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BJW Ikkitousen Strong Climb Finals Review (4/10/16)

Hokkiado, Japan
Sapporo Susukino Mars Gym
565 Fans

We are finally here at the finals of the 2016 Ikkitousen tournament and I am fired up! I am coming into this show knowing the results but it does not matter one bit. On this show there are four big time matchups that are certain to be wars. Obviously the two semi-final matches and the finals but another gem on this show is the Strong BJ vs. Ryota Hama and Yoshihisa Uto match. When I was looking at this card a few days ago I thought it was odd Seiya Sanada wasn’t booked but now I know why he wasn’t… LOS INGOBERNABLES! I really do hope Sanada still appears semi-regular for Big Japan. His run in Big Japan has been tons of fun and he has put on some great matches with a variety of opponents. But anyway this show is very important for Big Japan in 2016 and I cannot wait to witness the absolute war that is going to occur in the semi-finals and finals of the Strong Climb.

(Ikkitousen Strong Climb Semi-Final) Daichi Hashimoto vs. Shuji Ishikawa***1/2

I don’t know how long this match went for off the top of my head but it was a helluva sprint. It felt like it went under 10 minutes and every second was so awesome. Just super stiff and hard hitting, a perfect Strong Climb match. Maybe 30 seconds of grappling around until they started throwing bombs at one another and by bombs I mean forearms. Lots of forearms. Daichi shined early on with some big kicks and a missile dropkick. He leg swiped the big man and hit a shining wizard. Ishikawa seemed pissed so he hits Hashimoto with big knees and a MASSIVE lariatooooo. Daichi fires back with a spinning wheel kick and another shining wizard for a close near fall. Fire thunder driver but Daichi kicks out. BRUTAL KILLER CRAZY KNEES FROM ISHIKAWA! He finally puts away Hashimoto with a Splash mountain powerbomb. The big dog is in the finals!

(Ikkitousen Strong Climb Semi-Final) Hideki Suzuki vs. Hideyoshi Kamitani

Suzuki is looking like he means fucking business! He looks so good!  So sophisticated. Kamitani jumps Suzuki as soon as he enters the ring. Action right away! Suzuki counters a backdrop suplex into a crossbody then hits a bridging dragon suplex. This was another sprint that worked beautifully. This honest to god felt like a shoot fight. Kamitani and Suzuki’s facials and expressions were so amazing just felt like they wanted to beat the hit out of each other. Kamitani was busted up within the first minute or so after some stiff ass forearms. The European uppercuts Hideki uses are so great! Billy Robinson is a great teacher. They brawl all over the arena but Kamitani knocks down Hideki with a dropkick and keeps him grounded on the outside. Kamitani makes it back into the ring and Suzuki keeps trying to but is continuously getting shoulder tackled until the 20 count! Kamitani wins by countout! Loved the finish.

Tsutomu Osugi, Hercules Senga & Yuichi Taniguchi vs. Shu Brahman, Kei Brahman & Takayuki Ueki**1/2

Ueki is in an insane police outfit. The Brahamn bros are chasing the fans all over the arena with water. I WANT TO HAVE WATER SPAT ON ME FROM THE BRAHMANS.Great Kojika is the referee for this match…MY GOD.  So this match ended with a DQ after the Brahmans wouldn’t stop choking Taniguchi with a stop sign and Kojika wouldn’t take their shit. Of course the match got restarted. EVERYONE IS GETTING WATER ON THEM! Sakuda is doing ring work and he got a tub of water poured over him! They are fighting in the gym! S.O.S are blocking water attacks with very expensive jackets! UEKI PULLED A GUN ON OOSUGI BUT KOJIKA KNOCKED THE GUN OUT OF UEKI’S HANDS. Ueki gets pinned with a backslide after the Brahmans accidentally hit him over the head with a sign and a light saber….

Yuko Miyamoto & Atsushi Maruyama vs. Tatsuhiko Yoshino & Kazumi KikutaNR

I love the dynamic of team veteran vs. team younger wrestlers. Kikuta is always impressive and his kicks are brutal. Maruyama and Yuko seemed to have some words with one another when they messed up a double team back elbow. Basically this match was built for Maruyama to look strong because he and Takeda challenged Yuko and Isami for the All Asai tag belts on the 4/11 show and were unsuccessful. Yuko and Maruyama actually traded blows at the end of this match and Maruyama KO’D Yuko with a buzzsaw kick. Yoshino and Kikuta looked good in the last 4 minutes when they got to shine. These Big Japan undercard tag matches always deliver in some way! These aren’t matches you should skip. Maruyama has very educated feet, I love his kicks. If Kikuta keeps going the way he’s going the sky is the limit. He has beautiful kicks and strikes + a fantastic diving foot stomp. Yuko and Yoshino are two of the best Japan has to offer without a doubt. Maruyama took out everyone including his team mate and pinned Kikuta with a buzzsaw kick.

(Deathmatch) Ryuji Ito, Abdullah Kobayashi & Kankuro Hoshino vs. Masaya Takahashi, Jaki Numazawa & Masashi Takeda**3/4

This was fine. Your regular BJW midcard deathmatch really. I don’t need to say much at all because you have seen it all a billion times. Lots of lightubes and lots of blood. Numazawa is wrestling in runners now which looks so low rent. Takahashi and Ito had some real neat interactions. Takeda did his stuff. Kobayashi was fun. Just the regular shit. Takahashi pinned Hoshino with a top rope jackhammer.

Yuji Okabayashi & Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Ryota Hama & Yoshihisa Uto***3/4

THIS WAS WAR! Exactly what you would expect from these four MEN. These aren’t wrestlers or performers they are MEN and vicious MEN that will beat you the fuck up. Strong BJ have the best chemistry with Ryota Hama. Hama is so god like on his own but when he wrestling Yuji or Daisuke he goes into that next level of awesomeness and puts on one hell of a performance. This was the perfect example of what to expect in a BJW tag match. Brutal strikes, heated sequences and fun! I love Sekimoto’s new character of just trying to calm everyone down and be a loving bloke. I love Sekimoto for starters. Uto looked super polished in this match, if he improves his body I can see him in the main event of BJW shows in the near future. Hama is so much better in BJW than Wrestle-1 and I love W-1! It’s just this style suits the big man more and it allows him to put on varied matches. The chops in this match were off the charts painful! Like that was the story of the match, how hard could one another chop. Loved it. STRONK STYLE IS THE BEST STYLE. So many awesome things. This was basically Big Japan’s version of a Dragon Gate sprint but with four MEN. Yuji Okabayashi pinned Uto with a folding powerbomb in the end.

(Ikkitousen Strong Climb Final) Shuji Ishikawa vs. Hideyoshi Kamitani****1/4

OK BROTHERS! WATCH THIS ASAP! BROTHER MORT WAS CORRECT! THIS WAS A HOSS FIGHT THAT PUT ALL OTHER HOSS FIGHTS TO SHAME! I loved this whole hardheartedly and thought it was such a special match for so many reasons. Instead of just re-capping the match I am going to tell you what transpired in this near 23 minute war. No grappling around these two just run full force at one another seeing who can stand up, Kamitani sends Ishikawa stumbling to the outside so he capitalizes and knocks Shuji off his feet with a shoulder tackle off the apron. The action goes back inside the squared circle. Kamitani uses some standard elbow drops and then locks in his signature side headlock which the crowd reacts to! A crowd never reacts to a side headlock but Kamitani’s headlock is better than any other headlock in professional wrestling today. Ishikawa fights back and hip tosses Kamitani from the ring to the outside and proceeds to murder young Kamitani on the outside. Throwing him into chairs and slamming him on the mats. Back into the ring and Shuji is focusing his attack on the sternum and lower back of Kamitani. Continuous forearms and stretches that work on those areas of the anatomy. Brother Kamitani knows that his best option for attack is a shoulder tackle so that’s exactly what he does and that knocks down the near 15 year pro. Kamitani used a bulldog that mirrored Dustin Rhodes’ bulldog from WCW in the early 90s. He attempts a kokina clutch but the much larger Ishikawa makes it to the ropes fast. Shuji fights back with a Karl Gotch style tombstone piledriver followed by his diving foot stomp for a near fall. The two MEN trade lariats in the corner but Kamitani gets the better of the veteran and knocks him on his ass with a big time left arm lariat from a 2 count. Kamitani suplexes Ishikawa and then applies Kawada’s stretch plum but Ishikawa fights up and nails a flying crossbody! The two warriors trade some of the stiffest and disgusting forearms you will ever see and then Shuji does the rainmaker clunk headbutt then goes for a fire thunder driver but Kamitani slips out and connects with a sliding shoulder tackle!!! FIRED UP. He then gets the big man over with his perfect back drop suplex and signals for a second but Ishikawa counters with a judo throw and knees the 23-year-old square in the chest. Release dragon suplex followed by another knee and yet again Kamitani kicks out. KAMITANI KICKS OUT OF THE FIRE THUNDER DRIVER. KAMITANI KICKS OUT OF THE SPLASH MOUNTAIN WHICH NOBODY DOES! Ishikawa is stumped and locks Kamitani up around the legs and delivers more clunk headbutts but by god Kamitani is not giving up as he struggles his way to the bottom rope. Super brutal finish where they trade open hand strikes back and forth until Ishikawa hits another rainmaker headbutt followed by a Giant suplex which is like a wrist clutch Angle slam to finally put away Kamitani. THE BIG DOG DID IT; HE IS THE 2016 STRONG CLIMB WINNER! Such a good moment! At 40 years of age Shuji Ishikawa has gone back-to-back as the winner of the tournament. I am actually pulling for Ishikawa to win the BJW Strong Championship from Okabayashi! That would be so special. Especially if Ishikawa main events Sumo Hall as the reigning BJW Strong Champion. What a fricking match.

What a show and I am so glad I finished this show because I have nine other Puroresu shows to watch and probably review and it’s my birthday week so I am crazy busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way because I love what I am doing and I love this site. Without Wrestling With Words I don’t know where I would be. This site is something special and to everyone that visits everyday we thank you so much. We are growing everyday thanks to you guys and we cannot thank you ALL enough. Thank you for reading my random Puro reviews and everyone else’s articles and review. We here at Wrestling With Words love you so much. Before I leave I just want to say I love Big Japan Pro Wrestling.


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