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Shigehiro Irie

Before I state why all the promotions in North America should be booking Shigehiro Irie for their wrestling events, I want to tell you guys reading about the person Shigehiro Irie. For those that are familiar with Irie you will know he is a tremendous wrestler but you may not know about the human being Shigehiro Irie is. There is one story that our good friend Michelle told us and that Irie later posted on Twitter about. So Irie was either catching a train to or from a DDT show and as he is waiting at the train station an intoxicated man falls onto the train tracks. Irie jumped onto the tracks and saved the man, lifting him to safety. Why should promoters book Shigehiro Irie? Because he is a real life superhero and saved a dude’s life. He later stated on Twitter that people should not be intoxicated near train tracks and that is wonderful advice from this wonderful human being. Another aspect about Irie you may not know is that he is a big fan of Disney movies! He says when he is sad he will go home and watch Disney movies to make him feel better. So if you really want Irie to fall in love with your promotion I would suggest paying him his usual booking fee but also giving him a copy of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs. It’s really hard not to love Shigehiro Irie, you just look at the man and a smile comes to your face. Irie is constantly smiling and is always in a good mood (unless he is losing matches). He is 5″8 but weighs over 250lbs. He has gained weight over the years in all the right places, with that I thought he would lose some speed but remarkably he has kept his agility and smoothness in the squared circle.

Mr. Irie is one of the most consistent performers in all of Japan. His work in DDT alone in 2016 should get him some sort of award. Hell he even was an All Japan Green Ranger! Yes Shigehiro Irie has worked 12 matches for All Japan this year and all have been solid. He wrestled most of the young boys and beat them all of course, I remember his match with Naoya Nomura being very fun. So far in 2016 Irie has wrestled 60 matches between All Japan and DDT, he stays very busy. I hope the promoters in the United States can keep Irie as bust as he was in Japan. The match that made Irie decide he was going abroad to learn some more tricks of the trade was the King Of DDT Semi-Final match with Big Dog Shuji Ishikawa. That match is online and I highly recommend you check it out because it was truly a great match. Irie was apart of the ‘Team Dream Futures’ stable in DDT with fellow wrestlers Soma Takao and Keisuke Ishii. Some of the six man tags those guys had together were outstanding so don’t be afraid to #BookIrie in a wacky six man tag because he will deliver on all cylinders. Team Dream Futures actually broke up as a stable in May which I found odd but now it makes sense because Irie is headed overseas. If you have never seen Irie work or you want some matches to watch of his I would recommend the following; (Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi vs. Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie DDT 4/29/16), (Shigehiro Irie vs. Kenny Omega DDT 3/20/13) and basically any match where he wrestles HARASHIMA or Kota Ibushi in singles action. Well when I think of it, just google Irie and watch all of his matches that are online.

Let’s get into some of Irie’s credentials shall we?
KO-D Openweight Champion (150 days)
2x KO-D Tag Team Champion with Keisuke Ishii (82 days) & Munenori Sawa (15 days)
All Asia Tag Team Champion with Keisuke Ishii (105 days)
BJW Tag Team Champion with Shuji Ishikawa (72 days)
6x KO-D Six Man Tag Team Champion with Keisuke Ishii & Soma Takao (308 days)

At this point in writing this article Irie has so far been booked by AIW wrestling which is awesome and also GFW which is so weird. I swear to god if he jobs to Magnus or something I will quit the internet. The beautiful thing about 2016 and the internet is that you can tag promoters in your twitter post and tell them about Irie. That’s why Lawrence and myself started the #BookIrie gimmick because it’s a very easy concept and if enough people use it then these promoters will realize shit this Irie guy has a big following let’s get him on our show! So I urge all of you listening to please get on the #BookIrie train on Twitter! While you’re at it, tag promoters and promotions it can only help. The good brothers at AIW got many tweets about Irie and boom they booked him. Irie’s American excursion is bound to be a hoot and the possible match ups are awesome. I believe AIW will put Elgin against Irie in a giant hoss battle. Irie I believe will get some So-Cal bookings because he know’s Joey Ryan from Joey’s stints in DDT. Irie in PWG has to happen, there are still four spots remaining in BOLA and I am praying one of those spots go to Irie. Chris Hero has already stated on Twitter that he wants to wrestle Irie at least 5-7 times which I would have no problem with. I have always wanted an Irie vs. Samoa Joe match but that is very unlikely but never say never! Tag #WWENXT in all the #BookIrie tweets, you can only try!

Irie is coming to the American territory for a limited amount of time and I urge everyone to book this man and support his trip! If you go to a show with Irie on it go up to the man and tell him how great he is. Buy him a Disney DVD, paint your hair green in support. Do everything and anything you can to get behind one of the most loveable characters in wrestling. Don’t forget #BookIrie.


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