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CMLL Viernes Espectacular Review (06/16/2017)

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CMLL Viernes Espectacular on June 16, 2017

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Arena Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico

Raziel & Virus vs. Magia Blanca & Sangre Azteca*1/2

This was very OK. Virus being here at least brought my interest in this up, but this was mainly just one long control segment by the Virus team, it was OK, but felt like a dark match warm up type match. Team Virus wins.

Drone, Guerrero Maya Jr. & Stuka Jr. vs. Los Revolucionarios (Dragon Rojo Jr. & Polvora) & Misterioso Jr.**3/4

This was very good when Rojo/Maya happened, everything else was solid, a step up from the previous match with both teams getting a chance to look good. Though nothing must see happened in this match, it did its job as the second match of the show. Team Los Revolucionarios won and post-match, Misterioso Jr. took Stuka Jr’s mask.

Shocker, Terrible & Vangellys vs. Kraneo, Pierroth & RushDUD

Vangellys & Pierroth have recently started feuding in what promises to be mediocre at best.

Huh, Shocker is back, neat.

Nope, no, NO, this was terrible. This went far too long, featured terrible brawling, low intensity, and the most excited the crowd got was when the camera started showing their faces on the tron for reactions.

Give this a heckling crowd and we would get a Worst Match of the Year Contender, but as it stands, just a really hard skip, damn Pierroth getting another feud. Team Vangellys won by DQ after Pierroth unmasked Vangellys.

Lightning Match: Dragon Lee vs. Barbaro Cavernario***1/2

A lightning match is a ten minute time limit, one fall match.

I needed this match after the terrible previous match, both men worked a very intense sprint style match, though there were a few botches early on, they got past it and had a compelling back and forth match. The time limit draw would have been good here, but minor nitpick for what is a really good TV match. Dragon Lee beats Cavernario.

Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja & Valiente vs. Euforia, Gran Guerrero & Negro CasasNR

Heels attacked straight at the bell, but this quickly became an angle, with the heels beating down and unmasking Niebla Roja, and then cutting a promo on him, shaming and berating him for leaving betraying the Guerreros & Euforia, but still wearing their style mask.

Gran Alternativa Final: Caristico & Soberano Jr. vs. Ultimo Guerrero & Sanson****1/2

UG is very protected and rarely loses, Soberano Jr has been getting a big push, & Caristico has yet to get a big win since returning to CMLL, interested to see how this goes.

This felt like how I want CMLL to be like all the time; we got great near falls, mask pulling, big dives & a hot crowd. UG and Caristico gave the two younger guys a lot, and Sanson & Soberano Jr. made the most of it, both looking amazing. Caristico looked the best I’ve seen him since his title match vs Mephisto a few months ago, UG was his typical big match, big moments self, and above all else, Soberano Jr is actually getting pushed, a young wrestler in CMLL is actually getting pushed and I am very happy. You want good wrestling, watch this. A highlight of 2017 Lucha for me. Caristico & Soberano Jr win the 2017 La Gran Alternativa.

  • Good - 7.0/10


This is a one match show with the main, but the rest of the show had its high and low points. You could waste your time in worse ways by watching Cavernario/Lee, but I would not be able to justify watching the rest of this show.



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