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CHIKARA “Disk” Review (4/2/16)

[Drumroll echo throughout wherever you’re reading this] and the promotion I’m returning to is … CHIKARA! I’m here to presumably review the rest of Season 16, kicking the recaps off with “Disk,” CHIKARA’s WrestleMania weekend show from the The Wrestle Factory in Philadelphia, PA. The Tag World Grand Prix will culminate with two semi-final matches and a final, the Young Lions Cup is on the line, and a match with grand potential; Mr. Touchdown vs. Shynron takes place. With all this, and more, let’s not waste any time and return to the comfortably curious, ever-so-serious promotion that is CHIKARA Pro.

(Tag World Grand Prix Semi-Final) Los Ice Creams (El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.) vs. The Colony (Fire Ant & Worker Ant)

Two of my favorite tag teams in CHIKARA clashing is never a bad thing. This was a solid opener albeit quite drawn out. That’s CHIKARA though. The lucha implementation is always enjoyable with lucha moves, the lucha tags, and high octane offense. It wouldn’t have mattered if Los Ice Creams lost, because they have a cash-in anytime type of gimmick for the tag titles in CHIKARA. Ice Creams were in control of a lot of the match, with Fire Ant getting in hope offense and Worker cheering on from the sidelines. Both were held captive for work over, but it led to Fire Ant reversing two superplex attempts, and saving Worker. Ice Cream Jr. pounced Worker to prevent the tag but it eventually happened anyway. A crossbody/Penalty Kick/brainbuster combo earned The Colony the victory. Not bad.

(Tag World Grand Prix Semi-Final) The Devastation Corporation (Blaster McMassive & Flex Rumblecrunch) vs. The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian)

The winner obviously meets The Colony in the final later on. This was a unique take on the big vs. small dynamic. The Portal managed to control the match very early on, with Amasis pele kicking Blaster after ducking a big boot, and we got some dives, as well as a double knees/double stomp false finish; but from then on, it was all the Corporation. The only other offense that was got in was an EGYPTIAN DESTROYER which looked insane. The story of the match was that Blaster kept toying around with the ref to gain fruther, or back, advantage. A huge boot from McMaster caused a lucha tag, where Amasis got little 1 vs. 2 offense in, but fell victim to a clubbing blow behind the refs back and the Master Blaster elbow drop. It will be The Devastation Corporation vs. The Colony in the Grand Prix finals.

A ThunderFog promo ahead of his Young Lions Cup defense vs. Arctic Rescue Ant. He will bring all the tools from the gods in the galaxy, and he’s just a Vanilla Ice boy in his heart! “ThunderFrog out” as I go insane because a frog just talked to me. I love wrestling.

(CHIKARA Young Lions Cup Championship) ThunderFrog (c) vs. Arctic Rescue Ant

This wasn’t bad, but felt off at times. There were some epic spots that I recall, but not much else aside from solid junior heavyweight like sequences at times. ThunderFrog leapt off the top rope, which felt quite choreographed as the space was too far, into a Rescue Ant dropkick. ThunderFrog came back with a powerslam on the floor. Ant pulled out a dope knee-swing momentum hit into Thunder’s back which resulted in a great near fall and Owen/Bret pin. Not much else of note aside from the finish. ThunderFrog retained with a swift Blue Thunder Bomb. Respect was shown post-match.

(The Arcane Horde) Oleg The Usurper & The Batiri (Kobald, Kodama & Obariyon) (w/UltraMantis Black) vs. The Nightmare Warriors (Frightmare & Hallowicked) & Battleborn (Lucas Calhoun & Missile Assault Man)

An atomicos match to mix things up. I’m not the biggest fan of most in this match but everyone contributed and made it work. It was quite long but fun. I don’t have a lot to say because a lot of it was drawn-out work over but there were fun spots and highlights. Missile Assault Man’s sctichk will forever remain hilarious as long as he does such, with the screaming power of Curtis Axel, either spelling out or saying his name; coinciding with his offense. Oleg and Hallowicked’s matchup was good, with commentary background on them being important figures and fighting for the Grand Championship before. Frightmare is growing on me, with a new pitbull like mentality, plus some Speedball inspired offense. Everyone got spots in which ended in an assisted Ace Crusher still not being enough, but a double Go To Sleep, a double stomp, and a double knee Shooting Star Press being enough for The Nightmare Warriors to pick up the win. We had a post-match angle with Frightmare and Hallowicked placing a dark necklace around UltraMantis Black’s neck, dragging him onto his wheelchair and luring him to the back. He said he’s “coming home”. Interesting.

Mr. Touchdown promo. He recalled the match with ThunderFrog for the Young Lions Cup, and distractions that have haunted him in the past via a former stablemate – Juan Francisco. “The entire CHIKArmy is going to have to pull me off of you,” he says fired up.

Mr. Touchdown vs. Shynron

This is quite the cool looking singles match on paper. It translated for sure. This was a great match that continued the fascinating story arch of Touchdown on the tater-totter of being a bad guy, but trying to be the fired up athletic babyface. Shynron is just the latter, and it made for a BOOM SHAKALACKA type of combo in ring. So much ridiculous offense like an overbomb, tumbleweed senton off a tunbuckle pole, and so much more. The finish was excellent! Touchdown went for his moonsault taunt as a lead in to a corner splash but knocked down the ref. We got a FLIPPING ACE CRUSHER and 450 combo from Shynron but the ref wasn’t awake to count the pin. Another 450 was ducked but Shynron fluidly transitioned right into a Lethal Combination only to be speared. Touchdown elbowed Shynron’s kip-up leg strikes which looked out-of-this-world good, and hit a top rope ace crusher. The ref was about to go for the count but signaled for a disqualification. Great match and a great finish. Touchdown pushed Shynron out of the way in rage and walked right to the back.

The Colony get promo time ahead of the final. Every time they’re torn apart, they come back together – they are family. They don’t think the same could be said about the Corporation. The final isn’t just about three points, as it’s also about seeing if The Corporation are family.

(Tag World Grand Prix Final) The Colony (Fire Ant & Worker Ant) vs. The Devastation Corporation (Blaster McMassive & Flex Rumblecrunch)

This was a (no pun intended) throwback type of tag. It was right out of the old wrassler textbooks. Corporation jumped The Colony before the bell even rang, which meant that Worker Ant was out of action for at least 10+ minutes of the match because of such. Fire Ant was beaten down, beaten around, hit with moves, and destroyed for that amount of time, hardly ever routing a comeback, that included a horrendous looking double hurricanrana. Blaster managed to toy with the ref YET AGAIN and again. Worker Ant finally got the hot tag, hit a superplex, but the pin was broken-up and he was low-blowed after a ref distraction. AIR RUMBLECRUNCH as Rumble dived on Worker on the outside. Fire Art powered right through a nasty Liger Bomb and hit a former-match winning brainbuster. Not for the Grand Prix Finals it wasn’t. A huge clubbing blow and a powerbomb got Devastation Corporation the accolade of being the 2016 CHIKARA Tag World Grand Prix champions, as they now have a key to success, much like Los Ice Creams, who can cash their opportunity in at any time; and they didn’t even have to win this tournament. Solid work from everyone involved.

The credits rolled but “one more match” chants echoed throughout the Wrestle Factory. That means…

Dasher Hatfield vs. Pinkie Sanchez

“Hit it right there bubba!” 

This was a really good short match. Hatfield’s baseball gimmick is a personal favorite of mine, just so fun to see, and so gentleman like, and Pinkie is a northeastern independent workhorse no matter what accolades he has. These guys moved around a lot for only a few minutes. We had a one handed spin out neckbreaker from Hatfield, a double arm DDT on a turnbuckle head from Sanchez, a caught out of mid-air powerbomb, and a lot more fun work. “Hit it right there bubba!,” Dasher said, and Pinkie did just that, but his spinning heel kick was caught and reversed into a Falcon Arrow slam for the Hatfield victory. You should watch this because it is fun and insanely short.

Between host Vlad Radinov, only two hours of time that the show took up, some of the matches, the OK-decent enough other ones to sit through, and the fun environment CHIKARA provides, this wouldn’t be a bad choice for a viewing if you’re willing to get into, or let CHIKARA become a occurrence in your wrestling viewing schedule. Go out of your way to watch Touchdown vs. Shynron, the tag tournament work if you want the full idea of things, and the quick 5-6 ish minute Hatfield vs. Sanchez match. If not then watch the whole show and have some fun, you’ll have nothing to complain about aside from a few little things. As Season 16 rolls on, so do I. Until next time.

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