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BJW Saikyo Tag League Quarter Finals Review, Results (October 14, 2016): Yankee Steal The Show


BJW Saikyo Tag League Quarter Finals 

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October 14, 2016

Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan

Kazuki Hashimoto vs. Atsushi Aoki***

This was solid stuff. I missed the previous match before this so this was the opening contest for me. I really enjoyed the grappling between both men and I liked the fact that Kazuki got a singles match on a pretty big show. Kazuki came back way to early from injury but his performing well and will only continue to find his confidence once again. His in tremendous physical condition. Aoki was very respected and got over well. Kazuki landed some really brutal kicks, Aoki is just so fluid with his movements. I love his goddamn missile dropkick, just the way he leaps to the top rope is awesome. In the end Aoki made Hash quit when he locked in the TRAP OVER.

Atsushi Aoki def. Kazuki Hashimoto via submission

Ryuichi Kawakami, Yasufumi Nakanoue & Kazuki Kikuta vs. Hideki Suzuki, Yoshihisa Uto & Takuya Nomura***1/2

This was such a good match, my favorite match of the year that was less than 7 minutes. (Editor’s note: vintage Izzac). Hideki Suzuki did all of that, the ***1/2 I gave to the match was mainly because of Hideki. My goodness he was tremendous here. He let Kikuta get some offense in (which looked funky) and then proceeded to kill him. I legitimately thought Kikuta was out. The forearms he took from Hideki were so killer. Holy shit levels of shoots. I actually don’t remember anything except Hideki shooting on Kikuta and Nakanoue. I love how he is now the dad of Takuya Nomura. Nomura has learned so much under Hideki as they continue to work so well together. They had a moment at the end of the match where Hideki gave Nomura a man hug. Uto and Kikuta look like they are building to a singles match which would be cool. Uto pinned Kikuta with a Tiger Driver proving he is the supreme young boy (behind Nomura).

Yoshihisa Uto def. Kazumi Kikuta via pinfall  

Saikyo Tag Death Block Quarter Finals: Ryuji Ito & Toshiyuki Sakuda vs. Yuko Miyamoto & Isami Kodaka***3/4

Holy shit! This was so good! I loved this. This was the best match of the evening for me and another great death match. Deathmatch wrestling has really picked up in 2016, never would I think I would have a DM has one of my best matches of the year but then Hoshino/Ito happened and the rest is history. Sakuda tasted the light bulbs early on and bled like a gusset. Isami just killed Sakuda it was glorious. Sakuda is the future of the DM division. He is incredible. Ito did a wrestling hot tag and executed a Northern lights suplex hold followed by a moonsault! Ito doesn’t get enough credit for being so good with the punishment he’s taken over the years. Ito and Isami traded numerous strikes. Lionsault from Sakuda. Ito did a splash from the top rope to the outside through a table. Sakuda missed a bad 450. Thunder fire powerbomb from Miyamoto! Isami took out Ito with a tope suicida. Sakuda kicked out of a fire thunder driver and I screamed! Sakuda was so good. Miyamoto finished Sakuda with a moonsault off a ladder.

Yuko Miyamoto def. Toshiyuki Sakuda via pinfall

Saikyo Tag Death Block Quarter Finals: Takayuki Ueki & Masaya Takahashi vs. Jaki Numazawa & Abdullah Kobayashi***

I’m very sorry but I don’t remember much from this match other than it over delivered and Ueki was incredible. Ueki is also the future of the DM division. I think he is just so charismatic and a really good DM worker. Abby was impressive here also, Jaki was just killing folk with shoot headbutts. I can’t remember much about Masaya’s performance. Abby missed an elbow off the box which was so scary. Ueki pinned Jaki with a diving headbutt off the box which was such an awesome finish.

Takayuki Ueki def. Jaki Numazawa via pinfall 

Saikyo Tag Strong Block Quarter Finals: Kohei Sato & Shuji Ishikawa vs. Hideyoshi Kamitani & Daichi Hashimoto***1/2

Awesome match here, although not as good as the previous Twin Towers TL matches but still really good. I was expecting Sato or Ishikawa to pin Kamitani to set up a title match but that didn’t happen. As soon as the bell rung the younger boys attacked the veterans. Daichi was getting the life beat out of him but he wasn’t quitting. Falcon Arrow from Sato early on. Kamitani came in and sort of killed the match with shoulder blocks. This crowd wanted to see kicks, strikes and suplexes — not shoulder tackles. I love Kamitani most of the time but other times he just kills the momentum of the match. Daichi took out Ishikawa. Insane sit out piledriver from Ishikawa. Lariat/leg sweep combo from the younger fellas. Shining wizard from Daichi which looked awesome. Dragon suplex from Ishikawa. Rainmaker headbutt from Ishikawa and finally he puts Daichi away with a Splash Mountain.

Shuji Ishikawa def. Daichi Hashimoto via pinfall

Saikyo Tag Strong Block Quarter Finals: Akebono & Ryota Hama vs. Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi***1/4

This was a much different match then I expected and I think everyone loved this match a lot more than me. I thought it was good and the best SMOP match of the tournament but nothing great. This match could of went shorter, most of the match was SMOP killing Sekimoto. Hama did a great job of squashing him with his steam roller sentons. HAMA DID A LEG DROP ALSO WHICH I POPPED OVER. Yuji made the hot tag and ran wild for like 10 seconds until Akebono didn’t want to play so he just chokeslammed him. That completely killed the momentum Yuji had which they built up for six minutes by killing Sekimoto. Strong BJ did suplex Akebono which was good. I like Bono but I don’t want him in BJW. Hama used a Thesz Press. Yuji powerbombed Hama in a call back to their January 24 match which was awesome. In the end Sekimoto kills Hama with lariats to win and advance to the semi-finals!

Daisuke Sekimoto def. Ryota Hama via pinfall

  • Good - 7.5/10


This was really awesome and watching as it aired added to the show. It's truly awesome that we get to watch the show as it airs in Japan. The WWW live stream is a hell of a thing and I cannot thank Morten VH enough for that. Watch most of the show as it was all good to great. Thank you for reading.



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