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CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Review – The Golden Ticket

We are emanating from two locations this weekend-a la WrestleMania 2 simulcast with Trevor Lee defending his X-Division Championship in CWF, C.W. Anderson makes his worldwide debut and you have a six man tag with some hosses on both sides. It’s CWF Worldwide baby!

C.W. Anderson vs. PWI Heavyweight Champion Ric Converse**

Live from the Chandler Court Positive Attitude Youth Center Facility and not the Sportatorium, it’s two veterans who start the match with some solid back and forth. However, it’s not an Anderson match until the trademark spinebuster is hit. Anderson controls the pace for a moment until both men trade stiff forearms and then Converse connects with a big boot and a Sky High that gets the near fall. Concrete left from Anderson followed up by a tribute to Masato Tanaka with a sliding clothesline but Converse rallies. In the end Converse gets lucky with a school boy pin to send home Steve Corino’s best friend a loser.

This was short and compact with C.W. Anderson proving he can still go, I never doubted that. Anderson rattles off a superkick after the match and cold cocks the referee to show his frustration. Converse matches don’t do much for me and I enjoy his opponents more than him. Apparently this feud is continuing, why God why? Converse matches aren’t memorable and this certainly did not help his case.

Caleb Konley vs. X-Division Champion Trevor Lee***3/4

Both men are fairly evenly matched to start as they exchange wrist locks and pins. Konely rolls out to slow the match to his advantage until Lee asks for a test of strength and proceeds to fake out Konley while giving a tribute to Cam Newton by dabbing. The kids in the crowd even celebrates with Lee. What a man that is. Trevor goes to his wheelhouse and works the arm of Konley causing more frustration for poor Caleb. Konley breaks up the offensive surge from Lee when he throws Lee to the cement floor and follows up with strikes on the floor.

Trevor’s skull meets the ring post just as he stages his initial comeback. Konley slows the match down with a body scissors until Lee counters with a variation of the Romero Special. Trevor roars back to life with a lariat and his running double stomp. Konley is great as the fiery heel who wants to make a name for himself at the expense of Lee so the man can get more bookings. Not just in CWF, but be featured on TNA, Yes, for some reason that is what people strive for in 2016. It’s an idea for more companies to do things like this. Have a champion in another company make an appearance to defend both company and title and give shine to a smaller company and a talent that should be in more places. Just a thought bookers.

Lee takes a nasty bump from a senton when Konley counters. Eventually Lee is too much for Konley to overcome as Lee nails Konley with a high kick and the delayed German Suplex before he finally takes it home with the STF which is submitting people left and right in CWF. Konley loses nothing from this match and Lee keeps adding to his resume as dark horse Wrestler Of The Year. This is what a X-Division match looks like TNA, I’m sure your fans would ask you to take note.

10 Man Battle Bowl Finals For Golden Ticket1/2*

Oh Number Man, we barely knew ye. Never really cared for Battle Bowl in 1993, can I really be bothered to care for it in 2016? Then again, I like this CWF roster in 2016 compared to the WCW roster in 1993. Eliminations come fairly quickly. Comes down to fan favorites Chet Sterling, Arik Royal, Smith Garrett and newcomer Joshua Cutshall. Aric Andrews distracts Sterling who in turn gets eliminated by Garrett and then Cutshall eliminates Garrett. Not much meat to this, the wrong person won the match and I’ve got nothing.

Cutshall offers absolutely nothing to CWF and is the bargain bin version of Silas Young and Chris Hero, which is an insult to those men. Best thing that came out of this match was the announcement that Garrett is putting up his Television Title against Andrews and Sterling at Absolute Justice 2016.

Otto Schwanz, Dave & Zane Dawson vs. Aaron Biggs, Mecha Mercenary & Snooty Foxx***

Ethan Alexander Sharpe is so overtly pretentious that you want him to get his comeuppance in the worse possible way. This is the definition of a HOSS tag match. No speed, no flash-just straight up bulls decimating each other. Otto Schwanz bumps Ziggler levels off of should blocks. It seems very counter productive to lock a sleeper hold on Schwanz’s head-piece. The crowd stays fairly hot for the majority of the match. Everything breaks down, Dave flies on top of everyone and Foxx hits a barrel roll that has Moneyball in dire straits. Then the team of Moneyball rams Foxx into the ring post and they target the rookie Foxx in an attempt to pick up an easy victory.

Biggs gets the hot tag until he gets his legs taken out from under him. Moneyball pick the weaknesses of their opponents while controlling the pace of the match. Commentary even brings up past history with its relevance to this match with Biggs injury happening last year. They even shoot on Red Jones and his awful officiating. This match is ugly, it’s not pretty and yet it has plenty of charm going for it. This match went longer than it needed to, but man was the crowd engaged and they surely came unglued at the finish. The Big Foxxy Mercenaries win in a perfectly average match and you know what? Sometimes there is nothing wrong with that.

Mecha Mercenary/Aaron Biggs vs. Arik Royal/Ray Kandrack for the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship and Snotty Foxx vs. Ethan Alexander Sharpe in a Grudge Match are both announced for Absolute Justice 2016. Yes, the winners get to pick what matches they want for Absolute Justice. That’s payoff and I can appreciate that not just in CWF but definitely in 2016 for wrestling where it rarely happens.

Absolute Justice looks great on paper and if you are in area, go to CWF Mid Atlantic. I’m always rewarded watching the shows, but imagine the atmosphere in the Sportatorium with storylines advancing, great matches happening and talent that is notches above what most indie promotions are putting out. CWF builds their events and stars like few other companies. Another easy hour to watch as is usually the case. Do I sound like a homer? Yes. Do I care? No. Should you absolutely devote some of your time to CWF Mid-Atlantic? No doubt in my mind whatsoever. For all your CWF Mid-Atlantic needs you are already in the right place, Wrestling With Words.

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