Companion Piece for Somehow We Manage – Episode 1

This is the companion piece to Episode 1 of Somehow We Manage, the only podcast dedicated to professional wrestling managers and the art of managing.

Below you will find links to online resources related to the subjects of this podcast. We encourage you to learn more about the managerial careers of Bobby Davis, “Wild” Red Berry and Strangler Lewis using these links.


Bobby Davis


Buddy Rogers (managed by Bobby Davis) vs Haystacks Calhoun, 4/14/61

Prince Iaukea (managed by Bobby Davis) vs Steve Stanlee, 1/13/66


Photo Album from Classic Pro Wrestling Gallery on Facebook

A bloody Bobby on the cover of Wrestling World magazine 10/64

Bobby with Jerry & Dr. Eddie Graham

Discussion forums:

Kayfabe Memories 1

Kayfabe Memories 2

Wrestling Classics 1

Wrestling Classics 2


“Wild” Red Berry


Promo building up 10/18/68 match with Bull Ramos vs Bruno Sammartino (Bruno promo first, Berry promo starts at 0:26)

Red appearing on Groucho Marx’ You Bet Your Life 12/19/57 (audio only)


“Wild” Red Berry

Red with the Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Roy Heffernan)

Red with Groucho Marx

Discussion forums:

Wrestling Classics

Web pages:


Slam! Wrestling


Strangler Lewis

While there are plenty of resources available to research Lewis’ career as a wrestler, the links below are focused on his work as Lou Thesz’ manager and “advance man”

Google Newspapers search results


Lou Thesz with Strangler Lewis

About the author

Al Getz

Al Getz has been involved with independent wrestling on and off since 1995. Long considered one of the better managers in the southeast, Getz has worked for NWA Wildside, OMEGA, Music City Wrestling, and countless other promotions. He also owns WHOO! Wrestling, which produces and distributes significant wrestling events in the southeast.


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