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CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Review: Caught In a Weaver Cup Classic

Brand new opening credits for the show this week, they look fantastic by showcasing the main faces of the company in a 15 second flash it helps new viewers identify who to be on the look out for when it comes to talent in CWF. Little things like that make companies and the people employed by those companies stand out. This week is highlighted by a preview of the Weaver Cup. I’m not really going to go in depth with the matches except for the main event due to most of these matches being squashes or throwaway matches. Sorry folks.

Maddi Max vs. SIS

We start with the debuting Maddi Max going up against SIS and it’s exactly the kind of match that you expect it to be. SIS controls the majority of the match just destroying Maddi at every turn. Maddi has some decent babyface fire and pulls off a bit of an upset when she gets a roll-up on SIS. SIS ambushes Maddi afterwards and HIM (f.k.a. Michael McAllister) joins in on beating a lady. Aaron Biggs saves the day and we have a new match!

Aaron Biggs vs. HIM

HIM tries to attack Biggs before the bell even starts as one match gives way to another. HIM keeps Biggs off his feet as that’s about the only advantage you can get against the behemoth Biggs. Biggs finishes this match in proper abrupt fashion with THE MURDER (basically a big man’s Thesz Press). Exactly what I could ask for in those two segments, the booking is such a breeze.

Handsome Mitch Connor talks about winning the Weaver Cup and coming back from the brink of retirement and not knowing if he could ever step in the ring again. He believes he has one more run in him. James Ryan (one half of Labron James with Labron Kozone) talks about making a name for himself outside of the tag team ranks. These are short, effective, have a purpose and set the table for matches on tonight’s show as well as future shows.

James Ryan vs. Patrick Scott

We are joined mid-match with James Ryan taking on Patrick Scott in a short sprint with youngsters where Ryan gets to shine outside of his tag team and Scott shows a small glimpse of his talent. Ryan wins a quick match and I’m curious to see where both guys go from here. This wasn’t even 3 minutes, but of what was there, both guys have potential and I could see both in an Ultra J scene or the Rising Generation League.

Dirty Daddy is joined with CL Party in the back and he states the importance of lifting weights, making towns and how integral Johnny Weaver was to his career and how much he wants the name on that trophy, Jack! Aric Andrews is then interviewed by CL Party who pretty much states how he is a hated man in CWF Mid-Atlantic and he has the Television title and guarantees he will have his name on the Weaver Cup Trophy. Dirty Daddy takes on Aric Andrews in the First Round of the Johnny Weaver Cup. Daddy is going to get killed. Please be merciful, Aric.

Number Man, Number Boy & Kabuki Ni vs. Mace Maeda, Dirtty Daddy & Bobby Balentine

We have Number Man, Number Boy, Kabuki Ni and Rising Generation League Champion Mace Maeda going up against Dirty Daddy, Bobby Balentine & Cutie and The Beast, consisting of Beau Crockett and “Innocent” Isaiah Santero, in a quirky comedic match that sees the progression of one tag team. It’s awkward, it’s charming and it’s almost something one could make up in an randomizer in Fire Pro Wrestling. Commentary even jokes that this is the All Stars Triple A team-no, not that AAA but baseball, people! I feel like you can make a power trio with Yosuke Santa Maria, Maximo and “Innocent” Isaiah. I’d watch those three together. Each team picks out one member of the other team and works over them with pinpoint precision and ruthless aggression. I’m waiting for the HOT TAG! Beau Crockett and “Innocent” Isaiah have such unorthodox chemistry and moves and the fans are loving all of it. Even Beau can’t believe that his team won the match and “Innocent” Isaiah wants to be steady with one partner and settle down and commit to being Beau’s tag team partner. NOBODY PUTS BEAU IN THE CORNER! Beau actually agrees and it’s quite lovely. Who wouldn’t want to see these two against Aaron Biggs and Mecha Mercenary?

CL Party is great at doing interviews, she seems totally sincere with her appreciation of the wrestlers and how great CWF is. “White” Mike Jordan is in his first Weaver Cup and talks about how he wrestled in rat holes and anywhere that would take him. If he can get his name on the Johnny Weaver trophy he proves it to himself that he belongs in CWF. Joey Rogers talks about his match with “White” Mike Jordan in the First Round of the Johnny Weaver Cup and how people come to North Carolina to make a living and then lists off guys like Cedric, Trevor and Everett and sternly tells CL he is here to make a killing. Short and to the point, these promos have been great fun.

Prakash Sabar interrupts the show and he has two words for ya “TOO BAD”. Brad Stutts says he will not negotiate with terrorists. Can we do away with that in 2016? Please? Snotty Foxx then intercepts Prakash and takes him out of the building. Filler, but again it was short and served a purpose, I suppose.

Cedric Alexander vs. Chet Sterling****1/4

Courtesy of Nova Pro Wrestling we are treated to Chet Sterling vs. PWI Ultra J Champion Cedric Alexander in what I’m sure will be a great time considering the talents involved. Kevin Ford and Cecil Scott are on the call for this and the fans are already excited. Cedric starts the match off hot and heavy with the corner dropkick and the match goes forth at a great pace from there. If you are one of those wrestling elitists who can’t watch matches that have visible basketball hoops in the background go elsewhere, I don’t know what else to tell you and surely won’t cater to you.

Chet is great at playing the underdog who is underneath the whole time. Pretty fantastic wrestler who has only been in the business for three years. It helps when your mentor is Trevor Lee. Cedric plays such a great prick here who has beautiful offense with his dropkicks, chops and strikes and yes Veda Scott is great here and it’s such a shame that their act didn’t get over more in ROH. Their loss right? Cedric is essentially one step ahead of Chet in most exchanges and mocks him at every turn. Cecil and Ford put over Chet possibly catching Cedric when Cedric starts believing his hype and his humility is nowhere to be found.

Chet is great at quickness and selling being out on his feet. I love his staggered stance and dazed and confused look even while fighting tooth and nail for a victory. This match has great near falls and some fantastic bumps, highlighted by Cedric’s Michinoku Driver and Sterling’s DDT on the apron. The fans are phenomenal, all the while cheering and willing Chet to pick up the win against Cedric even as Cedric appears to be in control. The last minute or so are full of some close calls for Cedric and Sterling coming close with a Block Buster until finally falling to Queen City’s Favorite Son with two Lumbar Checks. Absolutely stellar match here from both men. Dylan Hales approves and so do I. That should give you all the initiative to go out of your way to see this match. Sterling improves every time I see him and Cedric deserves the world. As it stands, ****1/4.

Nick Richards pours his heart out in a promo saying he has been with CWF Mid-Atlantic for 10 years doing street fights, killing himself and talks about the previous men who have won the Johnny Weaver Cup turning that success into championships. He sums it up perfectly, “You thought I fought hard when I had nothing to lose, wait till you see how I fight when I have everything to gain”. Give him the Weaver Cup now people.

We finish off the night with Rob “The Boogie Woogie Man” McBride who talks about his 33 years in the sport and his history of being put in the Weaver Lock by Johnny Weaver. McBride talks about previous winners and how he might only have another year left in him due to the years of injuries and his body finally breaking down. McBride believes he is ready and his “Peoples” support him. Stutts wishes McBride his best and hypes the Weaver Cup starting next week.

Another easy and entertaining hour of CWF this week. Tune in for t       he Weaver Cup on the next few installments of Worldwide, as there are multiple layers to the tournament and the outcomes could go any which way. For all of your CWF Mid-Atlantic needs, you are already in the right place… Wrestling With Words.


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