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CMLL Viernes Espectacular Review (08/04/2017)


CMLL Viernes Espectacular on August 4, 2017

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Arena Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico

Arena Mexico has banners up showing the Grand Prix competitors; it looks very grandiose.

Drone, Fuego & Pegasso vs. Disturbio, Sagrado & Virus**3/4

The entire first fall was only Virus & Fuego with no one else & I love this. Those two, wrestling & more 2/3 falls trios matches should do this more often. It was technical wrestling and it worked. After that, it just became a fun little opener with some sloppiness, but still miles ahead of most CMLL openers & had some fun highlights with the flippy lucha things and whatnot. Drone, Fuego & Pegasso win.

El Gallito & Microman vs. Mije & Perico Zacarías****

This is a one fall match. These four are a part of the micro division, the adorable mascots of CMLL. OMFG, Mije did a Star Wars entrance turned into Gangnam style.

This was amazing; I don’t mean that as a joke, this was extremely fun with a super hot crowd and they worked the match they were supposed to do. This was also a lot better than the last match, as it was different than the normal CMLL stuff. I genuinely recommend you watch these four micro mascots wrestle in front of 10,000 people on national TV because it was simple fun entertainment that brings joy, which is really what we all want before the cold hard grip of death. El Gallito & Microman win, continuing Microman’s undefeated streak in Arena Mexico.

NGD (Cuatrero, Sansón & Forastero) vs. Soberano, Rey Cometa & The Panther***1/2

I love NGD, I love NGD, I love NGD. Rey Cometa turned back the clock quite a bit and bumped to put over the heels, The Panther did some of that technical lucha to add some variety to the matchup while Soberano did the fun high-flying; a great face trio if I have ever seen one. NGD had brutal heal segments, triple teaming, grounding & stomping on the faces to get the boos. We got stage dives, press slams, mat wrestling, what more could you ask for? Fun trios match, with great moments, the NGD norm. NGD wins and you can tell CMLL loves them because they are so protected. CMLL never protects a midcard act.

Ángel de Oro, Diamante Azul & Marco Corleone vs. Hechicero, Pierroth & Rush**1/4

We had Rush mock a striptease on top of Marco, that was nice. The face team & Hechicero put forth an effort, but this was the same old Rush/Pierroth brawl we’ve seen for weeks. We got some good dives, at least. Rush unmasks Diamante Azul to get his team disqualified.

We see Negro Casas enjoying the show up in the bar & grill, enjoying life like he deserves to. So wholesome.

Azul wants a singles match vs Rush next week and a mask vs hair. Rush said yes to one of those things, then unmasked Azul after he put his mask back on.

We get a commercial for the Grand Prix, pushing the event as CMLL vs ROH vs NJPW.

Carístico, Niebla Roja & Volador Jr. vs. Euforia, Gran Guerrero & Ultimo Guerrero***

I missed having Euforia on Friday shows, that beautiful mask design & base.

This was a much more high energy, exciting and clean match than the normal Niebla Roja/Guerreros trio matches we have been getting these past few weeks. The Guerreros & Euforia did amazing triple team moves, while the face team brought the flights, with Niebla Roja having a performance he really needed tonight. A watchable way to kill time in your life. Niebla Roja cleanly puts away Gran Guerrero to get the win for his team.

Niebla Roja & Gran Guerrero decide to have a Mask vs Mask Match, with Niebla Roja saying they should have it on September 16th.

Hair vs. Hair Match: Sam Adonis vs. Blue Panther****

We get a video package recapping the Sam Adonis vs Blue Panther feud.

So, I typed out a lot for this match, as I just found this a riveting work of art. I will explain why at the end.

Adonis is a Trump-supporting, perverted American who has both personally disrespected Blue Panther, wearing the mask of his old arch nemesis, Love Machine, & insulting all of Mexico when he can. Blue Panther is fighting for both his own honor, and all of Mexico’s. Me & this crowd are hyped.

Blue Panther enters adorned in the flag of Mexico, he has the confidence he will kick this foreigner’s ass, while Adonis enters in a sequin covered vest and his usual Trump flag, with a violent look in his eye.

Right away these two go to town on each other, with Blue Panther skipping his usual mat work, with both wanting to only inflict pain on each other. Adonis wins the first fall after quickly overpowering Blue Panther, and you can see the sadness in Blue Panther’s face afterwards, looking devastated that he lost a fall like that in under three minutes. As the icing on the cake, Adonis attacks Blue Panther in between falls, with no repercussions.

During the second fall, Blue Panther wrestles smart, outmaneuvering Sam Adonis during one of his charges and quickly locks in a submission to get Adonis to tap out, winning the fall in under a minute, a small mini victory for Blue Panther, and one he his overjoyed with, as is the crowd, with the camera showing someone who took the time to make a Blue Panther #1 sign; they all want to see Adonis get his comeuppance.

During the third fall, Blue Panther sees doubt in Adonis’ eyes, and preys on it, brawling with him to the delight of the fans, but once again Adonis is able to use his superior power to take control, even hitting a tope that looks far more painful than graceful. As an added insult, Adonis throws Blue Panther into the crowd, daring him to get back in the ring. Back in, Adonis relies on the legendary American wrestling move, the Leg Drop, to try and get the win, it gets kicked out of and it is very underwhelming; no one bought that near fall. He tries an elbow drop to the same result. Adonis gets too comfortable during this, signaling he will try for a suplex that Blue Panther easily counters into a roll up. Ending the match there would have given this story a happy ending, but it wasn’t meant to be, at least not with this near fall. Adonis now tries a different approach, to try and out wrestle Blue Panther; that goes poorly. Adonis, incredibly frustrated, decides to attempt a Mariante (piledriver), a banned move in CMLL, and since he doesn’t want to be disqualified, chooses not to go through with it, choosing not to make the same mistake his predecessor, Love Machine did over twenty years ago. Frustrated, Adonis tries a charge & misses, landing on the outside. Blue Panther realizes this is an opportunity to do his legendary double suicide dives. Unfortunately, the god damn ref, Tirantes, accidentally gets in BP’s way, giving Adonis time to counter Panther’s second dive. Very happy with his luck, Adonis takes the time to mock the crowd & wave the Trump flag. In an act of disrespect,  Adonis leaves the Trump flag on top of Blue Panther and hits a Frog Splash, Adonis sells the subsequent disbelief of the kick out incredibly well, and in this moment of shock, Blue Panther is able to get another pinning combination in, but it still can’t get the job done. Soon Adonis tried to overpower Panther again, but Blue Panther locks in an incredibly emotional Armbar outside the ring. Blue Panther puts all his energy in this. In his excitement, Blue Panther stops to hype up the crowd, mocking Adonis’ jeers toward the crowd & signifying this will all be over soon, and it does, as Adonis causes a ref bump, hits a Michinoku Driver and holds onto the ropes to get the win. The crowd is pissed that Adonis gets away with this, throwing garbage into the ring. Adonis cuts a promo challenging all the big name Mexican luchadors in CMLL to put up their mask or hair against him, if he can beat Blue Panther, he can beat them, and all Blue Panther can do is sit in silence and get his hair shaved. Sam Adonis has shocked the world, he defeated Blue Panther in the name of Trump. Everyone in attendance will remember this for the rest of their lives as the day Blue Panther failed to defend Mexico’s honor.

While lots give WWE flak for running USA vs Foreigner storylines, this is different: this is an art form, for one simple reason, this feel reals. The crowd cares immensely. Blue Panther & Sam Adonis constantly show self doubt when they lose control of the match, worried they won’t be able to make their respective countries proud. It got emotional, everyone and their ancestors were ready to see the cartoonish criminal lose, but the universe is cruel, Blue Panther will have to deal with the pain of knowing that he failed Mexico, while Sam Adonis is no longer a cartoonish American stereotype, but rather a dangerous villain who poses a serious risk to Team Mexico in the Grand Prix. They accomplished all of that in about 20 minutes. Art.

  • Great - 8.0/10


Really fun undercard? Check. A main event that is a pure piece of art? Check. Microman match? Check. Watch this show.



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