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Chris Candido in IWA-MS Match Reviews (January 4 & 5, 2002)

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Chris Candido (w/Tammy Sytch) vs. Chris Hero (w/Nadia Nyce)you may enjoy it (if you love dumb wrestling)

Watch Candido vs. Hero - #WWW2002

From January 4, 2002.

Literally, what?  This whole match review is trying to find our way out of an IWA-MS maze, with a bell ringing twice pre-maturely, and an odd ending that contorted the entire story of the match. Hero and Candido fundamentally had a good match, with moves being thrown out for kickouts, but no signatures or finishers were ever hit. It was all about the entertainment value~! A lot of the spotlight was put on Nadia Nyce and Tammy Sytch (Sunny) as valets. Sytch got involved, choking Hero, and also later on giving him a Stunner. The guy with the Austin 3:16 shirt in the crowd didn’t move an inch. Nadia got in to provide revenge, starting a cat fight, where Prazak said he’d give $10 for every strand of hair ripped out on behalf of Nadia to Sunny. The bell rang signifying a time limit draw, yet we didn’t even come close to 15 minutes. The match was then restarted because Hero forced it to. It was then that we got the best work of the match, with Hero cradling Candido multiple times. There was never a culmination as the bell rang AGAIN, 2 minutes prematurely, rather than going the full 5 extra minutes asked for. It was like nothing ever happened in the first place when “respect” was shown by Candido and Tammy, handshakes and hugs for both faces. This was stupid. This was so….2002. I love it.

Chris Candido (w/Tammy Sytch) vs. Tracy Smothersyou need to see this

Watch Candido vs. Smothers - #WWW2002

From Resolution on January 5, 2002.

Prior to the match commencing, Smothers got on the mic, telling Candido that he wanted to have an “athletic contest” with him. That’s exactly what we got, and it’s a CERTIFIED HOOT. I must watch more of these two together including their SMW ladder match. Everything about this match made it a fun addition to this show’s midcard. Whether it was the fans goofing off, “we want pizza!” / “Smothers sucks!” or legitimate high risk offense being put on display, this was boatloads of excitement to take in. The match kept a high tempo for over 10 minutes, with great near falls and a great finish as the cherry on top. There was limited involvement with Sytch. It was all about Smothers kicking Candido off the apron, Candido going high risk to put away Smothers; and importantly Smothers like a house of fire blazing the ring up the entire match. On the way down on a backdrop, Smothers hit the ref in the face with his dangled hands. Sytch got in the ring, putting dust in Candido’s hands, yet Smothers hit Candido’s hand and the dust went into Sytch’s face. Sytch then hit the stunner on Candido, thinking it was Smothers. That transitioned into a flatliner as Smothers picks up a pinfall victory. A borderline great match. One of my favorite finds of the short-time this project has been active.

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