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Bob Holly is, was, and always will be…GOOD! – An Adventure (Part 1)

Bob Holly is a great pro wrestler. I really like ‘Hollywood’ Holly that graced the SMW ring, I adore geeky Sparky Plug in the WWF, I LOVE hard-nosed “wake the hell up, you dumbass Crash” Bob that made his mark on the WWF hardcore division as well as the mid-card; I enjoy Bob Holly in and out through every phase of his career. Such is why in a quest to prove to you, the reader, that Bob Holly has always been at least GOOD, I review grab bags of matches throughout his career. Welcome to the first edition of Bob Holly is, was, and always will be…GOOD!

For premium content effects, listen to the theme on loop while reading. This post we shall focus on the first few Holly singles matches we’ll experience in grab bag format.

Bob Holly vs. Mil Muertes from AAW ‘Path of Redemption’ on 4/22/17 

This was a snug, fun as hell, odd, and enthralling sub 10 minutes of wrestling. This is an ambitious match for multiple reasons. Holly chose to not shoot on someone, not to take control, he locked down/suited up to take a lot of Mil offense. That would combo with Mil selling well for Bob’s comebacks to come off the paper with impressive chemistry. When the two have me on the edge of my viewing experience for a double shoulder block, you know it’s a hoot. The crowd was invested nearly right away, whether it was the reaction for Bob’s huge chops or the (multiple) Alabama Slammas that had to occur in order for Mil to be put away. “Both these guys” and “hall of fame” were uttered loudly. After a well put together comeback string, Mil kicked out of an Alabama Slam, only to be put away with another one a short while after. This possessed a big fight feel and was as tight as you’d want it to be. Perfect opponents provide a great few minutes of fun. Highly recommended. AAW commentary is usually garbage but they mentioned Holly as the best WWF Hardcore Champ ever. I can’t disagree unless you give me a few other options to target for argument sake (Crash, Viscera, Mighty Molly, Raven, and Moppy to round-out the list).

Bob Holly vs. Haku from WWF Sunday Night Heat taped 2/13/01

Turns out Haku was on Sunday Night Heat a lot, in the sprint of 2001. He’d have a string of attractive matches, against more than one tough wrassler. I love C-show gems like this, because not only was it a really good match, but it dawned on me how much WWF didn’t give a FUCK about their minor shows. They have a track record of booking wild ass shit like this on everything minor, but this was a time period in which Cole and Tazz were hosting the show from WWF New York. They’d cut in and out of the match to the commentary booth at HQ, or cut to fans eating in the restaurant watching the match. This gave us a tremendous moment in which Holly has to resort to jumping onto Haku to stop the pounding, only to get power bombed as a counter to fists to the face. This stretched out nice with lots of Haku domination, only for the notoriously brief but effective Bob come back string of offense. He was caught off the top rope into the choke as Haku gets the 1-2-3. W I L D.


Bob Holly vs. Tim Donst from AIW ‘Faith No More’ on 9/11/15

We shooters blog now. As soon as I saw this match happened, I needed to watch it. There is no better way (for better or worse) to cap off the inaugural Bob Holly adventure grab bag. This was supposed to be Nick Gage but Donst provided the replacement match. Holly cut a promo on how Gage was supposed to be the “tough guy” yadda yadda yadda social media and then Donst was out to a massive reception. If I was there live I’d have lost my shit right about now. This was a victim of “high brawling expectations” as I expected this to be a lot messier and outside based than expected. The result was a solid wrestling match that flew by. It’s obvious this was an expected Plan B, but I wish we got a little something MORE from the matchup of these two. The finishing sequence was ace with the pace picking up only for Holly to accidentally do a weird ripcord Alabama Slam pickup, only for Donst to counter that into a roll-up win. Post-match Holly hit two Alabama Slams to get his heat back~! He turned into a heel because of the Gage replacement in fan favorite Donst, even bickering a few times to a fan about his mom. The weakest match out of the bunch, but an accurate representation of what a booking can be for a veteran on the indies in terms of match quality and post-match angles.

Until next time, remember to get your weekly dose of the Alabama Slamma

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