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CMLL Arena Puebla 2/29/16 Review

This is my first review in the weekly CMLL and AAA shows and actually my first wrestling review ever. First let me explain why I chose to do these. I joined the WWW team about a week ago, and when it came to reviews I was thinking the one thing most wrestling sites don’t cover is Lucha, they mainly cover WWE, American and/or UK independents, puroresu. The only places that covers Lucha extensively is the Luchablog ran by Cubsfan and Luchaworld ran by Fredo Esparza. There is a big hole in general for Lucha Coverage for English wrestling site and I hope to close that hole a bit.  Lets get into the review. Oh yeah before I getinto the review there is good news as Thunder isn’t anywhere on the Card!!!! Now let’s get into the the review.

Tecnico Team: Astro, Centella Roja, Millenium vs. Rudo Team: Ares, Mini Joker, Sauron **1/2

First Let me say I’m not really a expert on undercard guys in CMLL, I hope to be learning their names as time goes on but sorry in advance if the first couple matches seem vague. The match opens up with technical mat skill and submissions. Then the match went into some lucha variations of submissions and high flying coming from the stage, the Technico team gets the first fall. The second fall was pretty short as the Rudos dominated the technicos doing double and triple team moves to them. The Rudos got the second fall by submission. After this fall the Rudos were getting chants and songs sung to them showing that this crowd was behind the rudos. 3rd fall starts with the rudos again dominating the technicos. This is when a botch happened where one of the rudos were trying to execute a double team move of someone holding the one guy while the other is supposed to spring board off the second rope into a codebreaker. The guy that was trying to perform the springboard missed the rope and in turn tried doing the codebreaker with out launching himself off of the second rope. It looked awkward and the rudo did not redeem himself of his botch. This then transitions into members of each team going into submission moves and then saves, it seemed like every member of each team got their submission. This goes into one of the technicos trying to an asai moonsault that gets stopped. technicos gets the last fall and wins after this. This match didn’t really have any real memorable stuff in it. It was a solid opener though I did not learn anyone of those guys names as none of the guys stuck out. 

Tecnico Team: Black Tiger, Rey Samuray, Starman vs. Rudo Team: Arkamgle de la Murete, Espirtu Maligno, Fuerza Chicana **1/2

Before the match begins Starman and Fuerza Chicana got in a altercation hat signifies that they are feuding. Rudos gets cheered befor ehte bell rings. The match starts with submissions, then after submissions and other moves happens the Rudos got the first fall by pinfall twice. This confused me first as May after the second first pinfall, they signified that they were in the second fall of the match. This second fall started with Starman and Fuerza building their feud. After this buildup the rudo team starts ganging up on Black Tiger but he clears the ring when Fuerza stops Black Tiger. Starman gets Fuerza out of the ring before he can do any real damage to Black Tiger and then the Technicos win the second fall with two different pinfalls again. Black Tiger starts dominating the rudos in this last fall. This goes into a chop battle between one fo the Rudos and Technicos. After the chop battle Starman and Fuerza Chicana finally get into the ring with each other and work for about a minute. Spots Happen after with Ray Samuray doing a Asai Moonsault to the outside. Rudos gets the win by again two fall inside of the third fall one being a pin fall and the other being a submission. Another solid match. What I liked was the building of the Starman and Fuerza Chicana feud but what I hated about this match was the two fall per one fall deal. It was really weird that the ref would do this. In lucha we will see 2 or all three members of a trio pin fall someone but the different falls inside of one fall just didn’t click with me. I don’t know what CMLL or the ref or the performers were thinking of structuring the match like that. 

(Lighting Match) Tecnico: Princesa Sugehit vs. Rudo: Zeuxis ***

Before I get into the actual match let me explain that a Lightning match in CMLL is pretty much a regular wrestling match everywhere else. Most Lucha is 2 out of 3 falls, but a lightning match is only one fall, which means it has different structure then what you normally see with the other matches in CMLL. The match starts out with a lot of smooth submissions and matt work, some of the most smooth work rate so far on this show. The match then transitions into Princesa Sugehit trying to fly to the outside but Zeuxis stops that. While Princesa Sugehit is trying to speed up the match Zeuxis keeps it at a nice slow and steady pace til Princesa gets out of Zeuxis clutches. At this point of the match both girls are at the top rope where Princesa tries ripping Zeuxis mask off. This struck me as Princesa is supposed to be a tencio but she was trying to perform one fo the most disrespectful things to do in Lucha. This starts the beginning of Princesa finally beginning to dominate Zeuxis. Each woman tries to pin each other with no luck. This transitions to Princesa getting the win by submission. This was a pretty good match, with Princesa getting the win she should be challenging Zeuxis for her belt. These  women were very smooth in the ring. I dig what they do with thier style. Most people when it comes to women’s wrestling only focus on WWE, TNA, Joshi or the Independents but CMLL has their own little gem of a women’s division. I can see this feud going to a mask vs mask. I’m looking forward to where this feud can take us.

Between matches they show the History of Lizmark who is getting honored at the next big CMLL how on 3/18 since he has passed away. It is really cool seeing all these old picture of a legend like Lizmark.

Tecnico Team: Dragon Lee, Stuka Jr., Titan vs. Rudo Team: Ephesto, Luciferno, and Mephisto. ***1/4

Titan and Luciferno starts the match with submission and moves. Then Dragon Less and Ephesto enters into the match goes into a really nice sequence one of the bst on the show. Then Mephisto and Stucka jr. enter the match for about 20 seconds before the whole Rudo team start to dominate to get the first fall by Luciferno doing a Styles Clash while Ephesto does a neck breaker to the knee with both of them pinning their opponents. The second fall starts with Dragon Lee and Luciferno brawling on the outside. This leaves Mephisto trying to take Stuka Jr’s mask off and almost exceeding at it. Rudos start to dominate and all three starts stomping Stuka jr. in the corner byu tagging each other in which like how the New Day does it in WWE. Dragon Lee stops them while Stucka jr. score the pinfall after a body splash from the top rope for the second fall. The Third Fall starts with Dragon lee and Luciferno chopping each other. This leads to Dragon lee to dominate and to show off. After they get out, Mephisto and Stuka Jr. gets in and Mephisto tries to shake Stuka’s hand but Stuka was having none of this. Afeter some filler Titan does the Kojima Chop to Ephesto. Rudos starts to dominate again right afterto til Stucka jr. does a Asai moosialt, then Titian does a lionsault while Dragon lee does Body Stomp which gets them the 3rd fall wins themt he match. Pretty good match. The best match of the night. Dragon lee is probably my favorite lucahdore going right now, if you have never checked him out I high suggest you do. 

Tecnico Team: Atlantis, Caristico, Mistico vs. Rudo Team: Euforia, Rey Bucanero, Ultimo Guerrero ***

Cubsfan noted that this is Caristico’s first Pubela match since he left CMLL to go on to have is infamous WWE run. Once Ultimo Guerro and Eforia makes their entrance into the match, Ultimo Guerrero targets Caristico and brawls with him on the outside throwing him into a wall. After some stalling the match finally starts with Mistico and Euforia. Misitco does a lot of athletic type moves while Euforia is his base. Aftr they finished Atlantis and Rey work each other for a bit. After they were done Ultimo Guerrero and Mistico entered the ring. The crowd starts going wild for these two. Both have a contest on who can have the bigger pop with Caristico of course winning since he is one of the biggest box office draws in Mexico of the 21st century. After this contest Ultimo attack Caristico and in that process rips Caristico’s match. Rudos stars teaming up on Caristio until Mistico enters the ring and the Rudos dominates him. Ultimo Guerro does a helicopter spin with one in front and the other in back with this being one of the most impressive moves of the show. The wrestlers then start brawling on the stage with one of the biggest spots of the night happens where Euporia launches Caristico up in the air where Caristoc lands on Ultimo Guerreros shoulders and ranas Ultimo Guerro to the outside to Caristco Suicide Dives on onto Ultimo Guerrero. Tachnicos then gets the first fall. This splits the crowd in half while the crowd was pro rudo all night, they started cheering for both teams. The second fall starts with both Atlantis and Rey Bucanero. Atlantis gets the edge then Ultimo Guerrero and Caristico coming in with Ultimo start to play mind games with Caristico and runs. After stalling in the match, it begins once again with Mistico and Euforia going at it with Mistico ranaing Euforia to the outside which leaves Ultimo Guerrero finally face off in the ring Ultimo Guerrero. Ultimo Guerrero becomes such a good base for Caraistico. Technicos win by DQ in the second fall. Very solid match, this is leading to a singles match between Ultimo Guerrero and Caristico, which will be Caristico’s first singles match in Pubela since he left. I love how great of a base Ultimo Guerrero is for Caristico in this match. I’m looking forward for the Mistico and Euforia looked impressive, and Atlantis and Rey Bucanero pretty much being a non factor in a match but I’m a big Atlantis fan so that is a plus for me. 

Very solid show, nothing worth while that you need to see but if you are bored and want to watch some lucha there isn’t anything bad on it and there is no Thunder to insult your intelligence.


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