chance to look impressive and they make the best of it. If Brad Stutts and Mark Maxwell have not lost their voices on commentary by now, this will surely cause them to lose their respective minds as well as voices.

Andrew Everett vs. Isaias Velazquez

Another dream match that should happen. The Apex of Agility looks to go 1-1 while The Definition sets out to prove that he is not just the best in Freelance, but the best in world. “Prove it” Velazquez does and he picks up the victory after 15 minutes with the Hammer Of Dawn. Respect is shown after the match and Everett wants another match which Isaias is more than ready to grant him.

Anthony Henry vs. Arik Royal

Space Jam being hit on The 5 Star King would bring me great joy and Henry attempting to kick Royal’s head off is a guaranteed hoot. Royal is a man with a plan targeting Henry’s legs as a way to stop his strikes but Henry will not quit and there are quite a few near falls and close calls. However, this night belongs to the Ace of The World and Royal’s persistence pays off when he taps Henry to the Gorilla Clutch.

Freelance Wrestling Title vs. CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title Match

Prince Mustafa Ali vs. Trevor Lee

This could go 30 minutes, 45 minutes, even 60 minutes and for my own selfish reasons that might not be enough. Make this 105 Minutes Part 2. If any two men are capable of achieving that feat it’s these two talented individuals. Limb work, strikes, psychology heavy affair that sees both men operating at the peak of their powers. This could go two ways, either they go to a draw and massive amounts of respect is shown between both men or Ali wins the CWF Title and torments the CWF Mid-Atlantic roster until Lee gets his revenge or vice versa and Lee adds to his portofolio for 2016.

Afterwards, whichever way the match unfolds there are requisite photos of both rosters together presenting a unified front for their companies and independent pro wrestling. Will this ever happen? Probably not. It’s a fantasy. It’s a pipe dream full of dream matches. Maybe it will, don’t give up hope just yet and stick to the status quo of being a cynical pro wrestling fan. Keep dreaming, keep supporting both of these companies and who knows? Perhaps this could happen down the line. In 2016, pro wrestling fantasies and dream matches are becoming quite a strange reality. Stranger things indeed folks, stranger things indeed.

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