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CMLL Viernes Espectacular Review (7/14/2017)

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CMLL Viernes Espectacular on July 14, 2017

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Arena Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico

Astral, Star Jr. & Sensei vs Akuma, Arkangel de La Muerte & Metálico-***

Nope, nope, nope, this was absolutely terrible. Twenty minutes of nothing, nothing at all. Poor talented rookies like Star Jr & Astral get to do nothing, Arkangel De La Muerte, who runs the CMLL training school, botched left & right. This was heatless and by god, this felt like every CMLL opener ever, but somehow far worse. Barely anything happened for me to recap here! It felt like all six men just wanted to leave as soon as possible, and for whatever reason they gave this more time than most of the other matches. WHY? I hate CMLL & this was just boring and not worth spending a minute on. Star Jr. deserves better. Of course, team Arkangel wins. Can’t be giving the rookies anything.

We got a powerbomb to the floor, so there was that, though the main event also had that, so some poor agenting right there.

Marcela, Sugehit & La Vaquerita vs Amapola, Zeuxis & DalysDud

This failed to wash the taste of the previous bad match out of my mouth. Nothing of note happening with this match, which is just another generic trios match they stick the women in. Zeuxis was her normal talented self, but this is an easy skip unless you want to waste a few minutes of your life, just a really poor call to have this follow the abysmal opener. Team Zeuxis won.

Soberano Jr., Blue Panther & Diamante Azul vs Sam Adonis, Negro Casas & Dragon Rojo Jr.***1/4

Looks like CMLL is heading in the direction of Panther vs Adonis, hair vs hair, with a creative angle taking place. Adonis came out in a Love Machine mask, the mask of one of Blue Panther’s greatest rivals who also had a pro-U.S.A. gimmick. The CMLL GM tried to get Adonis to unmask, but Blue Panther forced it off when Adonis would not oblige. I like how Rojo Jr. just watches BP pull Sam’s mask off, then attacks. Good mini brawl between Panther/Adonis in between falls, really helping this feel like they hate each other.

The match itself was good, but the only thing to truly remember is the angle, and Soberano getting monkey flipped to the floor. Soberano got less in than he has in recent weeks. Team Panther won in a match this show needed.

The U.S. flag was thrown into the crowd post-match. Sam went and got it, and Blue Panther challenged him to a Hair vs Hair match.

Hair vs. Hair Match: Vangellys vs. Pierroth**

And boo, no fake La Sombra. Why tease the angle and then ignore it for the big match?

Pierroth took a lot of this match. Nothing particularly bad happened, but nothing all that interesting happened either, creating a dull, though watchable match. The match was under 10 minutes, so both men kept a not-really-slow pace. In between falls, Pierroth struggled to remove his suit. They had like 2 other guys try to help him with that & it still took some work, that was the most interesting thing about this match. The finish was underwhelming, with Pierroth just hitting a driver for the 1-2-3 out of nowhere, continuing the weird idea of pushing Pierroth, of all people.

Los Hijos Del Infierno (Mephisto, Luciferno & Ephesto) vs Mistico, Dragon Lee & Caristico***1/4

This looked great on paper, but only ended up being good. The first two falls ended up being spaced out and slower paced than what I was expecting, with the third fall being when the tecnicos really started to get into super  cool showcase mode, Mistico in particular feeling like a star, while the Infernal trio were their regular, amazing bases. The pacing of the match never let it stay at a crazy quick pace, but the luchadores still used the length quite well to deliver a very fun, lucha-style trios match. Team Caristico won.

The edecanes do a dance number which uses copyrighted music, so the viewers at home get to see a recap of the Universal Tournament.

Universal Championship Tournament Finals: Volador Jr. vs Ultimo Guerrero****1/4

Volador Jr. has never won the Universal Tournament, while UG has already won it twice, with another win tying him for most Universal Title wins.

A very competitive, clean, back & forth match that had me buying into either man winning. UG busted out a rainmaker, that was novel, and while this was very similar to all the other UG vs Volador matches, this had the advantage of being in a big match setting. With a hot crowd, it managed to create that magic you only get when you place either luchadores in a big match setting, with crazy dives and great power moves galore, this is CMLL’s best singles match this year. Volador Jr. gets his first Universal Title win and both men have a show of respect post- match.


  • Bad - 4/10


This was a rough show. The first two were bad matches, the hair vs hair match was short, but not worth watching, there was a neat trios, and a cool angle to help save this show, but the only thing truly worth watching was the main event, which I recommend. Even without context, one can tell this is very good.



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