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CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Review – Everything To Lose vs. The World

Aric Andrews walks out of Absolute Justice the Mid-Atlantic Television Champion
Everything To Lose Match: Number Man vs. Innocent Isaiah Santero vs. Mace Maeda vs. Rising Generation League Champion Jesse Adler ***

Adler has his title at stake, Maeda has deportation at stake, Number Man could lose his mask and Santero is risking his tag team with Beau Crockett. Are the stakes high? Yes and that’s why this match is intriguing. Everyone is a great character here as Maeda was scouted by Coach for success, Santero is charismatic from the jump, Number Man is a scrawny coward who does his best and Jesse Adler should have been in the Triple Haitch Cup. Adler is that good, barely out of high school and putting on solid match. He has the official RBSOA-Rob Barry Seal Of Approval.

Santero and Adler pick up the pace until they reach a stalemate, but it’s not long before Maeda and Number Man get involved. Adler with a pescado to the outside followed up by an ugly senton splash to the outside from Santero. Adler gets his knee worked over by both Number Man and Maeda and he sells the agony like a champ. Adler struggles and hits a great hurricanrana on Number Man but Coach and the All Stars are up to shenanigans and Adler will not get a fair shake. Number Man goes for the Three Amigos but all things being equal fails and Adler tags to Santero who turns the match into his own personal rumpus room with a barrage of gluteus maximus based offense.

Adler starts to run wild until Maeda takes out his bum knee and keeps him down for the three count to become the Rising Generation League Champion and Brad Stutts proclaims “UPSET CITY, UPSET CITY!”.

White Mike Jordan vs. The World**

This match gets an automatic 5 stars due to Jordan coming out with an NWA shirt and Jordan having the best worst mustache in the business. I believe it has peaked. This is Jordan’s debut match at Absolute Justice and he takes on Donnie Dollars, HIM & SIS and Labron James (Labron Kozone & James Ryan). Those are not good looking odds to be going against but Jordan has undeniable swagger and he Warrior’s up-yes it’s the CAVS vs. THE WARRIOR(S) in a wrestling ring. It might be 6 Stars now, God Bless CWF Mid-Atlantic.

This match seems to go in favor of Jordan as SIS and HIM get eliminated quickly by Labron James, yes it’s an over the top elimination, pinfall or submission match which adds a nice little wrinkle to this match. Dollars singlehandedly takes out both members of Labron James and now it’s just “White” Mike Jordan vs. Donnie Dollars-I knew it would work out for the kid. Jordan nails Dollars with a Codebreaker and that would appear to be that… Until Ric Converse makes his presence felt and decimates poor Jordan even though Jordan fights gallantly. THE WORLD wins or more precisely Converse wins. Brad Stutts then asks Converse what about C.W. Anderson leaving you laying and challenging your PWI International Title status? Converse storms off in a huff as he has no time for Stutts stupid questions.

Mecha Mercenary & Aaron Biggs vs. Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Arik Royal & Ray Kandrack***1/2

HOSS TIME! Of course we open with a stiff forearm shot and Mecha taking Kandrack off his feet with a suplex not even a minute into the match. Biggs shoulder blocks Royal to the mat and sends him scurrying to the outside with a back body drop. The champions are rattled and need to regroup as the challengers are here to take the titles and prove a point they are the top HOSSES.

Mecha’s headbutts prove ineffective against Kandrack and the champions are back in control showing why they have been champions for 7 months. The sheer size of Biggs and Mecha reduce Royal to a heap until he hits a desperation spinning heel kick. I’m waiting for the ring to break and I swear it almost does when Biggs hits a fantastic looking Samoan Drop. Biggs and Mecha attempt to crush Royal in the middle between them and Royal’s only salvation is moving at the last minute.

Royal runs with a Butt Butt train until he is enveloped by the Black Hole Slam from Royal and Kandrack breaks up the pin. We start getting into the hot finish with the Kandrack Rainmaker Headbutt and a Royal Sick Kick and we get a beautiful finish with Biggs murdering Royal with a huge Thesz Press to become new champions! I’ll be the first to admit I love Southern Tag Team wrestling and this was a solid showing from four fan favorites that took the best that each man had to offer while whipping the fans into a frenzy. Easy storytelling throughout as the dominant champions tried all their previous tricks but finally ran into a team that they could not defeat. I’m a sucker for stuff like that.

Aric Andrews vs. Chet Sterling vs. Mid-Atlantic Television Champion Smith Garrett***3/4

Andrews and Sterling already have beef and when you add in Smith Garrett you have the wrestling equivalent of Dave’s Hot ‘n Juicy 3/4 Lb. Triple Burger. Now, I’m hungry-thanks alot CWF. Anyways, Andrews charges Sterling, completely misses and is lit up by both Sterling and Garrett with some swell looking punches. It is a fair fight with Sterling and Garrett until Andrews drags Garrett to the outside and then Sterling flails his body onto both men on the outside-no regard for his well-being whatsoever.

You get the feeling with the way that Andrews being double teamed by Garrett and Sterling that it’s only a matter of time before he strikes at an opportune time. Beautiful double team superkick from Garrett and Sterling. Love what Sterling does in this as he takes some shortcuts with Garrett but only when he has to. Nice chop exchange between Garrett and Sterling but Garrett is all business as he keep Andrews at bay and keeps the pressure on Sterling. Real captivating blockbuster from the top by Sterling until he is turned inside out by a shoulder tackle from Andrews.

Lee Valiant gets involved in the finish as he takes Sterling out of the equation and Andrews almost picks up the victory with the Knee Trembler. Garrett becomes Hirooki Goto and hits a Ushigoroshi only for Andrews to kick out as well. There’s some back and forth until Andrews pokes Garrett in the eye and nails his Asphalt Spike finisher-a full nelson release slam to become the new champion! Yes, we are 3 for 3 with new champions at Absolute (In)Justice as Brad Stutts calls it. Even with the interference this was great work from all three men involved and this feud can keep going with these three men rotating in and out of the the Mid-Atlantic Television title scene. Pacing was smooth and each man shined in their own individual ways.

Another week down and yet another superb effort from CWF Mid-Atlantic. I don’t know what else I can say that has not been said about this company but they deserve praise, accolades and talks to be Promotion Of The Year. I don’t ask for too much in my pro wrestling and yet CWF Mid-Atlantic rewards me every single time I watch their talented roster, hear their excellent commentary and see how story lines unfold in the most glorious of ways. There’s shows that have MOTYC’s and then there are shows where everything is solid-every time out they offer something unique and to a simpleton like me all I have to say is “THANK YOU CWF MID-ATLANTIC”. Now, that … that’s Absolute Justice.

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