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CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Review: Mermaids! Black Coffee!

Aspyn Rose vs SIS

Aspyn Rose has plenty of fire, SIS grounds her with strikes and Rose actually has the better ground game. SIS lands a nasty running senton that takes Rose’s breath away. Rose actually hits a swell knee strike and the Siren’s Song-variation on the Koji Clutch but SIS just sits on Rose and gets the pin. Hoping Rose gets picked up in more places as she can only improve from here.

Ethan Alexander Sharpe comes to the ring to gloat about his recent victories alongside his lackeys Number Man and Number Boy. Just as he talks about beating the system and how he got over here comes CWF official William L. Cross. Cross is disgusted by Sharpe and how the Johnny Weaver Cup even has his presence in it. Ray Kandrack is not medically cleared and out of the tournament-no! Say it isn’t so. Cross shoots on millenials not working for things and having the world handed to them. A Six Way Elimination bout is determined to put new participants into the Johnny Weaver Cup. While I wish Kandrack was still in the tournament there’s nothing wrong with other wrestlers getting opportunities.

6-Way Scramble To Enter The Weaver Cup: HIM vs. Chip Day vs. Donnie Dollars vs. Snooty Foxx vs. Slade Porter vs. Joshua Cutshall***

C’mon Chip. You have to win this. Honestly CWF book this man on every single show you have going forward, I don’t want him to be the South’s Best Kept Secret-there need to be eyes on him immediately. What do I see on my screen at 12:07 but Papa Hales and Dustin Hales cheering “BRO, BRO, BRO”. This is the greatest episode of CWF Worldwide ever. We start with Porter and HIM and every sixty seconds we have a new entrance. Chip Day comes in to a great ovation and goes to town on Porter. Poor Slade. Donnie Dollars comes next and wrecks all other 3 participants. WHERE’S THE REF? Snooty Foxx arrives like a house of fire and eliminates Dollars with a clothesline that sends Dollars to the floor. Dollars gets his revenge and takes out Snooty making this match now four men and Cutshall enters to weakened competition.

Porter with some fantastic punches that almost take out both men, Cutshall follows up on Day’s 540 kick with a devastating forearm to take out Porter. This leaves Day and Cutshall to go onto the quarter final matches for the Weaver Cup. This is how you debut new talent and show off Cutshall. I have not been impressed with Cutshall but he looked great here and who knows what kind of tournament he may have. Fast, furious, compact and a solid little sprint. Fun little match right here.

The Dawsons are pissed that they don’t have interview time and run off C.L. Party, she’s just doing her job you brutes! The Dawson brothers talk about Team IOU and make fun of them for being carnies when The Dawsons are George South guys. Are you kidding me right now?! Dawsons believe they are the Number One Contenders to Aaron Biggs and Mecha Mercenary. Shine those belts up. Ha, Carnies. Promo even better due to Zane Dawson wearing a John Cena shirt. Sensational.

Dirty Daddy vs. Rising Generation League Champion Mace Maeda**

Daddy starts the match off hot with a dropsault and some nasty forearms that cold cock poor Maeda. Big dive from Daddy and this match is made better with references to Harley Race and Tojo Freakin’ Yamamoto. Maeda fakes an injury and proceeds to nail Daddy with a superkick and then hit a suplex. Stutts shills shamelessly Freebird Hair Cream and Skin Cream, this man should be everyone’s favorite on commentary. They throw some great strikes and Daddy runs wild with running forearms in the corner. SLINGBLADE! I’m with Dylan Hales, can we abolish that move? Coach gets in the ring with the bat and it leads to the finish where Maeda rolls through a pinfall attempt to keep the title. Dustin Hales, Papa Hales, Daddy and myself are absolutely disgusted. Decent enough for what it was but you won’t remember it after viewing.

Number Man & Number Boy vs. Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Aaron Biggs & Mecha Mercenary***1/4

The fans in their infinite wisdom decided in a poll that this match should happen. What is wrong with you people? Buncha savages I tells ya. This is absolutely a squash match to the nth degree and Biggs as well as Mercenary are genuinely enjoying torturing these unfortunate souls. My chest is beginning to hurt watching Number Boy take all of these overhand chops and by God is he ragdolled unceremoniously. Number Man does have smarts and uses Number Boy to trip Mercenary and they actually have a decent amount of offense for a moment or two. Mercenary lands a Black Hole Slam and Aaron Biggs goes into business for himself. They finally mercifully end this with a giant rolling fireman’s carry slam and then Mercenary with an elbow drop from the top rope that decimates Number Boy’s trachea. Pure massacre, I loved all of it.

We have a standoff with The Dawsons, the tag champs and then Team IOU arrives on the scene. By God what a stacked tag division. Oh and we get a match coming out of this. Pure joy.


Mecha Mercenary and Aaron Biggs take the spectators position and the Hales Clan is FIRED UP about Team IOU and so am I. I love me a good HOSS Fight and this has those qualities in spades. Awful lands a stiff clothesline to Zane which doesn’t faze Zane but the double teams of Team IOU keep them in control. Not even five minutes into this match and Team IOU has won the crowd in the Sportatorium over. Dawsons stay in this match with pure blunt force and brutality all the while targeting the smaller member of Team IOU in Iggy. Iggy is a great face in peril and The Dawsons keep the pressure on until Iggy hits a great cutter on Zane Dawson.

Kerry Awful gets the hot tag and it’s beautiful, this man puts his heart into every single movement. I’m fairly sure people will say for a guy his size that they would be surprised for how he moves. Iggy and Awful complement each other and The Dawsons are one of those tag teams that more people should watch. The Dawsons gave Team IOU quite a bit of offense for Team IOU’s debut in CWF Mid-Atlantic even going so far as to make me think they could pull off a win on their first match. This comes down to Iggy being outnumbered and The Dawsons hitting a double team powerbomb. I want a part 2, excellent work from all four men and then The Dawsons taunt Mecha and Biggs afterwards. I love HOSSES. I love the pro wrestling.

“White” Mike Jordan is in the back with C.L. Party discussing his match next week with Aric Andrews and he promises to win. The man wants exposure, he wrestled in flea markets and wants to make the best of his opportunities. Cult favorite right there. We all know Andrews is going to kill “White” Mike, right?

Chet Sterling vs. Tracer X***3/4

Throw your X up! Sterling is the veteran in this match with his 3 years, it’s crazy to think how solid both guys are so early in their career’s. They start off with a bit of groundwork with both men looking for an opening and they both get some shine in the early portion. It picks up when Tracer hits a dropkick and both Sterling and Tracer start to trade near falls until Sterling hits a spinning heel kick. The pace is great throughout with Sterling willing to slow it down but Tracer X going a million miles a minute. Again, Cecil and Stutts do a great job talking about how more people are watching CWF than ever before and how Tracer has seen footage of Sterling and is quite prepared.

Sterling comes back with a huge STO and an Exploder with some unique torque to it but Tracer still has plenty to give and plenty to prove. Tracer almost wins it with a spinning Pay Dirt from the top rope and follows up with a 450 splash attempt that he rolls through on only to be met with a right fist from Sterling. Sterling from the top rope with a block buster that sticks Tracer right into the mat and we have a winner. That was a sweet little sprint right there and wow how about Tracer X? The kid is good and sky is the limit for him. Sterling is Sterling and I know the future is in great hands with Sterling if CWF ever gives him the reigns.

Afterwards, Sterling pleads with Brad Stutts even though it may be against his better judgment to bring back Lee Valiant for one night so Sterling can teach him a lesson. Make it happen Stuttsy!

It’s a bit of a loaded show this week, but as usual CWF always deliver. Definitely check out the tag matches, the six way scramble and Tracer X vs. Sterling. Great debuts from Team IOU, a Hales clan appearance and Stutts and C Bear always being excellent on commentary. More people are watching them, don’t get left behind folks. For all of your CWF Mid-Atlantic needs you are already in the right place… Wrestling With Words.


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