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CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Review: The Greatest Match in CWF History?

CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide 

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July 6, 2016

Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium – Gibsonville, NC

Trevor Lee. Andrew Everett. The two favorite sons of CWF Mid-Atlantic if not the entire state of North Carolina go face to face for Lee’s Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship. This is big time. This is special. There are ramifications that will come out of this match and this match seems like the next logical step in the friendly feud between two best friends. It wasn’t always this friendly however. Way back on National Pro Wrestling Day 2013 when Everett was the Chiva Kid he broke the jaw of Lee putting Lee out for months until Lee returned and unmasked Chiva Kid. The feud intensified at Absolute Justice 2013 with Everett retaining his Ultra J Title and continued with Lee hitting the Killshot Knee after Everett’s ankle gave way during the Weaver Cup to pick up a victory.

At the Ultra J Showcase on February 8, 2014 Lee and Everett went to war in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the Ultra J Championship which is one of the finest bouts that CWF Mid-Atlantic has produced. For the reader’s information I gave that match a ****3/4 rating and people should watch that match as it was truly a glimpse of the greatness of what Lee and Everett could be capable of. Lee was the winner of the match that night but both men were going to be the main focus of CWF Mid-Atlantic for years to come. The 2 out of 3 falls match was 65 Minutes. This was long before the classic 105 Minute Epic that Lee and Roy Wilkins produced. At this point both Lee and Everett were under 25 and I had a feeling the future of CWF Mid-Atlantic was in great hands.

Fast forward to Lee & Everett vs. Royal & Kandrack for the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championships and despite Lee and Everett being the undisputed aces of the company the inevitability of losing to the greatest hosses CWF Mid-Atlantic has ever produced was likely to happen and produced more bad feelings between Lee and Everett. That’s what should always be done; the established tag team should never lose to stars possibly bigger than them. Take note of that for promoters in 2016. Lee then shoots on Everett wanting the spotlight and tells him the gymnastic place is two doors down and challenges him for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship unless he is too busy sipping tea in England with his new friends.

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship: Trevor Lee (c) vs. Andrew Everett

The energy is palpable, the fans are eager with anticipation. Yes, the hype is very real and both men are focused with a truly authentic sense of purpose. Lee’s entrance music “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive” is used in sparingly rare fashion and seems destined for big moments. The last time Lee used the song was when he won the title from Wilkins so Everett is no small threat that should be taken lightly. The two have a different formula and thoughts on how to wrestle. Everett is “The Epitome Of Aerial Perfection” fascinating crowds with his daredevil style and throwing caution to the wind at every turn. Lee is “The Technical Savage” and is essentially the Marathon Man when it comes to wrestlers in 2016. My opinion is that Trevor Lee is Top 2 for Wrestler Of The Year with Chris Hero neck and neck. The man can wrestle 30, 45, 60 minute matches with the greatest of ease and they are not a chore to sit through. Lee is brilliant for someone as young as himself and I have no doubt in my mind that he will continue to grow with each passing year and it’s only a matter of time before he is picked up by some guy from New York. A megalomaniac known as Meekman? Same goes for Everett, it’s a shame neither man is in the Cruiserweight Classic.

The accolades are staggering between both men as they are announced before the match even begins and for a first time viewer one would think these two are world traveled belittling their age. Another excellent part of this match is the always stellar commentary of Brad Stutts. People can talk about how fantastic Mauro Ranallo is and don’t get me wrong, Mauro is great but Brad Stutts should be on everyone’s WON ballots as commentator of the year. He highlights an astounding amount of history between Lee and Everett. The rise of Lee even though he was not handed the world much like Everett was. How Lee achieved more than Everett has by making the best of his opportunities as Everett had unfortunate injuries keeping Everett on the sidelines while Lee usurped Everett’s popularity and became the face of CWF Mid-Atlantic. The parallels between both men are talked about and as the match goes on Stutts gets excited but not in an annoying smarky way.

As for the match itself, it is everything you want in a wrestling match and pays off in enormous dividends and rewards in spades if you are a long time CWF Mid-Atlantic viewer. Lee is a remorseless savage with his limb work, grappling and heavy  strikes mixed with equal doses of being a cocky prick champion. Everett is such a sympathetic baby face garnering generous reactions from the fans when he mounts comebacks with his flips and his attempts to strike back and forth with Lee. Brilliant cut offs from both men, spectacular back and forth, psychologically the most sound match I have seen this year. The facials of both men sell desperation, exhaustion, passion, charisma and anger. It’s off the charts how much fire both of these men bring to this match and the importance is not undersold by Stutts and Cecil Miller.

Transitions between chops, counters with their trademark moves are all built to in fascinating simple fashion. Undeniable chemistry between both men and the bumping from Everett is thrilling but never overdone. Everett is so crisp in his movements but not to the point where it’s overtly choreographed. Lee is efficient with all of his brutal offense and knows he can end this match at any time whether it lasts 30 minutes or an hour. They even involve a fan in the match when Lee is Irish whipped and follows up with a dropkick when Everett is wrapped up around the ring post.

Lee is relentless with how much punishment he is willing to inflict on Everett. Lee essentially wants to make a point that he doesn’t need to be flashy or do a whole bunch of high spots to be a successful champion. Everett throughout the entirety of the match is undaunted, he will be defiant until he falls on his blade. Everett hits some beautiful springboard maneuvers to get the match to go in his favor until Lee does his best William Ospreay impression with a Cheeky Nando’s kick. Posion ranas from Everett have Lee reeling until he nails Everett with a counter powerbomb.

Brad Stutts even goes as far to say that if the fans don’t think they are watching two of the best in the world right now then what the hell are they watching? As soon as he said that Lee nails Everett with a Superman forearm and then follows up with his trademark apron running apron kick. Everett is thrown back into the ring with a crimson mask and Lee is surely going to unleash the full measure of his fury now. This is essentially about to become a horror film in the best possible way with Lee stalking his prey Everett and letting Everett know that Trevor Lee runs CWF Mid-Atlantic and there is nothing Everett’s ability can do to ever change that.

However, Everett is an endearing sympathetic babyface and his comebacks are incredibly engaging not just for the fans in the Sportatorium but for this reviewer at home as well. With blood streaking down his face Everett hits a beautiful Shooting Star Press when Lee is still standing and then goes to  follow that up with a 630 splash only for Lee to hit the running double stomp. You can’t keep Everett down and he fires back on Lee with another posion rana and spikes him into the mat with a straight hurricanrana. At this point I’m almost believing Everett can pull off the upset, you want him to for as much as he has suffered throughout this match.

Stutts strikes again with a line about how neither of these two are here to manufacture moments or matches and I’m in agreement with him. This is organic, raw, human storytelling where both men feel relatable and that’s a gift within itself when wrestlers are not presented as normal people with normal needs who just wrestle as means to an end and happen to love the sport that they invest all of their time and energy in.

The last few minutes are full of both men’s greatest hits, great sequence of events, Cecil and Stutts freaking out on commentary putting over how brilliant this match and the participants in it are. Lee goes for his Murder Death Kill finisher, the STF. Yes! The STF is put over as a move that has taken out all of Lee’s competition in 2016. Everett battles on and even kicks out of Lee’s Kill Shot Knee. Simple moves, simple storytelling make for amazing moments that reward over and over again. Everett nails not one but two 630 splashes for a 2.9999 as Stutts keeps proclaiming they are painting their masterpiece tonight.

In one of my favorite finishes to a match this year, Everett gets caught finally and after Lee stomps Everett’s head in he locks the STF on and after 39 minutes this seminal piece in CWF history is over. MY GOD. It doesn’t get better than that. I’m attempting to type this as goosebumps are running up and down my arms. The fans are chanting CWF, Everett and Lee embrace in a show of sportsmanship and brotherhood and hey look Brad Attitude is here. Attitude puts over how great Lee and Everett are and how fortunate the fans are to witness the greatness this match and  both Lee and Everett are. Let’s toast then Brad! While we are basking in this amazing moment Attitude turns on both Everett and Lee as well as symbolically CWF Mid-Atlantic. The fans are stunned in silence while Stutts runs off Attitude and the officials run to the aid of both Lee and Everett. A somber tone to leave this episode of Worldwide.

Am I a homer for CWF Mid-Atlantic although I live in Maryland? Yes. Was this one of the best hours of television I’ve seen in 2016? Yes. Is it a MOTYC? Undoubtedly. It’s 5 Stars all day people. If this is the last time that Everett and Lee ever do battle for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship they went out guns blazing with an all time classic that should be celebrated in the annals of not just CWF Mid-Atlantic but all of wrestling for years to come. You also get the extra added layer of Brad Attitude and his return to CWF only to turn his back on the company, the talent and the fans. Watch immediately. If you want a wrestling high this is just what the Doctor prescribed. Thank you all for coming here week after week. For all of you CWF Mid-Atlantic needs you are already in the right place… Wrestling With Words.

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