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CMLL Viernes Espectacular Review (March 3, 2017)


CMLL Viernes Espectacular on March 3, 2017

Arena Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico

Fantasy & Ultimo Dragoncito vs Demus 3:16 & Pequeno Nitro**1/2

What worked:

  • Demus 3:16 & Nitro looked good on offense.
  • Dragoncito and Fantasy looked great with their high flying moves.
  • At one point we had a comedy spots with Demus showing off his dance skills. That was sports entertaining.
  • The third fall had a nice pickup in the action.

What didn’t work:

  • This went too long.
  • Did you know there’s a mini’s title match this Sunday? I wouldn’t either if I didn’t have CMLL and Cubsfan Twitter. Why don’t we have that on the Friday show instead of on a Sunday show that won’t be possibly to watch?
  • This was generic mini opener #2489.

Verdict & Result: The work was fine, but I feel no reason to care without any crazy moments. This is an easy skip. Pequeno Nitro & Demus 3:16 take falls one and three in 11:53.

Fuego, Pegasso & Soberano Jr vs Disturbio, Misterioso Jr & Sagrado**1/4

What worked:

  • Pegasso hit some great high flying spots.
  • Fuego and Disturbio hit a nice little sequence.
  • The finish to the second fall was frantic and exciting.
  • We have a possible new feud started between Misterioso Jr. and Soberano Jr.

What didn’t work:

  • At the beginning of the match Pegasso and Misterioso Jr. had a feeling out process that went on way too long.
  • There was a spot where Pegasso tried to do a 450 splash to the floor. It did not look good, and it looked very painful to perform.

Verdict & Result: Some good moments, but overall just an average undercard match. Fuego, Pegasso and Soberano Jr. win the first fall by cradle and third fall by DQ after Misterioso Jr. unmasked Soberano Jr. in 12:15.

Diamante Azul starts to cut a promo, but Maximo Sexy quickly takes over and ends with Azul calling Maximo the Queen of Queens.

We get another juice commercial with Angel De Oro, who is the mango flavor.

The Panthers (Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr. & The Panther) vs Los Revolutionaries (Bobby Villa, Dragon Rojo Jr. & Polvora)***3/4

What worked:

  • Los Revolutionaries have a great entrance.
  • Blue Panther showcased his great mat work skills.
  • The match built up more and more in terms of pacing with each fall.
  • The Los Revolutionaries heat segments were good and never went too long.
  • Dragon Rojo Jr comes off as a very powerful leader for Los Revolutionaries.
  • Great springboard dropkick by The Panther in the second fall.
  • There was an… interesting double team submission by Panther Jr. and Blue Panther.
  • The Panthers running wild at one point in the third fall looked great.
  • The third fall was host to a lot of solid near-falls.
  • Everything broke down in the third fall and it was very exciting.
  • Old man Blue Panther hitting two great looking suicide dives and a plancha got a great crowd reaction.

What didn’t work:

  • No complaints, a great midcard match.

Verdict & Result: Both trios looked like well oiled Lucha machines with great action that built up throughout and Los Revolutionaries being just a step ahead of their opponents today. Los Revolutionaries take falls one and three in 15:03.

Money is thrown in the ring for that match.

Angel De Oro, Atlantis & Titan vs Forastero, Mascara Ano 2000 & Sanson****1/4

What worked:

  • Sanson and Angel De Oro had a great chain wrestling sequence at the beginning of the match.
  • Titan showcased some some good chain wrestling.
  • Ano 2000 and Atlantis actually had great chemistry, preventing Ano 2000 from being his usual past his prime self.
  • Sanson and Forastero are a great tag team hitting so many little things well, and covering up Ano 2000’s weaknesses.
  • Including but not limited to
    • A double springboard axe handle
    • A coast to coast from Forastero while the partners hold their opponents in place
    • Double corner slide kicks
    • Catching a dive together only to succumb to a second dive
    • Being in position to correctly take every move
  • Good heel segment by Sanson, Forastero and Ano 2000.
  • The babyface comeback in the second fall was well done and gave a nice change of pace for the match.
  • Sanson and Forastero sold great for Oro and Titan.
  • Neat crowd moment where Ano 2000 took a sip from an audience member’s beer.
  • Oro and Titan came off as golden when they went wild during the third fall.
  • Atlantis’ comeback in the third fall was sold great by the rudos.

What didn’t work:

  • Everything is awesome, no complaints.

Verdict & Result: Absolutely amazing work, showcasing the best of all six men, action throughout with good psychology with a perfect length, great match to introduce someone to CMLL. The technicos take falls two and three in 18:49.

Diamante Azul, Maximo Sexy & Valiente vs La Mascara, Pierroth & Rush*

What worked:

  • The generic brawl we get at the beginning of these matches at least had a little bit more energy to it than usual.
  • We saw a cup of beer used as a weapon, sure it was a paper cup, bit at least that’s something new.

What didn’t work:

  • We start the match with the same brawl we have gotten for weeks.
  • Azul just got the snot heated out of him in the first fall, not good for building up to the mask vs mask match he is in.
  • There was a spot where Maximo accidentally dived onto Caristico, Maximo looked dumb.
  • At one point Rush have Maximo a wedgie and Mascara spanked him. Little too sexual for me.

Verdict & Result: Seeing the same brawl over and over again is killing any hope I have for Azul vs Pierroth, don’t watch this, same as ever. Technicos take falls one and three in 8:45.

Post match, Rush cuts a great promo saying his father (Pierroth) will win his mask vs mask match against Azul. They then #BeatUpDiamanteAzul and Caristico.

We get a Volador Jr. promo on his match against Yoshitatsu, which is next.

Volador Jr. vs. YoshitatsuMINUS TWO STARS~!

Note: This is Yoshitatsu’s final match as it pertains to his CMLL excursion.

Maximo is Volador Jr.’s second, while La Mascara is Yoshitatsu’s.

What worked:

  • Volador Jr. had a sick entrance. You instantly tell he is the top guy in CMLL with that entrance.
  • Yoshitatsu at least got half dressed up with half his face painted as the Joker.

What didn’t work:

  • The ring Announcer and Commentary at one point referred to Yoshitatsu, “The Bullet Club Hunter” as member of Bullet Club.
  • Yoshitatsu choked out Volador Jr. with his jacket at the beginning of the match, no risk of DQ at all because the ref is distracted by Maximo trying to point this out.
  • Yoshitatsu pinned Volador in the first fall with barely any effort, way to make your top guy look weak CMLL.
  • Yoshitatsu spent way too much time taunting to the crowd/
  • The second fall finish was stupid, Yoshitatsu said wait, let me take off my shirt, Volador just rolled Tatsu up while he was taking off his shirt.
  • Yoshitatsu god damn put his shirt back on after he was rolled-up.
  • Two falls in, and the only move Volador Jr. has done is a roll-up.
  • This went way too long.
  • Apparently the ref Tirantes had a cramp, as right before he could give a three count, he goes down, clearly indicating pain, and Volador Jr. checks up on him.

Verdict & Result: This was a horrible, very few moves were actually hit, and Yoshitatsu just came off as lazy and made it near impossible for Volador Jr. to hit any actual offense, and this main evented Arena Mexico? This isn’t even so bad it’s somewhat entertaining, this actually made me angry. Waste of time for everyone. The only good thing about this is that Yoshitatsu probably ain’t coming back.

  • Decent - 6/10


Despite the horrible main event, matches 3 and 4 were a hoot and the rest of the card was solid, just skim through the bad unless you really want to see how bad Yoshitatsu is.



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