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Brady’s Picks: WWE Hell in a Cell 2016

Monday Night Raw’s exclusive PPV, Hell in a Cell, is just hours away from the time of this writing. With a total of eight matches on the card, five of them being championship matches and three of them being Hell in a Cell matches, this show is honestly looking pretty stacked. Lots of people are not in favor of WWE putting three Cell matches on one show, but I think the more, the merrier. So, without wasting anymore time; here’s my picks for WWE’s Hell in a Cell yearly iteration.

Cedric Alexander, Sin Cara & Lince Dorado vs. Tony Nese, Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari

Really pumped to see some Cruiserweight action kicking off the show. Though there really is no feud here, I’m still glad to see this match happen. There’s no way these guys will disappoint. All six of these men will put on a good show to hype up the crowd and that’s what they want. They need a match to pop the live crowd and viewers at home to get them hyped up for the rest of the card and this is the perfect match to do so. As for the match itself, I don’t see it getting too much time but I’m sure it’ll be great for what ever time it gets. Seeing all these guys minus Sin Cara on a WWE PPV is awesome. Even if it’s just the pre=show. As for the winner, it’s hard to say. But, I think I’m going to have to pick the faces. You want the show to start off hot, have the faces win and have the crowd happy before the show main show starts. Simple as that.

Prediction: Cedric Alexander, Sin Cara & Lince Dorado

Bayley vs. Dana Brooke

This feud was started via Dana Brooke attacking and insulting Bayley. For weeks this went on until finally they had a match. A match that wasn’t good at all. The end saw Dana Brooke picking up the victory and Bayley being helped back to the trainers room. We later found out that Bayley had suffered a shoulder injury. After that match, people were saying Dana Brooke’s win was a fluke. This lead to her coming out on Raw this last week and challenging Bayley again to prove her win certainly was not a fluke. But the challenge was not for a match. It was for a arm wrestling contest, which Dana won because of Bayley’s hurt shoulder. They switched arms and Bayley almost won but suffered another attack from Dana. Now, this Sunday they finally have a rematch that I’m not looking forward to at all. If the first match was any indication, this isn’t going to be pretty. As for the winner, I see Bayley picking up the win here because she desperately needs it after several weeks of losing and being beat down by Dana Brooke.

Prediction: Bayley

Enzo & Big Cass vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Anderson and Gallows made a claim to end the fun and games of the Raw tag division. In a world where New Day are the tag champions and we have teams like Enzo/Cass, R-Truth/Goldust and even the Shining Stars; fun and games seems to be the common theme on Raw. With the only serious team being Anderson and Gallows, they’re looking to run through the tag division. It starts with the fan favorites: Enzo and Cass. After weeks of singles matches between the two teams with mix-ups of matches and even brutal attacks, we finally get a two on two match that I’m sure will be decent. I can’t see this one being a match of the night, but I don’t particularly see it being bad. It will be okay and maybe even good, but nothing great. Gallows and Anderson will probably (and hopefully) run through Enzo and Cass because the fun and games are indeed over. These two desperately need to be booked better. So, make them look like monsters by running through the fun-loving Enzo and 7 feet tall Cass.

Prediction: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship: New Day (c) vs. Cesaro & Sheamus

After the unlikely duo of Sheamus and Cesaro tied in a best of seven series to determine a number one contender, general manager Mick Foley decided that they both deserve a championship match. A Tag Team Championship match. For weeks we saw these two go back and forth with arguing and even ruining each other’s matches, they finally picked up steam after defeating New Day in a non-title match this past week on Raw. We’ve seen a lot of unlikely duos win the titles such as The Rock and Mankind, Kane and Daniel Bryan, and even the current SmackDown champions, Heath Slater and Rhyno. Now I think it’s time for another unlikely duo to capture the Tag Team Championships one more time. Not only that, Cesaro and Sheamus actually make a great team when they’re on the same page. Plus, It’s finally time to end the New Day’s reign because it’s beginning to be … Booty.

Prediction: Cesaro & Sheamus

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: TJ Perkins (c) vs. Brian Kendrick

This is an ongoing feud dating back to the first time the cruiserweights landed on Raw. Brian Kendrick won a number one contenders match, earning the right to face TJP at Clash of Champions. TJ, as expected won, but Kendrick wouldn’t let that defeat go. He attacked TJ, belittled him and recently even begged him to give him the championship because this could be his last chance. A few weeks ago on Raw, Kendrick did beat Perkins in a non-title match after cheating his way to victory with a classic eye rake. But, things went down hill when TJ dropped him like a ton of bricks in the locker room, then this last week Brian took a loss to Rich Swann. With his dreams of being champion one more time slowly going downhill, I don’t see it picking back up any time soon. And I certainly don’t see TJ losing the title just yet.

Prediction: TJ Perkins

WWE United States Championship Hell in a Cell Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Rusev

Man oh man, where has the time gone? This feud has been going on dating all the way back to before SummerSlam. Jeez. These two have been going at it a long time, and finally Roman picked up the win at Clash of Champions to become the new U.S. Champion. Now, they finally have their rematch. But this isn’t just any rematch. This feud has gotten so heated, so brutal and so all around amazing from a fans perspective, that they’ll be locked inside of  Hell in a Cell. If there’s any match that ‘deserves’ a HIAC stipulation, I think it’s this one. We saw these two brawl at SummerSlam, attack each other on Raw, Roman verbally attacking Rusev about his family (which was an amazing segment) and now there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I fully expect these two to absolutely kill it and have one of the best and most brutal matches of the night. As for a winner, it’s hard to pick. But I wouldn’t bet on Roman losing the title yet.

Prediction: Roman Reigns

WWE Universal Championship Hell in a Cell Match: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Seth Rollins

I’m a little in the middle on this match. Do I think it deserves a HIAC stipulation? No way. But I guess now it’ll be used to keep Jericho out so then Rollins can have a proper rematch after the mess that was the Clash of Champions main event. Chris Jericho will probably still find a way to screw Seth Rollins because that’s what’s been happening nearly every week now. With no friends and no Authority by his side, Seth Rollins is walking into the most dangerous match ever alone. Kevin Owens on the other hand is walking in with The Authority and Jericho having his back. Plus, after the ending to Raw; Owens looked like a beast and that’s what I love to see. I hope these two rip each other apart until only one man can stand. And with everyone behind him, I think the numbers game will be in favor of Kevin Owens. Seth Rollins will sadly be screwed again. Kevin Owens will walk out of hell holding his championship high.

Prediction: Kevin Owens

WWE Women’s Championship Hell in a Cell Match: Sasha Banks (c) vs. Charlotte

This is another match that has a feud going on since before SummerSlam. Hell, this feud has been going on since WrestleMania. I’m praying for this to be their last match because at this point, I’m pretty sure everyone is tired of it. And if this is their last match, what a way to end the feud. The first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match. This is big. This is a monumental moment for the women in wrestling and I’m fully prepared for them to try to out-do the men. If they succeed in doing that or not, I’m not sure. But I have a bad feeling they’re really going to try and it’ll end up with one of them or even both of them seriously getting hurt. Now, I don’t want them to get hurt; but I do hope they pull off something spectacular and we get one hell of a showing. With the title flip flopping back and forth for the past few months, I’m not sure who’s going to walk out as champion. This is probably the hardest to call in my opinion but if I had to place a bet on it, I’d go with Sasha. Just for this simple fact that she recently won the championship. But, last time she won she didn’t hold it for long. In fairness though she was injured. Things in WWE are crazy right now and I think this match is going to provide us with a classic HOLY SHIT moment. I’m just looking to see who walks out of this match alive.

Prediction: Sasha Banks


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