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BJW Presents D-RIZE (1/18/16) Review

Tokyo, Japan 
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring 
158 Fans

Yay! D-RIZE finally made tape after a month! Thanks brother Jahmale and brother Morten. This D-RIZE is a concept that came to life because of AJPW and BJW. The two promotions now have a working relationship where they share talent regularly and the storylines bridge from one company to the other. D-RIZE is under the BJW banner whilst AJ PHOENIX is under the AJPW banner but both promotions will use the same talent and serve the same purpose of shining of the spotlight on the rookies/young boys of AJPW and BJW. Wrestling is so good.

Yuma Aoyogi vs. Daisuke Sekimoto***

This was a very, very solid opening contest. It was the usual Sekimoto vs. young boy match but it never fails to entertain me. Not one blemish in the 11 minute bout. Every damn time Sekimoto is in the ring with someone he makes them look amazing. He could make Thunder look like he belongs in the main event of WrestleMania. As of late Sekimoto only uses the deadlift German suplex on big time events and on smaller shows he usually wins with a sharpshooter. I really like that as whenever he puts on the hold the crowd will believe he will win. Aoyogi looked very good in defeat and the crowd was into him.

Seiya Sanada vs. Shinobu***

Very good match between two very athletic men. Not as flashy as you would expect but they told a story and when you do that you don’t need to do 500 flips. Sanada worked Shinobu’s left leg for the entirety of the match. Shinobu would get some offence in here and there make you believe he would win but Sanada would either dropkick or dragon screw his left leg. Sanada is so polished and his return back to Japan has been excellent, everywhere he works he is awesome. Shinobu still did his springboard moonsault later in the match. He did attempt it earlier on but he was dragon screwed off the apron. Sanada does a dragon screw in the ropes and applies the figure four leg-lock for the submission victory.

Jake Lee vs. Kazumi Kikuta***

Our first match that features strictly ‘rookies’. They are both very good though. This was a fine match that was worked in the young lions style of NJPW. Nothing flashy but everything was executed well and both men worked hard. My enjoyment peaked when these two were trading kicks with one another. Both guys love using there kicks and this match was not an exception to their mentalities. Kikuta is so so good for only wrestling two years. Lee looks like a star and with a little bit more seasoning I could see him being a big player in All Japan. Lee won the bout with a back suplex.

Hideyoshi Kamitani & Yasufumi Nakanoue vs. Tatsuhiko Yoshino & Yuji Okabayashi***3/4

This was an excellent professional wrestling hoss fight. Before I give love to this match I want to say it went to a 20 minute time limit. The match did not drag at all by the way, super fast paced and constant action. I was trying to pick someone out to write about but I couldn’t because everyone was fantastic in this match, It was so good to see Nakanoue mix it up with the BJW guys. Also very cool to see GUTS World performer Tatsuhiko Yoshino getting more bookings with Big Japan. There was no real story to the match except for just wanting to beat the snot out of your opponent and winning. Kamitani and Okabayashi have so much hatred for one another everytime they are in the ring together. It was painful to watch. What to expect if you’re yet to watch this match is some of the stiffest slaps and palm strikes you will ever see. Go up to someone in your house and say slap me in the face as hard as you can and then you will know the amount of pain these four men went through. Yoshino is an excellent worker and Lawrence and myself are so happy he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. He delivers a missile dropkick almost as good as Dragon Gate’s Masato Yoshino. Okabayashi is fucking unreal. Imagine Yuji Okabayashi In the G1 this year? My goodness. So yeah, go out of your way to watch this match immediately.

Atsushi Aoki & Atsushi Maruyama vs. Team Yamato (Daichi & Kazuki Hashimoto)***1/2

WOW. Before I write my thoughts I just want to say Atsushi Maruyama shocked the world! He pinned Daichi Hashimoto with a running prawn hold! This was a super solid semi main event. The thing with Team Yamato is that they have a floor of *** for every match. They always put on a tremendous match and put forth one hell of an effort. There has been some bad blood between K-Hash and Aoki for a while now and it was expected to climax at the AJPW Jr. Battle of glory final but Kazuki sadly was injured. Another match just like the one before hand were everybody was awesome, Aoki is well established and has a big name in Japan and he did a goddamn clunk headbutt in front of 150 people! Mad respect to Mr. Aoki. It’s going to take one hell of a team to be better then Team Yamato in 2016. They have already had a great year in wrestling. I want to see them travel to the States for a month and wrestle the top independent talent in America. Kazuki has the best MMA style kicks in wrestling, they aren’t the best for whoever he is wrestling because they hurt like crazy. Daichi is a stud and at only 23 he has well over 20+ years left in wrestling if he stays healthy. Not to discredit Maruyama because he was fantastic as well but when he shares the ring with the Hashibro’s and Aoki it’s very hard to stand out. Big win for Maruyama though, I 100% expect Daichi to get his win back in the BJW Ikkitosen tournament.

Naoya Nomura vs. Yoshihisa Uto***1/4

This is very interesting on paper because both men are in the top tier of younger wrestlers in Japan. Uto represents BJW and Nomura represents AJPW. If you go into this expecting a crazy 20 minute main event that featured insane bumps you would have been disappointed. This was basically the same as Lee vs. Kikuta and you could of interchanged the matches and it wouldn’t of made a difference to the card. It’s not a bad thing, because they are ‘rookies’ they can’t put on a 30 minute match with crazy moves because that is just the mindset in Japan. And the entire point of D-RIZE is highlighting the younger wrestlers in BJW and AJPW and this was a perfect showcase. Very nice back and fourth, Uto opted to use forearms and lariats whilst Nomura used more ‘flashy’ moves like dropkicks and spears. That’s interesting that the BJW wrestler Uto used more strong style while AJPW wrestler Nomura used more of a US style. Nomura won the bout in just over 10 minutes which is weird since it is a main event but he pinned Uto with a body press from the top.

Wow what an easy to watch event. Congratulations to Big Japan and All Japan for working out this business relationship because us as fans really appreciate it. The best thing is we will be getting events like this every month. It is going to alternate between D-RIZE and AJ PHOENIX. I love that they are spotlighting the younger workers in their respective companies because everyone does matter on the card and if you make them feel important the crowds will care more. Take notes New Japan. Not one match under *** says a lot about the shear amount of in ring capability from the Big Japan and All Japan performers. Thanks for reading!


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