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Companion Piece for Somehow We Manage – Episode 2

This is the companion piece to Episode 2 of Somehow We Manage, the only podcast dedicated to professional wrestling managers and the art of managing.

Below you will find links to online resources related to the subjects of this podcast. We encourage you to learn more about the managerial careers of Jeff G. Bailey and Gary Hart using these links.

Jeff G. Bailey


Introducing the African-American Supermen (including R-Truth)

Jeff and AJ Styles talk about Sabu

Celebrating victory over The Devils’ Rejects

Preparing for war

Jeff wants Onyx to take a steroid test

Letting Mikael Judas know Shatter is his superior

Addressing Stephen Platinum

Shaving Dan Wilson’s head

Teaching Al Getz a lesson

Web pages:

13 Questions with Jeff G. Bailey

Gary Hart


Gary with The Great Kabuki, interrupted by Jimmy Valiant

Interview with Gary after Chris Adams fires him

Interview about Kabuki vs Dusty Rhodes

Hart with Dick Slater

Low Ki vs Homicide, 2004 (featuring surprise appearance by Gary)

Shoot interview from InYourHeadOnline

Video (for purchase):

Guest Booker from Kayfabe Commentaries

Message forum:

The Gary Hart Forum on Kayfabe Memories (moderated by his son Jason)


Peach State Pandemonium tribute to Gary featuring Bill Watts, Jack Brisco, James Beard, Abdullah the Butcher, Michael Hayes, Kevin Sullivan, George Steele, Skandor Akbar and Jim Ross

Web pages:

Article on Slam! Wrestling

Wikipedia page

About the author

Al Getz

Al Getz has been involved with independent wrestling on and off since 1995. Long considered one of the better managers in the southeast, Getz has worked for NWA Wildside, OMEGA, Music City Wrestling, and countless other promotions. He also owns WHOO! Wrestling, which produces and distributes significant wrestling events in the southeast.


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