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CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide #54 Review (5/25/16)

Lask week’s CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide saw Cedric Alexander vs. Trevor Lee for the Mid-Atlantic title in a MOTYC. This week sees a Scentific Rules Match, and a whole lot more.

Lee Valiant & Aric Andrews vs. Chet Sterling & Smith Garrett**1/2

That no good Lee Valiant beats down on poor Brad Stutts before this match even begins. Enter Smith Garrett and Chet Sterling and things are about to GET LIT. Garrett and Sterling work on taking Andrews down and are keeping him isolated. Valiant runs into a double flapjack for his troubles. Fast tags and double teams keep Sterling and Garrett in control of this match until a distraction from Valiant has Sterling on the receiving end of punishment.

Babyface fire hot tag from Sterling is snuffed out by Andrews and now the ball is in the court of Andrews and Valiant. Sterling is great here with his facials, dazed and confused but rallying against the constant beatdown of Andrews and Valiant. The match ends when a miscommunication between Garrett and Sterling lead to a slingshot spear from Valiant to give the win to the former Riot members. Short, compact and straight to the point. This even further served a purpose for Andrews to get a title shot against the CWF Mid-Atlantic Television Champion in Garrett.

Donnie Dollars vs. Joshua Cutshall*

Donnie Dollars runs roughshod over Cutshall with no pity, mercy or sympathy to start the match. This is your basic veteran vs. a guy new to the territory trying to make his name. Cutshall works over Donnie’s arm while Dollars attempts to overpower Cutshall throughout. Dollars hangs tough and hits a pumphandle powerbomb for a near fall. Dollars goes for the big boot but Cutshall dodges and hits an elbow that rolls Donnie’s eyes to the back of his head and picks up the upset victory.

In my opinion Cutshall is a poor man’s Dollar Store version of Chris Hero and John Skyler-nowhere near their talent level obviously. Again, this match served a purpose to show Dollars time has passed him by in CWF and that is hammered home by Ethan Alexander Sharpe and Snooty Fox battling for his soul. Dollars rocks Fox’s jaw with the big boot fleeing the scene a man conflicted.

(Scientific Rules Match) Kamakazi Kid vs. Nick Richards ***1/4

This match is what we call “Mat Based Wrestling” in the Carolinas. Again, Brad Stutts does a fantastic job of bringing home storylines and giving the first time or long time viewers an idea of what a Scientific Rules Match is. We even get a Catch As Catch Can and Frank Gotch reference, all hail CWF. All Hail.

This is a breeze to watch with both men going back and forth trading holds in a logical manner. Richards takes a nasty bump to the concrete floor from the top turnbuckle, such a sick thump. Richards is out on his feet and the commentary even jokes that Coach Gemini planned a political hit. I didn’t know Dylan Hales was working for CWF Mid-Atlantic.

Richards is nailed with a healthy clothesline after a near fall from a sunset flip, it’s a smart story being told throughout the match which I can enjoy. Richards tries to follow the rules and Kamakazi still takes cheap shots and short cuts to stay ahead. There is a spot with the Rear Naked Choke that people will hate. “Let’s Raise The Hand 3 Times So Said Wrestler Who Is About To Lose Has One Final Hope Spot”. Shorten that however you may.

The finishing stretch sees a Tiger Suplex followed up by a Cattle Mutilation (Bryan Danielson is alive), more interference from the All Stars and a roll up from Richards to guarantee a future match with Kazi which will be sure to be brutality at a high level. The after match segment would bring a tear to the Sandman’s eye with the welts developed on Richards from a kendo stick shot. ***1/4

(PWI Heavyweight Championship) Ric Converse (c) vs. Dangerous E Corey Edsel***

This is CWF history in the making as this is the last match in one of the most memorable feuds in CWF history. Again, another fantastic job of the announce team putting over the accolades of both men and pointing towards the importance that Edsel will end his career if he loses this match.

Edsel tries to bum rush Converse at the beginning but the champ is too quick for that and begins the process of crippling the punching power of Edsel. The little things in this match keep me invested, such as Edsel hitting a dropkick but falling on his damaged hand. Converse stomping on Edsel’s hands with violent glee. A count out tease that Edsel breaks up even after knocking out Converse with a delightful forearm.

High impact moves are traded down the line with a spinebuster, Sky High Powerbomb and even more knock out forearms. The finish comes out of nowhere and it’s totally anticlimatic. You would think for a match with high stakes and a man’s last match that these two would go all out but things don’t always go your way. Much like Edsel’s result was to get a win in his last match, things didn’t go his way either. I’m content with what these two men offered but for all of the history between these two men and for commentary putting over their feud as what put CWF on the map there could have been so much more remarkable to this match. AS IT STANDS, it is ***.

Not a bad episode this week but nothing earth shattering like last week’s Lee/Alexander Spectacular. CWF is a breeze to watch and I will be here next week. For all of your CWF Mid-Atlantic needs stay on board at Wrestling With Words. Goodnight.

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