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CMLL Viernes Espectacular (February 24) Review & Results


CMLL Super Viernes for February 24, 2017 – Incredible Pairs Tournament Finals

Arena Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico

Los Cancerberos del Infierno (Cancerbero & Raziel) def. Robin Hood Jr. & Star Jr.***1/4

What worked:

  • No major botches.
  • Cancerbero and Raziel get some boos.
  • Cancerbero and Raziel looked strong.
  • Very painful submissions were locked on.
  • Star Jr. hit a beautiful tornilo halfway through that woke the crowd and I up.
  • Star Jr. looked like a star during the second fall finish and the third fall.
  • We actually got good near-falls that got me invested in the third fall.

What didn’t work:

  • The first half was not good, nearly put me to sleep.
  • Is it just me or do the heels always win these rookie openers?

Verdict & Result: The first half of this was terribly generic, then Star Jr. hit a beautiful tornillo and we were off to the races. The second half of this match is what I want from these openers, young high flyers looking good, and tough looking opponents for them to face. Cancerbero and Raziel take falls one and three for the victory.

Bobby Villa, Misterioso Jr. & Sagrado def. Esfinge, Soberano Jr. & Tritón***

What worked:

  • Team Triton, Esfinge and Soberano Jr. had flips–lots and lots of graceful flips!
  • Including, but not limited to tornillos, tightrope walks and stage dive head scissors.
  • Team flips looked great, and their opposition didn’t look too shabby either.
  • Both trios were well coordinated, and I would have no problem seeing these two teams becoming regular trios.

What didn’t work:

  • So are Los Revolutionaries just not a thing now? Kinda seems like a waste of time to have introduced the stable in the first place. Oh well, that’s the CMLL way.
  • Bobby Z slowed this match down quite a bit whenever he was on commentary.
  • While a small gripe, the first two falls felt far more energetic then the third fall.

Verdict & Result: Flips, they are fun. The not flip parts were ok. Seriously though, all six luchadors came off great in this match, especially the team that had flips, although this did feel like a match more for the live crowd to go “ooh” and “aaw”. Misterioso Jr, Bobby Z and Sagrado take falls two and three for the win.

We got a Pierroth promo, presumably to hype up his mask vs. mask match with Diamante Azul. We also get a recap of the contract signing between them, which ended with Los Ingobernables beating up and unmasking Azul, again.

La Fuerza TRT (Rey Bucanero, Terrible & Vangellys) def. Drone, Guerrero Maya Jr. & Stuka Jr.***1/2

Drone and Jrs accompanied by KeMonito.

Rey, Terrible and Vangellys accompanied by Terrible’s valet.

What worked:

  • Some surprisingly solid mat wrestling at the beginning provided a nice change of pace.
  • After that opening feeling out process, Drone and the Jrs just started hitting plenty of crisp, clean high flying moves, and their opponents were great bases for them
  • We get some comedy spots involving KeMonito wanting to get involved, and they are both funny, and the Jr/Drone team timed it well so they do action then comedy, not letting one takeover the other.
  • The KeMonito comedy was actually funny.
  • The third fall had a very effective heel beatdown on Stuka Jr. and Guerrero Maya Jr.
  • Great looking triple dives during the third fall!

What didn’t work:

  • Wasn’t the biggest fan of the result, but other than that, no complaints.

Verdict & Result: Fun midcard match that always had something cool happening and was entertaining. Terrible, Vangellys and Rey Bucanero take falls two and three for the win.

We got a promo from Diamante Azul saying he will win the mask vs. mask match against Pierroth. For some reason the camera focuses on one of Azul’s tattoos at the end.

Lightning Match: Ángel de Oro def. Dragón Rojo Jr.**1/2

A lightning match is a ten minute time limit match set for one fall.

What worked:

  • This match progressed in a plausible and satisfying way, with a fast start, brawling, and heat segments
  • Dragon Rojo Jr. looked like a monster heel during the heat segment.
  • Sick corner moonsault by Oro!

What didn’t work:

  • Dragon Rojo Jr. still has his Los Revolutionaries gear, but where are his stablemates? Would be nice if CMLL had consistency with this stable.
  • This match’s pacing slowed down by the end and lost intensity.

Verdict & Result: Solid ten minute “TV” match. Both men have done better. Angel De Oro wins with a modified surfboard stretch.

We get a promo from our Incredible Pairs A Block winners Cavernario and Volador Jr. and I believe they are hyping up the main event.

CMLL recently had a sponsorship with a juice company, so we get a 20 second clip of Marco Corleone flexing with juice in his hands while drawings of him as a pineapple flash on screen. Promo of the night.

Pierroth, Rush & Yoshitatsu def. (DQ) Atlantis, Diamante Azul & Marco Corleone**3/4

What worked:

  • The parts with Rush vs. Atlantis were quite good.
  • The brawling was solid and didn’t go too long.
  • Atlantis running wild in the second fall was action packed and got everyone hot!

What didn’t work:

  • This was the exact same Pierroth vs. Azul style brawl match we have gotten every week.
  • Yoshitatsu still needs to make an official entrance. Even Young Lions get more than Tatsu when they go to CMLL.

Verdict & Result: Brawling that did not go too long, although too similar to other Azul vs. Pierroth trios. Los Ingobernables and Yoshitatsu win via DQ after Azul unmasks Pierroth in fall two.

We get a big brawl post match, with Azul beating up Pierroth and Rush beating Rush with a container the vendor uses.

Parejas Increíbles Final: Bárbaro Cavernario & Volador Jr. def. Último Guerrero & Valiente****


This match is a two out of three falls elimination tag. Both team members have to be eliminated after each fall.

What worked:

  • Valiente has a special mask fusion of his and Guerrero’s former mask. Special attire helps add to a big fight feel.
  • From the start this has a big fight feel to it.
  • Barbaro Cavernario sells his need to win with his facials quite well.
  • Throughout the match Ultimo Guerrero and Valiente show great teamwork.
  • Great double tope suicida by Cavernario and Volador Jr.!
  • Ultimo Guerrero’s offense looked great.
  • Valiente special is always a highlight.
  • Lots of high flying moves, lots of them I tell you.

What didn’t work:

  • The near-falls could have been better, they failed to add any intensity and drama with them.
  • Valiente kicking out after three felt unneeded.

Verdict & Result: Elevation! Barbaro Cavernario just made one of the most protected CMLL heels tap. Happy ending, and the action was a neat “less is more” type thing. Definitely enjoyable if you’re a fan of any of these men, although it could have been better. Still pretty epic. Cavernario and Volador Jr. take falls one and three, with Cavernario making Ultimo Guerrero tap out with a crossface.

Post-match Barbaro Cavernario runs into the crowd to hit up his parents, and he and Volador Jr. celebrate their win. Valiente and Ultimo Guerrero shake hands with them and the show ends with everyone’s hands raised.

After the show Volador Jr. says he expects a hair vs. hair match against Barbaro Cavernario.

  • Great - 8/10


Everything on this show was easy to watch, and the main event was a great match, being a highlight for Barbaro Cavernario's career.



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