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Camp WWE Recap: “No Place Like Camp”

Camp WWE – WWE Network – Season 1, Episode 1 – “No Place Like Camp” 

In what’s been in production since 2014, Camp WWE is something that’s a breath of fresh air when you browse WWE Network in hopes of something to watch. First off, it’s TV-MA; which is what a lot of fans clamor for in relation to “current” WWE. However, this isn’t the current wrestling product, nor anything to do with real life people. This is an animated show starring tons of future and past superstars. Before I saw any footage, I wasn’t sure what to think. I saw the trailer/teasers, and LOVED everything about it. Now I got to take in the first episode, after an awesome Payback pay-per-view. All aboard Camp WWE, as the first stop on its adventure is Episode 1. Seth Greene to the adult comedy animated genre plus wrestling save.

Character List: Vince McMahon, Big Show, Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena, R-Truth, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, The Undertaker, Sgt. Slaughter, and Ric Flair plus roster cameos

Who Did What?

Vince McMahon: Vince had a helluva first outing. He’s the star of the show, with a lot of screen time to boot. One of the first things we see is a statue of Vince eating a car. “No Chance in Hell” echos throughout transitions as we make our way inside his owner’s cabin for different portions of the show. Vince found out that Cena suffered from homesickness, a disease that took Camp WWE out of business a long time back, and had to find a solution. That solution being to fake a leg injury, explaining it’s “a work” to Cena; and getting Triple H and Stephanie to explain to everyone that their parents are actually alive (more on that later). Morale is high in the camp by the end of the episode. Vince is a key part in such. 

Big Show: Underwear replacement jokes is the only thing Show will be remembered for in Episode 1. All he did was be apart of the group in which was told his parents are dead. Also, it’s revealed that his father is Jewish, so Undertaker was anxiously awaiting the “long” part of the ceremony until a certain someone jumped out of a casket and set fire to the camp.

Steve Austin: Austin 3:16 ran wild this episode. Aside from making some popup cameos, his main part in this twenty minute adventure was setting fire to the entire camp, which Mr. McMahon and John Cena had to solve together. It’s a triangle of problems with Steve in the middle. He popped out of the casket at the kayfabe “all your parents are dead” funeral, in which Undertaker was leading. He raised hell, scared everyone, and set the casket/everything else on fire which led to the resolution of the episode. It’ll be interesting to see how the hell-raiser continues his antics in the future.

The Rock: Not in the show yet.

John Cena: John Cena is a tier below Mr. McMahon when it comes to lead characters. The McMahon family (duh), play a large part in the show, but it’s more or less centered around what Cena is doing. Cena, this time around, as aforementioned, was going through a tough time. He missed West Newbury, MA, and wanted to go back home. Through battles with Mr. McMahon; ex’s: riding on giraffes and deer’s, running away from a Hell in a Cell trying to encase him, to the end of the episode – where Cena admits he actually doesn’t want to go home, after being worked into a shoot by McMahon. McMahon faked a leg injury (I took it more like the Royal Rumble quad tear incident) and explained it was a work to Cena. Cena worked with McMahon, rounded up the main cast, and after learning all the parents weren’t dead; celebrated that they’re all encased in a camp~!

R-Truth: R-Truth was ironically used as comedy filler. He was told his parents were dead, and he wanted to know how they died. He is the curious one of the bunch. Not much else of note aside from a funny slang accent that’s a compliment to funny retorts he delivers (there ain’t a lot of ’em).

The Power Couple: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon create quite the power balance with their father, and humerous dynamic on the show based on one episode thus far. They don’t voice-act themselves, but Triple H’s voice is on point, with as many “-uhhhhhh’s” as you can count at the end of his sentences. Stephanie has a slight sex appeal, and is cocky as her real life persona is on camera. They support Vince’s mission as they don’t want Camp WWE to close down. Triple H thought it was a brilliant idea to explain to the pack that all their parents died. That didn’t boil over too well. We also found out that he stole a bunch of porn. Triple H shot on Cena which somehow resulted in Triple H and Stephanie becoming ROLEPLAY PARENTS FOR CENA. This show is so bizarre. That was about it for the duo this time out; as they thought of stupid ideas and revealed/were brought into bizarre dynamics. Seeing their characters, especially a young, model-like Triple H was a highlight complete with near-perfect voices.

The Bellas: The Bellas weren’t shown much at all aside from transitional shots. They feuded a tad bit when crying, as Brie used Nikki’s hair as tissue at the kayfabe parents funeral, only to be knocked in the face. I don’t see them becoming major roles yet, but it’s nice for them to be in the show.

The Undertaker: The Undertaker was used for hilarious moments only this time around. He delivered lines such as the announcement that Big Show’s father is Jewish, that he was surprised that his parents are ACTUALLY dead, and so on. Taker is the weirdest character on the show thus far, I’m not sure what’s he’s supposed to be or what his motives are; but having him host a mourning session and deliver a few lines isn’t the worst thing in the world with a show with so many characters. I’m most interested in what the future holds in the Camp for the Phenom.

Sgt. Slaughter: Aside being shown at the beginning of the show, it wasn’t until the closing sequence that Slaughter came into play. He played Cena more than Cena did, saving the day for everyone involved in the camp. As aforementioned, Austin set fire to the camp, but grumpy old Slaughter used a rocket launcher to hit a water tank, which in turn put out the fire in five seconds. What a time to be alive. He’s a great addition to the show as veteran/grumpy vet, with such lines as “I better be paid overtime for this bullshit,” even though he finished the job in less than a minute. He’s also in the end scene of the show, getting into a bath after a “looooonnnnggg” days work.

Ric Flair: I saved the best for last. Ric Flair is far and away my favorite character on the show, at least thus far. The writers nailed it right on the head, and with authenticity beaming with goofy situations plus Flair voicing himself; it creates a perfect dynamic. Between an ongoing sexual affair with a bear, showing Mr. McMahon his dick in what was a handful of insane interactions with the boss; and bursting into the funniest moment of the show – which was a forty-five second WEEP because he missed his parents … Flair was perfect. Perfect comedy it was. At least for me and my maturity levels. Don’t show his segments of the show to Lance Storm. Although he wasn’t involved in the main storyline of the show, he is a perfect mini addition for comedy. From the intro of the character, to the WOOOOOs, to the situations; that’s so Flair.

Episode 1, Season 1 of Camp WWE was a success. I don’t factor in storyline progression nor sensibility as much as I would other shows; because it’s meant to be the most ridiculous animated wrestling show ever. And that it is. Between Triple H admitting to a porn addiction. John Cena riding a deer, Vince McMahon being Vince McMahon in cartoon form, death jokes, little awesome things like ‘Dusty Road’ in the camp, and Sgt. Slaughter being an American hero – I already love this show. I cannot wait for more, and I highly suggest you check out the first iteration, even if it may not be your cup of tea. Until next time.

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