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BJW Ikkitousen Strong Climb 2016 Day 2 Review (3/10/16)

Tokyo, Japan 
Shinkiba 1st Ring 
144 Fans – Super No Vacancy 

BJW is going to be dropping a ton of shows in the near future and I can’t be happier. All of the shows are going to be apart of the “Ikkitousen” tournament which is basically BJW’s G1. This is one of the smaller shows but it still should be a ton of fun. I didn’t review the first 2 matches because honestly they didn’t look great and I have that much great wrestling to watch I don’t want to waste 20 minutes watching ‘meh’ wrestling. Check out Trask’s review of Day 1.

Ryuji Ito, Isami Kodaka & Yuko Miyamoto vs. Takumi Tsukamoto, Saburo Inematsu & Masaya Takahashi**1/2

This was a whole lot of nothing but since it has Isami and Yuko it is still okay. Lots of brawling that the cameras didn’t pick up, the audio was all of wack for this match. There are 4 pyramids of chairs in each corner of the ring. Isami attempted to climb the pyramid but fell sadly. Isami attempted climbing another stack of chairs and fell once again but this time it was very awkward and Isami sold it. Ito superplexed Inematsu onto a pile of chairs and then Ito pinned Tsukamoto with a frog splash.

Yuji Okabayashi, Seiya Sanada & Toshiyuki Sakuda vs. Shinobu, Tatsuhiko Yoshino & Kazumi Kikuta***3/4

Really awesome match right here. I love all these guys but I didn’t think the 4th match on the card would be this awesome. Sakuda is so athletic. Yuji and Yoshino have a nice little grapple off. Yoshino is being a lot more vicious in this bout. Sanada did the Kobashi rolling cradle for a near fall. Shinobu and Okabayashi had a fantastic strong sequence, I am so happy with this Shinobu vs. Okabayashi feud. Shinobu coutered a pop up powerbomb into a snap hurricanrana! Yoshino missile dropkicked Yuji out of nowhere and then Shinobu did a big Asai moonsault onto Sakuda and Sanada. Yuji flattened Kikuta with a lariat and then finished him off with a folding powerbomb.

(Ikkitousen Strong Climb Block B) Shuji Ishikawa vs. Yoshihisa Uto***1/2

This was very very good. Nothing great but a really good singles match. Shuji was in the role of pissed off veteran. Uto dropkicked Shuji which led to his short lived comeback, Uto even got Ishikawa up for a suplex. Shuji fk’n Ishikawa killed Uto with a top rope draped DDT followed by a double stomp. Uto slid out of the Fire Thunder Driver and connected with a sliding lariat. Big backdrop suplex but Uto kicked out at 1. Shuji was pissed and hit a knee but Uto kicked out again! Ishikawa tied Uto up like a pretzel and gave Uto shoot headbutts until the ref stopped the match.

(Ikkitousen Strong Climb Block A) Daichi Hashimoto vs. Hideyoshi Kamitani***1/4

Little bit of feeling each other out until they get into throwing strikes. Kamaitani is really wrenching his trademark headbutt. Kamitani shoot punched Daichi in the face 3 times and Daichi collapsed! Awesome missile dropkick that hit Kamitani right in his face. Kamitani did his elbow from the top and immediately follows it up with the stretch crab. Daichi doesn’t win with the Shining Wizard so he applies the Hashimoto arm bar for the win.

(Ikkitousen Strong Climb Block A) Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Atsushi Maruyama***3/4

Awesome match, Maruyama knew that this was a big spot for him and took it to Sekimoto straight away. Big strikes and awesome submissions in the opening few minutes, Maruyama’s selling of the holds is adding a ton to the match. Maruyama did a Rainmaker roundhouse kick and then did his trio of kicks ending with a giant superkick. Really good back and forth action. Maruyama did a running tope con hilo. Maruyama got a very close near fall with a buzzsaw kick. Maruyama countered a lariat into a octopus stretch that was phenomenal. Big frog splash from Daisuke. Maruyama blocked one lariat but got hit with the second one. A deadlift German finishes Maruyama. Watch this when you can!

(Ikkitousen Strong Climb Block B) Hideki Suzuki vs. Ryota Hama***1/2

This was a very awesome quick little match. One of the best 8 minute matches in recent memory. Hama decimates Suzuki from the get go and gives him an Avalanche splash into the steel pole on the outside. Suzuki goddamn Rude Awakened the 500 lb Ryota Hama. Lots of Hama squashing Suzuki which is beautiful. Hama German suplexed Hideki and then hit 2 big splashes! Hama tapped to the Hideki Suzuki arm bar.

Super awesome fun show. 2 great matches that I highly recommend you guys go and watch. I am very excited to see the future BJW shows that drop, because so far, they are my promotion of the yar for 2016 and every show has at least one thing that is great. Thank you for reading. Keep it locked on Wrestling With Words for all things BJW Ikkitousen Strong Climb 2016.


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