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CMLL Viernes Espectacular Review (04/07/2017)


CMLL Viernes Espectacular on April 7, 2017

Arena Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico

We open up with a roll call for the edecanes.

Mercurio & Pequeno Nitro vs. Acero & Aereo1/2*

What worked:

  • The third fall has some cool moves.

What didn’t:

  • The first two falls are horribly uninspired.
  • The first fall went too long.
  • Too much taunting to the crowd.

Verdict and Result: I was more entertained by crowd shots then this match, these are made to be skipped. Mercurio and Pequeno Nitro take falls two and three for the win in 14:46.

We get some questions thrown towards the lady fans at ringside.

Princesa Sugehit, Skadi & Silueta vs. Dalys, Metálica & Reyna IsisDUD

What worked:

  • Editor’s note: Welp. Nothing.

What didn’t:

  • Now that I think about it, this is my first time watching Reyna Isis, and she is not good. Silueta is also not good.
  • Too much Silueta in this match.
  • This feels way longer than it actually is.
  • Nothing really happens.
  • It feels like no one cares, not the wrestlers, not the crowd, not the bookers; no one cares.

Verdict and Result: Just save yourself some time and skip this, because it’s a big ol’ dud. Sugi, Skadi and Silueta take falls one and three in 14:43 for the win.

We get the Dragon Rojo Jr. Boing juice commercial again. We get a dude in a suit and an edecane shilling the juice.

Lightning Match: Rey Cometa vs. Sam Adonis**1/2

Lightning matches are one fall 10 minute time limit matches.

What worked:

  • Adonis hits a dope senton.
  • Rey Cometa is great in this match, selling and being on offense well, hitting so many great high flying moves.
  • The BS finish does help Adonis keep heat while not hurting Cometa.

What didn’t:

  • Adonis is not good at Lucha mat Wrestling, making the opening moments of this match…not so good.
  • Adonis sold being hit with a moonsault by smiling.
  • As a whole, Sam Adonis just seems outclassed by Rey Cometa in this match.

Verdict and Result: This was the Rey Cometa show, and it was fun and an easy watch. Sam Adonis wins in 9:10 with feet on the ropes.

Atlantis, Diamante Azul & Stuka Jr. vs. Negro Casas, Último Guerrero & Kraneo***

Note: They built up to the mini mascot tag match in a few weeks with Zacharias and Mije beating up KeMonito after the first fall, and having the minis get involved between falls.

What worked:

  • The heels are on point in the first fall, demolishing the faces and it is awesome.
  • Ultimo Guerrero and Atlantis do a great job against each other as a throwback to their old feud.
  • Negro Casas does a great job regarding everything he does in this match.
  • The match breaks down in the third fall with Casas, Azul and Atlantis hitting some beautiful moves!

What didn’t:

  • No complaints, everyone did their job well.

Verdict and Result: Fun midcard match that builds up some future matches. Atlantis, Stuka Jr. and Diamante Azul take falls two and three for the win in 9:09.

Post-match Atlantis challenges Ultimo Guerrero for his NWA Middleweight Championship next week, and Ultimo Guerrero accepted. Good fire from both men with this promo.

Reyes Del Aire Cibernético****

The competitors are Ángel De Oro, Bárbaro Cavernario, Caristico, Gran Guerrero, Titán, Volador Jr., Luciferno, Místico, La Máscara, Hechicero, Euforia, Niebla Roja, Valiente, Mephisto, and Maximo Sexy.

What worked:

  • One of the best starts to a long match you will see in a while, everyone was just on point.
  • Everyone looks like a star.
  • Euforia, Hechicero and Gran Guerrero are great bases for this match.
  • Nice throwback to the Dragon Lee vs. La Mascara feud from last fall.
  • Nice throwback to the Cavernario vs. Volador feud from late last year.
  • Valiente special, along with all the signature highspots these luchadors use all look gorgeous.
  • Hechicero looks like a billion $ when he is on offense.
  • We have a nice angle with Caristico and Volador Jr. having issues, possible money match right there.
  • This is possibly the best intro to CMLL for new fans, they get a great match and get introduced to a lot of new wrestlers.

What didn’t:

  • Angel De Oro looks outclassed in the final three, with all his moves being sloppy.
  • The ending was underwhelming.

Verdict and Result: This is why people love Lucha Libre — my current CMLL match of the year. The amount of work that it had to take to get this match ready must be inhuman. My only complaint is Angel De Oro did not look good when he won. Angel De Oro wins the 2017 Reyes Del Aire in 29:40.

Angel De Oro celebrates to end the show. 

  • Great - 8/10


This was a one match show right here. Skip the first two matches, or even the whole show (up to the main event) if you want, but watch that great Reyes del Aire, which is a great starting point for new CMLL viewers.


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