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CMLL Arena Mexico Tuesday Night Review (5/31/16)

Mexico City, Mexico 
Arena Mexico 

This was unexpected but as I was browsing Twitter I saw the brother Jocay making gifs and I realized “oh shit CMLL is live”. I have nothing to do at the moment so I turned it on and god bless CMLL for streaming their shows on YouTube for free. Very kind of them. Sadly I missed the first two matches but I caught the final four which seemed like the most important so it’s no worries. Hope you enjoy!

Virus, Raziel, Cancerebo vs. Blue Panther Jr., Soberano, The Panther***3/4

Virus and The Panther begin the bout trading holds, awfully smooth and crisp. Nice change of pace. Virus looked like he was having a blast. Raziel pinned The Panther with a leg drop whilst Virus had him elevated in a submission for the first fall. The technico’s fight back with Soberano and Blue Panther hitting tope suicida’s. The Panther forces Virus to tap to a Fujiwara arm bar for the second fall. Soberano is quite spectacular, he hit a tornillo cross body and it made me loose my shit. Springboard moonsault from one of my new favorite wrestlers Soberano. Blue Panther pinned Raziel with a German suplex hold. Soberano takes out Virus with a tope con hilo. Blue Panther then pins Cancerebo with a second rope missile dropkick whilst Cancerebo is seated. Technico’s win the third fall! Loved this and it introduced me to Soberano!

Blue Panther, Rey Cometa, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Kraneo, Hechicero, Dragon Rojo Jr.***1/2

Kraneo looked for serious but then he started doing the “Gangnam style’ dance which made me pop. Hechicero and Maya worked the mat. It seemed like Hechicero wasn’t taking Maya seriously and was toying with him but Maya held his own. Crowd was very hot for Blue Panther. Rey Cometa and Dragon have some kind of chemistry and all their interactions were lit. Mayo won the first fall for the technico’s when he splash Kraneo. Kraneo’s pal Mije who is a mini was also splashed and was sadly stretchered out. Headscissors from the 55 year old Blue Panther. Rojo missile dropkicked Cometa whilst Cometa was mid air it was amazing. Big time heat for the rudo’s beating up on Panther. Everyone got their spots in. The rudo’s worked very well together, everything flowed nicely. Rojo kicked Cometa in the dick causing a foul so the Technico’s win straight falls. Loved the match but the finish was flatter than Cometa’s dick after getting kicked from Rojo.

(NWA Middleweight Championship) Ultimo Guerrero (c) vs. Stuka Jr.****

Amazing technical work from both men, Ultimo is on fire. Crowd is very appreciative of both men’s efforts. Trading holds back and forth ah it was beautiful. Stuka hit a suicide dive and then a flat-liner to win the first fall quite quickly. Great flying from Stuka Jr., Guerrero is one of the best bases on the planet. He made 300 pound LA. Park look athletic. Ultimo dove over the barricade onto Stuka and did his signature taunt with hundreds going in. Ultimo won the second fall with the Pulpo Guerrero submission. Fantastic moonsault from the top to the outside from Stuka Jr. Ultimo always catches dives perfectly. Crowd was red hot for the near falls these men were trading. Ultimo dove off the ramp of Arena Mexico with a clothesline to Stuka Jr. Gourd-buster from the second rope for a near fall. Stuka busted out a Ultimo Dragon spinning rana from the second rope for a close count. He goes for it again but is power bombed for his troubles. Inverted suplex from Ultimo and I think the match is over but goddamn Stuka Jr. kicked out! Amazing! Stuka then hits the Stuka splash but Ultimo rolls through with it and wins the third fall. Many didn’t like the finish but I didn’t mind it. If it was executed better it would have looked much better. Guerrero really sold his ribs post match so yeah don’t get your knickers in a knot.

Mistico, Maximo Sexy, Dimante Azul vs. Luciferno, Ephesto, Mephisto***1/2

The first fall came very early on as Mistico hit a tope con hilo then Maximo and Azul locked in submissions. Azul looked impressive in spots and then there were times where he looked very off. He missed a superkick by a country mile. Mephisto took the best hip toss bump I have ever witnessed. Maximo is full of charisma and has the crowd on the edge of their seats whenever he enters the ring. Mephisto power-bombed Mistico into the ring post on the outside. Which allowed Ephesto and Luciferno to pin Azul and Maximo for the second fall. Mistico took a real nasty hip toss bump on the ramp, he landed on his neck somewhat. Maximo kisses Ephesto. Azul and Maximo take Ephesto and Luciferno out with a pair of tope’s which allows Mistico to tap out Mephisto with the La Mistica. The technico’s win the third fall in your main event! Short but sweet.

Very enjoyable four matches I saw from the Arena Mexico folk. One really good match and 3 very good matches so I can’t complain. I heard that CMLL Tuesday shows usually aren’t the greatest but I really really loved what I saw and I will be watching and reviewing next week for sure!


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