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CMLL Viernes Espectacular Review (7/28/2017)


CMLL Viernes Espectacular on July 28, 2017

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Arena Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico

Electricito & Stukita vs. Mercurio & Pequeno Nitro**3/4

This was actually watchable; heck, really fun at times, actually. I was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, this went too long due to some more of that poor pacing in terms of CMLL match length, but this had good energy, faces & heels playing their roles well, cool moves & a good crowd to make something watchable that actually succeeded in making me interested & warmed the crowd up. Stukita & Electricito win.

Fuego, Esfinge & Pegasso vs. Puma, Tiger & Raziel***1/4

Hell yeah, Fuego! Missed watching that man on Fridays.

This was a very fun lucha trios match with little substance, not that I’m complaining, as this was very entertaining. This just relied on a “you do a move, then I do a move” thing some matches can be. Raziel looked a lot more sloppy than his teammates, though he was serviceable. While nothing special, this match did a great job entertaining, with the Fuego/Tiger sequences being pure joy, and the usual fast paced highspot-based closing sequence really made this satisfying.

Titan, Soberano Jr. & Drone vs. NGD (Sanson, Cuatrero & Forastero)***3/4

The NGD recently beat Los Hijo Del Infiernos to win the NWA Mexican Trios Titles on a house show, which is a huge deal, as it shows CMLL has them earmarked for success. This is a great collection of wrestlers given time to have a great match, and they did. Titan showed off how underrated he is, Soberano is justifying his earlier push by being awesome here, Drone stepped up his game big, and NGD were their usual amazing rudo selves, systematically overcoming the faces with their teamwork. Some crazy spots in this match include a powerbomb to the floor & synchronized dives. NGD have had some of my top CMLL trios matches this year. If you leave this review with anything, it should be the knowledge to watch this match. Absolutely lucha-riffic. NGD wins.

Lightning Match: Stuka Jr. vs. Hechicero***1/4

A lightning match is a one-fall, ten-minute time limit match.

Hechicero took the straps down and did some odd arm waving taunt! That was an interesting way to start this match. Stuka Jr. started with all guns blazing, busting out big high-flying moves right away. Hechicero worked a quick heat segment, then Stuka Jr did more crazy flippy stuff, with a moonsault off the corner to the outside while holding a perfect hollow body posture. We repeat the heat, followed by comeback sequence one more time, and Stuka Jr. was the main highlight here. I would assume he was the young luchador that CMLL should build the company around if I only watched that match. The ending was a bit abrupt, but the match as a whole was a fun, short ride. Probably would stand out more on a lesser CMLL show.

Diamante Azul, Blue Panther & Valiente vs. Rush, Sam Adonis & Pierroth**

This was an OK brawl. Rush was lazy, Pierroth was Pierroth, Azul & Valiente hit some cool moves, but above all else, the Adonis/Panther Hair vs Hair match next week was built up. While the action wasn’t anything special, it was passable & built up next week. Team Blue Panther wins.

Post-match, we got some promos with Adonis & Blue Panther smack talking and challenging each other.

Caristico, Mistico & Niebla Roja vs. Ultimo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero & Mephisto**1/2

Niebla Roja has been feuding with the Guerreros quite a bit, with Niebla Roja being constantly unmasked by them & and to stay unmasked after leaving their group.

Mistico carried this for his team; he did a bunch of cool spots, executed them cleanly and brought good energy when he was in. Caristico was OK and managed to hit a few cool moves. Everyone else was OK here, though the big deal was that we got some feud advancement, with Niebla Roja unmasking Gran Guerrero after his team won , finally getting some form of revenge for the weeks of unmasking. Watchable match, weak main event.

  • Good - 7.5/10


Bar an opener that was given too much time, this was a super easy to watch show, with a standout match in the NGD trios match(which hopefully becomes a weekly staple). Every match had its moments.



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