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CMLL Viernes Espectacular Review (06/30/2017)

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CMLL Viernes Espectacular on June 30, 2017

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Arena Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico

We kick off the show with a short rundown of the Universal Tournament.

Cuatrero, Sanson & Forastero vs. Drone, Pegasso & The Panther**3/4

This was a rarity for CMLL, a fun opener. Lots of competitive back and forth, Panther and the rudos all gave good mat exchanges, while Pegasso & Drone brought a more upbeat pace for the match keeping some variety. You can tell everyone here held back as it is just the opener, but still fun. My only complaint is the tower of doom spot being no sold a few second later. Team Sanson won.

Titan, Rey Cometa & Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Virus, Ripper & Polvora***

Virus & Titan had great exchanges, making me want another singles match between the two. As a whole, Virus was a highlight for this match, working well with all three faces. The energy in this was fun, the third fall had the crazy high-flying moves lucha is known for, and ultimately created a fun midcard match that got really good in the third fall. Team Virus wins.

Atlantis, Blue Panther & Soberano Jr vs. Sam Adonis, Mephisto & Dragon Rojo Jr.***1/4

More super duper fun! The Dragon Rojo & Soberano exchanges were the best parts of this, but everyone did well here. Soberano in particular was amazing, hitting a shooting star press tope & a crazy stage dive. Though the rest of the match had trouble matching that, there was still an exciting energy the whole match that produced beautiful CMLL midcard action.

Rush, Pierroth & Misterioso Jr. vs. El Terrible, Rey Bucanero & Vangellys*

Pierroth & Vangellys have a hair match in the next few weeks, so to try and draw interest they had someone dressed as La Sombra accompany Los Ingobernables, teasing that it was the actual La Sombra at the beginning of the match. This annoys me, as it’s not going to be La Sombra, and is trying to get fans to give a damn about another big Pierroth match instead of trying to build anything else.

This was very OK, just a really long brawl with nothing special, though Rush looks like money during this, as he excels at brawling. Otherwise, this was a one-dimensional match with nothing worth watching. Team Vangellys won. We got some very OK post-match promos with Rush still looking the best out of everyone.

Volador Jr. & Marcela each received a Copa Bobby Bonales

Seeding Battle Royal to determine Universal Tournament Block A MatchesNR

This is a way to fill in and waste time, just skip it.

Universal Tournament Block A Quarter-Final Match: Volador Jr. vs. Hechicero***3/4

This was everything I wanted it to be. A hard-hitting nonstop match that got a good amount of time, this was a great sprint with both men giving each other a lot, along with great crowd that made this an insanely fun watch. Highly recommend this. Volador Jr. wins.

Universal Tournament Block A Quarter-Final Match: Negro Casas vs. Angel de Oro***

This was given less than three minutes, but both men fit in a whole lot of great moves to make this a fun watch, and it also keeps up the nice story of Casas always beating Angel De Oro when they have matches. Negro Casas wins.

Universal Tournament Block A Quarter-Final Match: Dragon Lee vs. Luciferno**

This was watchable. Dragon Lee sold everything well and his offense looked amazing, though Luciferno took way too much of this match; he doesn’t bring much to the table nowadays, but still a watchable, short match.

Universal Tournament Block A Semi-Final Match: Volador Jr. vs. Shocker*

Shocker took way too much of this match. Volador Jr. is the top guy in CMLL, he should not be struggling to beat Shocker, who brings nothing to CMLL for over a decade now. At least this was short, and Volador Jr. at least got to hit a few cool moves. Volador Jr. advances to the finals of his block.

Universal Tournament Block A Semi-Final Match: Negro Casas vs. Dragon Lee***

I enjoyed this less than their other matches. The drama never felt like it was building anywhere, and there wasn’t any crazy sequence that had me reacting. Just a solid tournament match, which there is nothing wrong with. Casas wins.

Universal Tournament Block A Final Match: Negro Casas vs. Volador Jr.***1/2

This was a fun little match that felt like it had stakes, drama, action & a hot crowd. Most years, the Universal Title Tournament drags and the finals of each block are underwhelming, but this year it was thoroughly satisfying. I would recommend this match if it sounds like it would interest you. Volador Jr. wins to advance to the Universal Title finals in two weeks, to end the show.

  • Great - 8/10


Thoroughly enjoyable show, with everything bar Shocker & the Pierroth match being a fun, easy watch. A definite improvement over last year’s tournament. If you have the time, watch Volador vs Hechicero, and maybe the finals & Angel/Casas if it sounds like it would interest you.



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