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CMLL Viernes Espectacular (January 27) Review & Results

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CMLL Viernes Espectacular – January 27, 2017 

Watch: YouTube (no minis match)

Arena Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico

Editor’s note: This is Parm’s debut for WWW. One of the weekly posts by him will be reviewing the Friday Arena Mexico shows from CMLL. He’ll write his opinions of each wrestler before their matches, so you get to know him better.

I could not find video of the minis opener, but from what I was told, it was quite good.

La Amapola, Dalys la Caribeña & Zeuxis def. La Vaquerita, Marcela & Princesa Sugeith

Primera Caida: (Zeuxis, Spanish Fly on Vaquerita) (6:26)

Segunda Caida: (Princesa Sugehit, La Mistica on Amapola) (3:01)

Tercera Caida: (Dalys, spinning slam on Mercela) (4:38)

Zeuxis is known as the queen, the biggest star in the CMLL women’s division. Can’t state I know much about the other ladies. Okay match, watchable, but just another in a long line of average trios matches. Zeuxis came off as a star in this match, with her signature spots (spanish fly, dropkick and tope) bringing highlights. Everyone else were decent, nothing technically wrong with this match, but bar Zeuxis everyone seemed like they could have been swapped out.

El Forastero, Máscara Año 2000 & Sansón def. Los Divinos Laguneros (Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr. & The Panther)

Primera Caida: Rudos (El Forastero, ramp springboard dropkick on Blue Panther Jr.) (5:15)

Segunda Caida: Técnicos (The Panther, hurricanrana on Máscara Año 2000) (1:40)

Tercera Caida: Rudos (Máscara Año 2000, standing octopus on Blue Panther) (5:24)

The Panthers are always a good trio. Mascara Ano 2000 is an old past his prime wrestler who brings two great wrestlers with him in the form of Cuatro and Sanson. Forastero is subbing for Cuatro today. He is also quite good. To tell the difference between the Panthers: The Panther is not wearing a shirt and does flips, Blue Panther Jr. has a shirt, mask and mat wrestles, Blue Panther Sr. is unmasked, and is still very talented. Good fun match. Started with some good ole Lucha mat wrestling, into an awesome rudos beatdown, into a hot babyface comeback (with a sloppy finish for the second fall). After a while the four young men have an awesome exchange with it ending with the young Panthers diving on Cuatro and Sanson. Old man Ano and BP Sr. exchange near falls. Tag out, young people dive on each other again. Old men back in the ring and Ano puts BP in a octopus hold for the win. Bar the BS of the least talented man winning, this was a fun midcard match, and exactly what you want from CMLL. Nothing much see, but enjoyable and easy to watch.

Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone & Máximo Sexy def. (DQ) Comandante Pierroth, Raymond Rowe & Rush

Primera Caida: Técnicos (Maximo & Marco Corleone pinning all three rudos) (roughly 4:30)

Segunda Caida: Técnicos (Pierroth unmasking Diamante Azul, causing a DQ) (roughly 4:30)


Ray Rowe is an ROH tag team wrestler (War Machine with Warbeard Hanson), making his Arena Mexico debut. Rush is the leader of Los Ingobernables. Pierroth makes good babies in the form of Mistico, Dragon Lee and Rush. I like him, but lots of the hardcore Lucha fans don’t. He’s a member of Los Ingobernables. All three men are brawlers. Diamante Azul is a luchador in the most stereotypical sense of the word. He is very hit and miss. Maximo is an exotic( (crossdresser) and good base who can do power moves. Marco hates Los Ingobernables (former member) and was in WWE. Rudos attack straight away before the bell. Rowe wrestles with the other American. Rush is wearing a shirt whose art he stole and then insulted the artist for. Rowe teased tension with Rush, but nothing came of it. Rush and Rowe are facing off at Caralucha on January 29 (today as this is published). Good match. Nothing to see here folks, just another Los trios. Pierroth and Diamante Azul seem to be starting a feud, and unpopular opinion here, I would actually like to see that match. Azul and Pierroth were the focus of the match. I enjoyed this, but you can skip this unless you really want to see Ray Rowe debut in CMLL or Azul face Pierroth.

CMLL World Welterweight Championship: Mephisto (c) def. Caristico****1/2

Caristico is the first Sin Cara and Mistico, big draw, first big CMLL title match in years. Mephisto is a very good constant for CMLL with decades of experience. Title matches, while not a big deal in Lucha (too many titles) can still make a match feel important. Mephisto and Caristico have faced off many times in many different years. I absolutely loved this match. This right here is the money match, watch this match, feels like what I missed when I never saw the mid 2000’s Lucha boom. Caristico and Mephisto looked like two of the best wrestlers today with this performance. Mephisto looked like a violent Rudolph, and Caristico looked like a super talented likable babyface. Also Lucha flips and Mephisto with high impact moves. I’ll put the results of the fall after this as opposed to the others, as I don’t want to spoil you. Have I convinced you to watch this yet?

Primera Caida: Mephisto (Devil’s Wings, 5:15)

Segunda Caida: Carístico (headscissors into small package, 1:39)

Tercera Caida: Memphisto (super Devil’s Wings, 11:51)

Dragón Lee, Místico & Volador Jr. def. Bárbaro Cavernario, Gran Guerrero & Último Guerrero

Primera Caida: Rudos (Gran Guerrero, Pulpo Guerrero on Volador Jr,) (6:24)

Segunda Caida: Técnicos (Dragon Lee, double stomp on Barbaro Cavernario; Mistico, La Mistica on Gran Guerrero) (1:40)

Tercera Caida: Técnicos (Volador Jr., super hurricanrana on Ultimo Guerrero) (4:17)

Dragon Lee is flippy and does suplexes, very talented young luchador. Volador Jr is THE guy in CMLL and their MVP of 2016, good at big match Lucha style. Mistico is also young and very good at high flying. KeMonito is the adorable Babyface mascot of CMLL. Ultimo Guerrero is a good base who likes to raise the roof and knows how to mat wrestle and do power moves. Gran Guerrero is a less famous masked UG. Barbaro Cavernario is a crazy caveman trying to be an accountant. Great at heel beatdowns and big time singles matches. Member of LA Peste Negra. La Peste Negra have an evil heel mini mascot parrot. This could have been a Fantasticamania match if you swapped GG with Euforia. Entertaining trios match with a little bit of everything, mat wrestling, flippy shit (apologies to all luchadors who took offence to that statement), rudos beatdowns. Apparently Cavernario was hurt during Fantasticamania last week, but I guess he’s all better now as he and Dragon Lee had some great exchanges. Volador and UG had some good exchanges as well. The minis fought because really, that’s the money match and what the crowd (and me) wants to see. If you have time, I say watch this match.

  • Good - 7.5/10


The title match was amazing, and the main event was quite good. Everything was watchable, with the show getting better after every match. If you have time watch the main, and seek out the title match, which is currently a MOTYC clocking in at ****1/2.



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