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CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide #53 Review (5/18/16)

CWF Mid-Atlantic has been going strong for 16 years and if 2016 is any indication, this is a promotion that you should be watching. There has been substantial hype for this company since the Trevor Lee/Roy Wilkins 105 Minute Spectacular that many feel is MOTYC worthy and a 5 Star Match-that’s a debate for another day but the match served it’s purpose. There are even more eyes on this company due to that match and the content that CWF puts out weekly on it’s YouTube channel.

You have a ridiculously talented roster that features Chet Sterling, Ethan Case, Lance Lude, Lee Valiant, Jesse Adler, Colby Corino, Andrew Everett as well as the aforementioned Trevor Lee and Roy Wilkins. This company is not just one of the best in the Carolinas but truly one of the best promotions independent or mainstream that you can ask for.

I’m getting long winded but for the foreseeable future, I will be reviewing CWF Mid-Atlantic for Wrestling With Words. Go figure, my initial assignment is another match with the “Marathon Man of CWF” Trevor Lee and “ROH Doesn’t Know What To Do With Me” Cedric Alexander. Cedric has always been critically and criminally underrated. In a match that is 55 Minutes-don’t let that running time deter you, both men set out to prove that going broadway can be exciting and full of unpredictable moments. If there are two men who I trust to do that task, it’s Cedric Alexander and Trevor Lee.

(Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship) Trevor Lee (c) vs. Cedric Alexander****3/4

Cedric is coming into this match having wrestled Ethan Case earlier in the night becoming Ultra J Champion in the process and is attempting to become a double champion in one night. If there is a title reign everyone should at least catch a glimpse of it’s Lee’s Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship in 2016. Stalling from Cedric to start the match if only to agitate Trevor that results in some snug technical work during the early moments. Blistering mat work is sprinkled in with Trevor working on Cedric’s digits and both men get Selfie breaks with the fans. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE INDEED.

It’s also worth of note that Brad Stutts puts over how important it would be for Cedric to beat Trevor Lee as Stutts talks about Lee’s accolades outside of CWF. Honestly one of my favorite commentators in all of wrestling, he highlights the action all the while bringing up storylines and anything substantial to a match.

Both men target each other’s arm in a sickening display and Cedric even scouted Lee’s apron running kick and then they transition into stiff strikes but slow the match down when needed. Excellent game plan from both men throughout and yes the fans stay hot for the whole affair. Lee switches gears and goes to work on Cedric’s leg with a Dragon Screw leg whip, Trailer Hitch and a Muta Lock. Again, Stutts is great here as he tells the fans that Lee has won every match with a submission.

Fighting on the floor gives Cedric the advantage with a back breaker on the apron until Cedric returns to the ring and is met flush with a pretty superkick from Lee. This match is brilliant as both men change their approaches multiple times with dueling suicide dives, both men being vulnerable and both men getting opportunities in ways one would not expect. Lee’s desperation is palpable and Cedric’s fire throughout propel this match into a territory few can reach in 2016.

Now for the elephant in the room, the ref bump-thankfully it did not lead to any interference and Cedric hit the nastiest piledriver I’ve seen in ages. However, the ref bump spot was a bit unnecessary. Stutts popping me on commentary with a Superman/Bizzaro Superman reference and the crowd being amazing as a pro Trevor Lee crowd with Cedric being in control forcing them into silence.

Dropping of bombs, near falls and Trevor Lee being out on his feet kept me on the edge of my seat. Cedric is determined to beat Trevor as he keeps the pressure on him with a Cobra Stretch and forearms that would make Misawa smile. Cedric is taking liberties with Lee at the tail end of the match and Lee is barely surviving as he cannot string together consecutive moves. To the end. To the brink. To pure exhaustion. Both men have poured their hearts into this match and they are inevitably at their wits end.

Trevor Lee gets a spark of adrenaline but Cedric cuts him off again as has been the story of the match. Cedric is the greatest challenge to Lee’s title since Roy Wilkins and it’s in a position where Lee does not look like a dominant triumphant champion but a champion who seeks any openings to etch out a victory.

Huge superplex from Trevor and both men are down struggling to continue to reach a satisfying conclusion. 50 Minutes in and Trevor Lee hits the Deadlift German Suplex only for a 2.999 near fall and now the fans are chanting “This Is Awesome” to really bring this one home. Cedric counters the Orange Crush and nails two corner dropkicks and a Lumbar Check is still not enough to keep Trevor Lee down.

Lee respects Cedric and Cedric spits in the face of so-called respect. Lee retaliates with the Kill Shot knee, PK and an STF to finally put away Cedric after a war. I’m fairly sure I didn’t highlight everything in this match but it’s a wonderful dynamic between two of the best wrestlers in the world. Carolina Rise Up-you have champions to be proud of. I have no words to do this match justice.

Striking? You got it. Selling? You got it. Limb work? You got it. Commentary-putting over the talents and importance of the Carolinas in wrestling history? You got it. An absolutely hot crowd? You got it. I have nothing else fancy to put forth on this match. It’s a MOTYC. It’s Top 5 of the year. Keep in mind, these are my opinions but Cedric and Lee went out there fighting for each other’s respect and gained immeasurable respect from CWF fans and anyone watching this at home. This is beautiful and truly a work of art. Maybe Lizard Man can watch this match and kick himself afterwards realizing that he had a talent of Cedric’s caliber and did absolutely nothing with it. As for Lee, he will continue to embark on matches that are 60 minute wars and deliver something truly unique each time. Stay with us here at Wrestling With Words for all of your CWF Mid-Atlantic needs.

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