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BJW Ryogokutan Review: My Favorite Time of the Year

BJW Ryogokutan

July 24, 2016

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Ryogoku Sumo Hall – Tokyo, Japan

Oh boy. 7/24 could basically be called national pro wrestling day in Japan with numerous big shows taking place on this day. Quite possibly the biggest and most important show running on this date is Big Japan in sumo hall. I’m not being biased and saying that I promise! This is a legit fact. Big Japan runs 100-3000 seat arenas all year long but once a year they will take there product to Sumo Hall. This year the show is headlined by a deathmatch believe it or not! Voted by the fans Ryuji Ito is defending his death match Heavyweight Title against Kankuro Hoshino. I can’t see Ito retaining here, at 40 years old I believe this is Hoshino’s coming out party and will capture the championship. Kamaitani is once again challenging for the Big Japan Strong Heavyweight Championship as he is facing Yuji Okabayashi in the semi main event. SMOP is challenging The Twin Towers for the Tag Titles which could quite possibly the beefiest match this year. Isami and Yuko are defending the All Asia Tag Belts against All Japan’s Hikaru Sato and Atsushi Aoki. Great Sasuke is in a wacky six man tag with The Brahman Bros. I hope you guys enjoy this show as much as I will.

Tatsuhiko Yoshino & Kazumi Kikuta vs. Daichi Hashimoto & Atsushi Maruyama***

Real fun opening contest. All four guys were on their A game and impressed. Especially Tatsuhiko Yoshino. K-Hash was out with Daichi in his entrance, he was originally scheduled to be on this show. Lots of grapple fuck early on until Daichi let loose with his kicks which were brutal. Yoshino made a fired up come back. Maruyama and Daichi have real good chemistry together as both are shooters. Yoshino kicked out of the Shining Wizard but tapped out to the Hashimoto Arm-bar.

Tsubasa & Billy Ken Kid vs. Speeds Of Sounds ***1/4

Really great match here, I wish it went a little longer as things were just starting to really heat up. This was Lucharesu, mainly lucha libre but with puroresu elements thrown in and it worked very well. The veteran Osaka guys are so quick with all of their offence and bumps. Speeds Of Sounds hit tandem tope con hilo’s but shortly after Billy hit a dive of his own then Tsubasa hit a quebrada. Osaka guys are the crowd favorites which is beautiful. Them working sumo hall is tremendous as is. Bronco Buster from kid. These guys are moving so fast I can’t keep up! It’s so great. Oosugi pinned Tsubasa with a pin reversal out of no where for the victory.

Great Sasuke & The Brahman's vs. Toshiyuki Sakuda, Shinobu, Great Kojika

Holy! Kojika is legit Darth Vader. This turned into a Michinoku Pro great space war match and it was amazing. Seeing Sasuke in Big Japan’s Sumo Hall show is lovely in of it’s self but when he is shooting with Darth Vader it’s even better. Kojika was fired up here and was shooting on his opponents. Slapping the shit out of the Brahman’s. Bowling ball spot of course, suitcase was thrown at Kei’s knees which would of killed. Shinobu hit a beautiful Asai moonsault. Shinobu turned into his Michinoku Pro character Masked Buddy 2015 as his ass was exposed to the world. Kojika and Sasuke respectively ate Shinobu’s ass. Kojika hit with a stop sign. Sasuke pins Sakuda with the Master Drop.

Hideki Suzuki & Takuya Nomura vs. Yasufumi Nakanoue & Yoshihisa Uto***3/4

Not much I need to say other than HOLY SHIT THIS WAS A SHOOT! THIS WAS ONE OF THE MOST BELIEVABLE MATCHES I HAVE EVER WITNESSED AND MY HEAD HURTS AFTER WATCHING. IT LOOKED SO PAINFUL, I SWEAR THEY DID NOT TALK ABOUT ANYTHING IN THE BACK AND WERE JUST LIKE OKAY FAM WE GOT TO SHOOT ON ONE ANOTHER AND THAT’S IT. Suzuki was no selling Uto early on but by god Uto MADE Suzuki sell later on. Nakanoue was so goddamn stiff on Nomura, the forearms he was unleashing were killer. Nomura stood his own and fired up back though! Nomura is going to be one of the best in the world within the next three years. Hideki and Nakanoue were brawling on the outside whilst the young boys were shooting on the inside. Uto used a goddamn Tiger Driver! All the guys hitting huge lariats on one another. Hideki pinned Uto with a Butterfly suplex hold. SO AMAZING THIS WAS!!!

Ryuichi Kawakami vs. Daisuke Sekimoto ***1/2

Pretty solid match here but it was nothing great sadly. Like I predicted Sekimoto picked up the win as he gain momentum heading back into contention for the Strong Heavyweight Championship. Kawakami looked really good and leaner than ever but still beefy like Sekimoto. BEEF BOYS! Kawakami looked somewhat cautious in this match but that’s to be expected as it’s his return match. He didn’t take any crazy bumps so it was a nice safe bout. Crowd really loves their Daisuke Sekimoto. Very strong strike exchanges between these athletes. Kawakami landed an exploder suplex. Sekimoto hit a enzugiri followed by a brainbuster for a near fall. Sekimoto won with a Chaos Theory German suplex.

AJPW Sanctioned Asia Tag Championship Match: Isami Kodaka & Yuko Miyamoto (c) vs. Hikaru Sato & Atsushi Aoki ****

As expected this was really good. Like really really great. Definition of tag team wrestling was this match, easily the best thing on the show thus far. Everything was executed perfectly and all four guys were so smooth and slick. Sato and Isami were feeling each other out early on then Yuko and Aoki felt each other out until it turned into a shoot. Crowd was not behind the All Japan contingent, lots of Yuko and Isami fans at Sumo Hall this evening. Isami’s arm was worked on very early on and that became the story of the match which is the story of basically every Sato or Aoki match these days. Aoki hit the best missile dropkick of the evening on Isami. Isami used his snap German on Aoki followed by a shoot knee to the face. Isami’s knee strikes in this were brutal. Brother Isami came off the top twice with his double knee drop connecting both times. Awesome near falls. Scoop brainbuster from Aoki. As I predicted on Puro in the Rough Isami lost the fall as he tapped to Aoki’s arm bar.

BJW Tag Team Championship: Kohei Sato & Shuji Ishikawa (c) vs. Akebono & Ryota Hama****

Wow! This shocked me! This was one of the best worked tag matches all year. With Akebono being the state he is in I was worried that this match would be terrible but no it was quite tremendous and as good if not better than the previous tag. Shuji and Bono face off and show respect then Shuji just runs full speed at the former sumo champion. Bono knocks him down and hits a beautiful elbow. Akebono has the best elbow drop in wrestling and that’s a shoot. So weird seeing Shuji fight from underneath but his selling is very superb. HAMA GOT TIRED FROM RUNNING THE ROPES NUMEROUS TIMES AND IT WAS AMAZING. The Twin Towers focus on chopping down the tree that is Ryota Hama. Very smart workers. Akebono hit more of his amazing elbow drops. Shuji nailed a missile dropkick which knocked down Hama. RYOTA HAMA USED A GERMAN SUPLEX ON SHUJI! Double suplex on Akebono to a huge pop. Big time back drop suplex on Ryota Hama followed by a lariat but he kicks out! Shuji pins Hama with a running knee to retain the titles. Great match.

BJW World Strong Heavyweight Championship: Yuji Okabayashi vs. Hideyoshi Kamitani****1/2

Okay brothers this is quite possibly one of the greatest matches ever. In the history of Big Japan Pro Wrestling this will go down as an absolute classic and be one of the most influential nights in the history of the sport. The match that we all just witnessed was off the charts ridiculous. So smartly worked and once again everything was executed to perfection. This match was perfection, I have no problem is people rate this match 5 stars. The way the match was worked was everything and if anyone other than Yuji Okabayashi was in this match then I don’t believe the execution of the finish of the bout would have been as perfect as it was. Basically HIDEYOSHI KAMITANI IS THE NEW BJW WORLD STRONG HEAVYWEIGHT BIG LADS CHAMPION! He has had a few opportunities at the title in the past but now in the semi main-event of Sumo Hall he finally conquered his dream of being the Heavyweight Champion. Okabayashi came off like an absolute world beater and the best wrestler on planet earth. He was in control for a majority of the contest but when Kamitani would get in offence or fight back he would make the kid look like a million dollars. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT FROM THE HEADLOCKS TO ALL THE GIANT LARIATOOOOOOO’S. The lariats were one of the biggest factors in this match as both guys have killer lariats and they definitely gave each other the best lariats one another could give. Yuji was fucking amazing in this holy shit! Yuji was easily the best champion the past year and he still is a champion in two promotions outside of Big Japan. But tonight he passed the torch to the 23 year old Hideyoshi Kamitani. Kamitani pinned Okabayashi after a back drop driver, Kamitani EASILY has the best back drop in the business. Please watch this when you can. All time great.

BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship: Ryuji Ito (c) vs. Kankuro Hoshino****

Incredible match and yes I am not being sarcastic. This was a legit great match and Ryuji Ito was involved. Hoshino is usually always good but he stepped up his game in this one. Very special as this was Hoshino’s final coming out party. He has been a wrestler for awhile now but he has never worked the main event of Sumo Hall let alone win the companies top championship. Ito has had a long and boring reign with the Deathmatch title but now it’s in the hands of a great father Kankuro Hoshino. This was one of the craziest and innovative deathmatches I have ever seen. Ito jumped off the balcony onto Hoshino putting him threw a table. The best spot I have seen this year was Ito using a rana off the scaffold. It was amazing and looked perfect. Ito missed a dragon splash off the top off the scaffold. There was a syringe involved. There was many barbed wire chairs and ladders. SO MUCH STABBY STUFF IT SCARED ME. In the end Hoshino accomplishes him dream and pins Ito 1..2..3 with a senton off the scaffold. Amazing deathmatch.

What a freaking show. This is easily one of my shows of the year. Everything was good to PERFECT. Legit everything on this show delivered in one way or another and the matches I was somewhat worried about over delivered and proved me wrong. When the show is uploaded to the RealHero Puroresu Drive I recommend you brothers and sisters watch the entire show. Two MOTYC’s being the two main events. I loved all of this. Thank you Sasuke, Thank you Kojika, Thank you Sekimoto, Thank you Yuko Miyamoto, Thank you Yuichi Taniguchi, Thank you Brahman Kei. This was tremendous. Thank you Morten for streaming.


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