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CMLL Viernes Espectacular (February 17) Review & Results


CMLL Viernes Espectacular – February 17, 2017 

Arena Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico

Coverage of last week’s A Block

Howdy y’all! Got some bad news, I will be unable to review any CMLL or Dragon Gate from March 4th-28th. Personal stuff will leave me without WiFi or any way to watch wrasslin. Until then I hope you can still enjoy your Lucha without me!

So tonight’s show has the Incredible Pairs Tournament Block B! The finals will take place next week. Forgot to note last week that the matches are tag team elimination matched,

Yoshitatsu debuts today, maybe he’ll pull a Nakamura or Naito and become a immensely charismatic badass when he returns (probably not).

The version I’m watching goes straight to the matches, so either the young pop star was live crowd only, or I missed the performance. 

El Mercurio & Pierrothito def. Eléctrico & Stukita***1/4

What worked:

  • All four luchadors did clean work.
  • Pierrothito and Mercurio showed some good ol’ heel beatdowns in the first fall.
  • The heels worked Stukita’s arse for a few moves. It actually looked painful and effective.
  • They waited till the end of the second fall to do good Lucha things, it felt so satisfying, got the crowd into it and looked cool when they finally brought us the good Lucha things.
  • Third fall, Mercurio with some more amazingly graceful moves.
  • Some great build up to the falls in fall three.

What didn’t work:

  • Mercurio and Pierrothito were both in the ring at the same time for almost the whole match. Come on CMLL ref, what are you, Tirantes (the evil AAA ref)?

Verdict: This match picked up after the first fall and just kept getting better. This is what I want from my CMLL openers, good work, everyone looking good and a happy crowd.

Result: Mercurio & Pierrothito take falls one and three for the win.

La Vaquerita, Marcela & Sanely def. Metálica, Reyna Isis & Tiffany*

What worked:

  • Nothing bad happened.

What didn’t work:

  • Too long.
  • This will lead to nothing, and unlike the first match there was not enough action to justify it.
  • Most of these women are unestablished, why don’t we have Zeuxis here? Or give these women something that is not a meaningless trios? Or at least tell the women to have an above average trios!

Verdict: Hard skip.

Kraneo, Pierroth & Yoshitatsu def. Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone & Volador Jr.**

What worked:

  • Trying to beat KeMonito, the adorable monkey mascot of CMLL, will always be good heat.
  • Pierroth is entertaining brawling in the crowd and he and Azul have fun machismo based brawls.
  • Volador Jr. was his regular good top babyface self.
  • Azul ripping off Pierroth’s mask was a nice bit of payback.

What didn’t work:

  • We got the generic brawl we normally get with Pierroth.
  • All Azul and Pierroth interactions feel the exact same, the only difference being the number of botches are different each time.

Note: Yoshitatsu was white noise in this match, nothing good, and heel potential shown, but anyone could have taken that spot.

Verdict: Every Azul vs. Pierroth trio ever, and a very tame Volador Jr. dive.

Result: Heels win in straight falls after Azul rips off Pierroth’s mask for a DQ.

After the match Azul challenges Pierroth to a mask vs. mask match! Pierroth accepts! Looks like we got a Homenje A Dos Legends main event! I’m honestly cool with it as long as their match is botch free.

Pierroth and Azul have a pull apart brawl afterward.

Parejas Increíbles Seeding Battle Royal: Negro Casas & Reaper def. Damián el Terrible & Dragón Rojo Jr., Euforia & Hechicero, La Máscara & Último Guerrero1/2*


This battle royal determines tournament opponents by order of elimination. Each team was repped by one luchadore.

What worked:

  • This teased a few matches I would enjoy, such as Hechicero vs. Negro Casas.

What didn’t work:

  • I know the matches I want that were teased won’t be happening.
  • They really should just pick block opponents and save us a few minutes.
  • This would be so much better if this was booked to be a bunch of short 30 second matches.
  • This felt like a slightly worse version of last week’s battle royal.
  • Went on just long enough to feel like a waste of time.

Order of elimination:

  • Dragon Rojo Jr.
  • Euforia
  • Terrible
  • Hechicero
  • Ultimo Guerrero
  • La Mascara

Ripper and Negro Casas are declared the winners.

Verdict: Hard skip.

Parejas Increíbles Round #1: Atlantis & Euforia def. Dragón Rojo Jr. & Guerrero Maya Jr.DUD

What worked:

  • Guerrero Maya Jr. looked like a babyface that would actually get cheered.
  • Cool double pin combo to end the match.

What didn’t work:

  • A lot of the work felt flat, with no real intensity to anything.
  • There was never any real feeling of someone at the star level of Atlantis losing this match.

Verdict: I enjoy all four men in this match, but this was just boring and one of the few tournament matches that actually got time being this, is aggravating. DUD.

Result: Atlantis and Euforia win.

Rojo Jr. unmasks and stomps on Maya Jr. after their loss

Parejas Increíbles Round #1: Rush & Terrible def. Hechicero & Stuka Jr.**1/4


What worked:

  • Solid mat work at the start by Terrible and Hechicero.
  • Rush looked Motivated here, and motivated Rush is an entertaining Rush.
  • Hechicero looked strong for once.
  • The work was nice and clean.
  • Rush gets lots of boos, that’s impressive.

What didn’t work:

  • Terrible is a terrible name, gives me such low expectations on his matches.
  • Would have been better if it was longer to buildup those near falls.

Verdict: Fun meaningless match, that could have been something great if given enough time.

Result: Rush pins Stuka Jr. with the Rush Driver.

Parejas Increíbles Round #1: Último Guerrero & Valiente def. Dragón Lee and La Máscara*1/2


What worked:

  • All four men showed potential of an awesome singles match with each other.
  • Valiente and UG jelled well as a team.
  • At one point La Mascara accidentally superkicked Dragon Lee, and they didn’t argue about it straight away, but rather got over it and continued the match, nice surprise.

What didn’t work:

  • Dragon Lee high fives kids on one side, but completely ignored a girl on the other side begging for one, cold.
  • Just when his team had it won, La Mascara attacked Dragon Lee, what was the point of the match if you were gonna attack him anyway?!
  • Too short to be good, long enough to be mad at the finish.

Verdict: Solid match with a shit finish, no need to waste your time.

Result: UG and Valiente win.

Parejas Increíbles Round #1: Místico & Negro Casas def. Reaper & Titán***1/2

What worked:

  • Mistico and Titan showed some great chemistry in an awesome sequence.
  • Titan and Negro Casas had their own great sequence.
  • Ripper was a good base for Mistico.

What didn’t work:

  • Ripper was clearly outclassed here in terms of talent.
  • At one point Titan was confused as he kicked out or was pinned on a hurricanrana. That ones on him.

Verdict: This was worth the Titan vs. Mistico exchanges alone, with everything else also being good.

Result: Mistico pins both Titan and Ripper for the win.

Parejas Increíbles Quarter Final: Atlantis & Euforia def. Rush & Terribleaverage

What worked:

  • Rush matches become a lot better when he is feuding with someone, in this case Atlantis. His work becomes a lot more focused.

What didn’t work:

  • Wasn’t much to the match beyond Atlantis vs. Rush.
  • Too short to build to anything.

Verdict: Average, nothing bad, nothing worth watching.

Result: Atlantis and Euforia win after making Rush and Terrible tap at the same time with a torture rack and crossface, respectively.

Parejas Increíbles Quarter Final: Último Guerrero & Valiente def. Místico & Negro Casas***3/4

What worked:

  • UG has some top notch mask ripping, adds good heat to the match.
  • UG and Mistico had a great sequence.
  • Mistico looked like a star.
  • Casas and UG had an awesome stand off.
  • No time was wasted.

What didn’t work:

  • Should have been longer.

Verdict: This was an awesome sprint, with everything clicking and the crowd reacting.

Result: Valiente and UG make Mistico and Casas simultaneously tap out.

Parejas Increíbles Semi Final: Último Guerrero & Valiente def. Atlantis & Euforia***1/2

Winner faces the winner of Block A, Volador Jr. and Cavernario in the finals next week.

What worked:

  • Atlantis and Euforia with great tandem dives, didn’t even know Euforia could dive!
  • Euforia and UG had a great mini match.
  • We actually got some near falls in this match!
  • We actually had a match get time!

What didn’t work:

  • After watching this whole show, I was pretty tired and just wanted this match to end.
  • Atlantis was eliminated so nonchalantly.

Verdict: A match got time, had near falls, and some really cool moves, all you need for some good lucha libre.

Result: UG hits a superplex on Euforia for the win.


  • Average - 5/10


Those final three matches saved this show after a dull, lifeless and tiring everything else bar the opener. I would actually recommend watching the last three matches if you think you would enjoy them, especially for the Mistico and Negro Casas vs. Ripper and Titan match. Next week sees the finals of the Parejas Increíbles tournament.


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