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CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Review: The ROYSURRECTION!

Week 2 of the Weaver Cup brings us Nick Richards redemption story, Aric Andrews killing 30 year old vets, Trevor Lee attempting to extinguish Rob McBride’s hopes and the greatest gift of all-Roy Wilkins return! Let’s get right to the action on another jam packed edition of CWF Worldwide!

Aric Andrews vs Dirty Daddy

Dirty Daddy comes into this  with a nice straight forearm until Andrews wrecks Daddy with a short arm clothesline and a nasty release standing suplex. Andrews is mocking Daddy the whole time knowing full well that Daddy is beneath him. Stutts puts over the opportunities that Andrews has had and the chip on his shoulder he now has with being the Mid-Atlantic Television Champion. Dirty Daddy does some Kobashi rapid fire chops. Cecil jokes Daddy has been watching his All Japan tapes. Andrews hits the Asphalt Spike and that is that. Andrews moves on to the second round in a match that made him look strong. Definition of a short squash match. Definitely not a DUD but no stars either-yes it’s a walking contradiction much like Andrews. You won’t remember this one after viewing.

Mace Maeda vs Nick Richards**

Part of me wishes we got Akira Maeda coming out of retirement to take on Richards. That’s a match that comes right out of Fire Pro Wrestling randomizer. Think about it… The Lost Cause going against a man who popularized shoot style and it takes place in North Carolina. Wrestling pipe dream. Richards is my pick to win the whole thing-it’s a wrestling long game and I enjoy those considerably. FIRED UP! This is not half bad for what Maeda and Richards were trying to produce. Of course Coach Gemini and Kabuki Ni are involved in this match. It’s a common theme in most All Stars matches. Stutts puts over Richards aspirations to be featured alongside Royal, Lee, Attitude and countless others who have won the Weaver Cup trophy. Little touches like that keep me invested in The Lost Cause’s journey. Richards lands some beautiful clotheslines, Maeda hits some cheap shots but in the end Richards is victorious when he lands a #CUTTEROUTTANOWHERE

Richards pours his heart out afterwards putting over CWF being the best wrestling product in the world, apologizing for past sins and putting over talents who have put this company on their back. Richards vows to win the Weaver Cup and by God am I pulling for him.

Ethan Alexander Sharpe vs Roy Wilkins

Sharpe is walking into this match with swagger at 100 million, I have no idea why. You are going to be shoot murdered by The God Roy Wilkins. “Onto The Next One” hits and I’m hype in my living room until Coach Gemini makes his presence felt. Coach’s microphone almost goes off but he keeps going and puts over how important Johnny Weaver and the Weaver Cup are in CWF’s history. Coach has gotten a nice transfer of money to Roy Wilkins trip around the world.

Stutts smells a rat and not the type he typically likes. Coach Gemini says this a forfeit and Wilkins will continue to be on a world class trip. My God Wilkins was paid off and Coach Gemini has no problem taking money from 1/2 half of MoneyBall. Brad Stutts is quite irate as this is CWF Mid-Atlantic and they produce what they advertise. Stutts tells Gemini to produce Roy Wilkins in two weeks or there will be reprecussions. My God what a work. What a shoot. The fans are disgusted. At this time Sharpe screams at the fans “WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW!”. In the front row Dustin Spence is absolutely distraught as his hero, his friend, his GOD is nowhere to be found. Sharpe even sticks around for the next match right next to Dustin Spence. What A Time To Be Alive. No rating for this one folks but it has to be 5 Stars for the way all of the fans were worked and for “Dustin Rib Week”. That might be the most pathetic face I have ever seen on a wrestling fan in the 30 years I’ve been watching this. Glorious stuff here and just imagine the reaction the fans will have when Coach Gemini produces Roy Wilkins.

Trevor Lee vs Rob McBribe****

A clash of generations with McBride in his 33rd year of active competition going against 22 year old Trevor Lee. They start off dancing, yeah we are already at a high level with McBride almost poking his eye out dabbing. Endurance is not a factor in this match according to Stutts and if McBride can strike fast and often he has a shot at winning this. They both work the arm and appear cautious at first and McBride surprises Lee with a near fall. Great arm drag from McBride and the fans are exploding with chants of Boogie, Boogie!

Lee hits McBride right in the face with a dropkick but McBride is further agitated and he puts those heavy hands to good use. Lee hits two running apron kicks to McBride’s arm and McBride is struggling. Lee begrudgingly knows he has to put the veteran down but McBride will continue to his last breath. McBride crushes Lee when he attempts a sunset flip. Sharpe is going nuts at ringside knowing he may have a shot to get to the Final Four. Lee has a Cobra Clutch locked in until McBride breaks it and both men are down. Both men get up right at the ten second mark and time ticks away. Great draw here but what there’s more… Lee puts the Mid-Atlantic title on the line to prove he is the man in CWF now. Huge suplex from McBride-can he pull the upset? The fans are electric and McBride has one last shot of glory and he will go down swinging.

McBride still punches after Superman punches, pump kicks and a PK from Lee. McBride puts those frying pan hands to good use and he locks in the Weaver Lock. Lee gets out and targets the arm yet again and follows up with more strikes to McBride’s head. This is producing all kinds of great drama and the fans are buying in that McBride is hanging in there with the champ. Huge high kick from Lee and McBride’s heart is still beating. Lee even implores McBride to just lay down. “This is your swan song, lay down and leave, people will still love you”. McBride hits the Superstar Slam and it’s not enough to keep Lee down.

This match is incredible in so many ways-McBride is seeing his future in front of him with Lee and it’s to the point that McBride is watching his career fall out of his hands. Lee hits the Kill Shot Knee and then transitions into a La Magistral cradle only to roll through into an armbar to finally tap out McBride after an incredible back and forth battle. They go 18 minutes in what could possibly be McBride’s last match and I couldn’t think of a better way to go out.

Lee shoots on Brad Attitude and then leaves the ring to McBride and his “Peeple’s”. He loves them. I love CWF. Thank you Trevor Lee. Thank you Rob McBride.

I don’t know what else to say to get people to watch the best wrestling product in the world. Yes that’s debatable I know, but I love this company and they always reward me every Wednesday night. You have a varied show here with the Wilkins shoot, Lee and McBride producing a stellar swan song, Richards being the beating heart of CWF and Andrews solidly showing why people should be scared if he wins the Weaver Cup Trophy. Just watch it already. For all of your CWF Mid-Atlantic needs you are already in the right place… Wrestling With Words.

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