B&T Tag Team Blog – WWE ECW Episode 2 (June 20, 2006)

Join Brady and Trask (colored for a clearer read) as they blog the WWECW era as a tag team. This time it’s Episode 2 on June 20, 2006 from Albany, NY. Read Episode 1’s blog here.

WWECW – ECW 02 – June 20, 2006

Brady: Welcome back to our second review of WWE’s ECW. Last week’s started off pretty well, let’s hope this one is just as good or even better. We have a big ECW vs WWE tag team main event. Plus, we’re kicking it off with Sabu. Let’s get into it.

Trask: We have Ariel playing a psychic, downs cards while providing callbacks to stories so far. It was incredibly awkward as Edge and Orton vs. RVD and Angle was announced for the show. WEIRD FIRST PHASE SHOW INTRO COMMENCE! This episode comes to us from Albany, NY with Taz and Styles on commentary.

Sabu vs. Tony Makaluke

Brady: Sabu is one wild man. He goes straight at you and doesn’t stop until you make him stop and that’s exactly what happened here. He was on a roll at the start, using all of his crazy offense until he was caught off guard by Mamaluke. But, Mamaluke’s offense didn’t last long when Sabu started to mount a comeback. Sabu hit his triple jump plancha to pop the crowd, then pulled out a table to make things even better. Yet, Tony put a stop to Sabu before he could use the table. Sadly for Mamaluke, his offense was short again when Sabu tossed a chair into his face after he tried for a splash off the top rope and as quick as he got up, Sabu tossed Mamaluke onto the table and sacrificed his own body to put him through it. A nasty crash landing on Sabu’s part even though he was in the driver’s seat. It didn’t seem to affect him that much though because he tossed Tony Mamaluke in the ring and finished him off with a camel clutch. This was so fast paced and so much fun. Sabu is the best.

Trask: Kelly Kelly was so excited last week that she couldn’t quite get her bra off, so she actually promises to show “everything she’s got” off tonight during the expose.

Trask: Ain’t nothing like an RVD promo. In his monotonous tone, he provided a completely forgettable explanation as to what’s going on in tonight’s main event, and that he’s going to keep taunting because he’s Van Dam. Loved the purple backdrop for the promo though.

Trask: Dreamer/Show had a segment that I thought was a match. This feels like a big matchup for the time that could be saved for something else, but also at the same time, it’s perfect for WWECW mid-card on TV. Dreamer shot a bit on the fact that Show has to go through him to make a name for himself on this brand. This led to an incredibly entertaining Show-dominates-Dreamer stretch of punches/brawl elements/slams/thuds/whatever you could think of. The best part about all this is that the mic was left in the ring, lonesome aside the destruction. As soon as I finished typing that, Show kicked it out of the ring. Show took Dreamer out with a cobra clutch slam + submission before walking away. Dreamer is a great underdog/seller to make use of in ways like this.

Trask: Kevin Thorne was back at it again howling at the arena sign.

Macho Libre vs. The Sandman

Brady: The cane swinging, beer swigging, badassm Sandman beat the hell out of Macho with the kendo stick right off the bat and finished him off with a Russian leg sweep in about 30 seconds to get the win.

Trask: Nacho Libre was released 4 days prior to this show’s airing. There was bound to be Jack Black references, but like, WHAT, he started to talk in a Macho Man voice and a 25% Spanish accent. HE WAS ALSO KIND OF DOING RAZOR RAMON STUFF. It’s only fitting that Sandman saves the day. “Let me tell you something, something, something, something….OOOOO YEAAAAA!!!” (then Sandman smacked the hell out of him with a kendo stick for a KO followed by a White Russian Leg Sweep.) Styles also called Macho Libre a steaming pile of sports entertainment. This is what I’ve wanted from this brand. God bless WWECW everyone.

Trask: There are multiple segments regarding Cena being there at the building. Heyman rallied the troops as always only for Cena to show up at the meeting as Sabu was facing him. Black eye and all, Cena confronted Sabu in front of the entire roster. Cena taunted everyone by telling him to bring everyone he’s got to the PPV, as he’s requested to Heyman that the match is changed to an extreme lumberjack match. Which like, prevents a lot of what Sabu does, because it’s dumb to have human protection beyond your opponent in a Sabu match. Sabu just said “deal” and was held back awkwardly. Fun.

Trask: I’m praying someone walks in on me during this Kelly Expose segment. At least I’d be entertained by them trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing. Kelly took off her bra only to do the same cupping thing as last week, and just as it was about to escalate, Mike Knox saves her from doing anything else.

Trask: Test is coming to ECW. A decent vignette that lacked something, much like him throughout his career.

Edge/Randy Orton (w/Lita) vs. RVD/Kurt Angle

Brady: This was a nice main event here. Very competitive match, mixed with Edge & Orton doing anything they could do to get by including using Lita to their advantage when she got involved a few times with distractions and even taking RVD out of the ring after pulling down the rope. Edge and Orton were on a roll for a bit after Edge tossed Van Dam out of the ring, causing a nasty spill. They picked apart RVD for a while, laying a beating on him that it seemed like he wouldn’t come back from. But, he caught a break and got the hot tag to Angle who came in on fire. Right when he entered the ring and hit Randy Orton with a trifecta of German suplexes and even caught Edge with one, the fire of Kurt Angle wore off when the double team tactics of Orton & Edge came in to play again. The finishing stretch was a thing of beauty. Finishers galore here and even Lita was hit with an Angle Slam. Van Dam went for rolling thunder on Orton but Edge drop kicked RVD out of mid air. The ECW title came into play and RVD planted it into Edge’s skull before hitting a gorgeous five-star frog splash to pick up the win for his team, giving ECW a big advantage going into the Vengeance PPV.

Brady: Another fun show and I’d say this one was just a bit better than the first episode. If these episodes continue to get better each week, even if the improvement is minor; I’ll be happy and really excited to review more. WWECW is glorious!

Trask: I agree with Brady 100%. This is a lot of fun, and something I will not get tired of. Especially when I’m allowed to be lazy because of our format. We have three awesome looking matches on tap for Vengeance that this show did a great job of building toward as this was the go-home episode. BE SURE to catch the main event as I consider it to be an ultra banger of a tag team match.


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