Puroresu WWW Review Archive (December 2015-July 2017)


Yokohama, Japan 
Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium

Big Japan is back with a Big time show! This show is in a very large arena and features two really important matches in the world that is Big Japan Pro Wrestling. Big Japan has been my favorite promotion in 2016 and every show of theirs has at least one real good bout. This is also the second time Jun Akiyama is stepping foot inside a Big Japan ring. Sadly Isami and Yuko are stuck in a under card death match and not positioned higher which I wish they were. One thing I find interesting is that the Strong Heavyweight Championship is not the main event and BJW is putting the Deathmatch Championship defense as the main. I don’t really understand it because Big Japan has been focusing more on the wrestling and less on the death matches as of late. One thing is missing from this show and that is the lack of Brahman Bros. But that is fine because I think this will be a great show.

Shinobu, Yuichi Taniguchi & Kankuro Hoshino vs. Tatsuhiko Yoshino, Kazumi Kikuta & Toshiyuki Sakuda**3/4
This was fine for what it was. Shinobu and Sakuda had a really fun sequence that lasted all of 15 seconds. Kikuta has graduated from the black trunks and is now wearing tights which honestly don’t suit him. Tatsuhiko Yoshino was impressive as always and used a great dropkick on Hoshino. Taniguchi is really terrible which is mean but yeah he stinks. He is basically a watered down Masanobu Fuichi. Sakuda does this awesome reverse cannonball into the corner, he squashed Shinobu with that. Shinobu killed Kikuta with a lariat and then hit a Shinjiro Otani like missile dropkick to pin Kikuta.

Ryota Hama & Yasufumi Nakanoue vs. Hideki Suzuki & Yoshihisa Uto***3/4

This was a goddamn shoot and I am not lying when I say that. Uto and Hama were cool as always but that’s not what I want to talk about. Hideki Suzuki basically killed Nakanoue for this entire bout and I am convinced it was a shoot. Nakanoue did fight back when he could but man right from the opening bell Hideki just drilled Nakanoue with elbows and boots and everything under the sun! Suzuki just toyed with Nakanoue, kicking him in the head and treating him like trash. It was amazing! This didn’t feel like a wrestling match at all, it felt like a fight. Nakanoue put down Suzuki just once with a rolling forearm. Hama made his usual hot tag and Uto was impressive as always. Hama used a flying cross body on Uto but Hideki’s and Nakanoue’s brawl tumbled over the pin attempt to break that up. Nakanoue used Suzuki’s own double arm suplex on Suzuki! Suzuki got even more fired up and no sold that and brawled with Nakanoue on the outside. Hama pinned Uto with a splash but the brawl on the outside continued. This was a great fight and I am very interested in seeing if they do a singles match down the road.

(Table Crash Deathmatch) Yuko Miyamoto & Isami Kodaka vs. Takumi Tsukamoto & Takayuki Ueki**3/4

So this wasn’t a death match it was a tables match and it was just okay. I wish Yankee Two Kenju could wrestle Shinobu and Sakuda instead of doing this death match stuff. I get that they have done death matches for a while but they are some of the best wrestlers on this planet and I want to see them wrestle! But if they are happy doing death matches then more power to them. This match did incorporate psychology and did make sense. Some cool spots of this was Tsukamoto hitting a blue thunder bomb on Miyamoto. Isami used a corner dropkick on Ueki but he connected his feet into the crutch of Ueki. In the shock of all shocks Takayuki Ueki drove Isami threw a table in the corner to win the match! Didn’t expect that at all and as a big Isami fan it annoyed me.

(Double Cross Grave Deathmatch) Abdullah Kobayashi & Minoru Fujita vs. Jaki Numazawa & Masashi Takeda**1/2

I really did not want to watch this but I did and I did not pay full attention but I did see the important stuff. Lots of blood as you would imagine. Kobayashi used steel claws on Takeda. Barbed wire crucifixes were very prevalent. Jaki who looks absolutely terrible traded shoot headbutts with Kobayashi which was utterly disgusting. Abby was body slammed onto spikes. Fujita Russian leg-sweeped Takeda onto a razor board which made Fujita bleed profusely. Takeda and Fujita worked well together and it was good whenever they were in the ring. Fujita took so much punishment, much respect to him. Fujita was suplexed onto a pile of evil,dirty weapons and then had Abby suplexed onto him. Tombstone piledriver on a cinder block covered in razor blades. Jaki used a really good snap hurricanrana on Fujita to win.

Daisuke Sekimoto & James Raideen vs. Jun Akiyama & Daichi Hashimoto***1/2

This was a real good match but it didn’t reach that next level. A fair few people were saying Raideen bought this match down and I would have to disagree. Raideen more then held his own with the strong lads and came off as a monster. Everyone got separate entrance’s which truly made this feel special. Sekimoto and Akiyama kick things off to a big pop and the two men run full force at each other numerous times until Sekimoto knocks down Jun. Raideen overpowers Daichi but Daichi still attempts to knock down the giant his facing. Raideen’s chops are some of the best, the sound they create is devastating. Many forearms and kicks and chops from everyone involved.. Truly a war! Raideen press slammed Hashimoto which looked very impressive. Big dog Jun makes his come back and runs wild with knee’s on Raideen, I love the sliding knee he does the most. Raideen choke-slammed Jun which looked so good! Jun is still a bumping machine. Jun and Daisuke has an incredible sequence full of German’s, knee’s and other manly things. Falcon arrow followed by a PK from Daichi. Akiyama and Daichi gel really well even though the have never tagged before. Sekitmoto pins Daichi with a dead lift German suplex hold. Jun looked pissed off post match. ***1/2

(BJW World Strong Heavyweight Championship) Yuji Okabayashi (c) vs. Shuji Ishikawa****1/4

What a war! What a fucking war of two giant men! What a fucking war of two giant men out to kill everything insight. This was amazing! Much better than their awesome match from the first night of the Ikkitousen. The match started off slow working holds and very basic but it soon picked up dramatically. Shuji quickly got the advantage which allowed the crowd to really get into cheering for the champion. Shuji was hit with a lariat whilst seated on the middle rope which sent him tumbling to the outside but goddamn Yuji Okabayashi busted out a big boy plancha! Yuji then power-slammed Shuji on the outside. Very impressed to see Yuji get Shuji up in the torture rack. Real neat STO/cobra clutch combination from Shuji. Shuji no sold a superplex and back dropped Yuji who no sold that and both men get knocked down with lariats. Yuji kicked out of a dragon suplex followed by a fire thunder driver. I should mention their were at least 15 shoot/clunk style headbutts in this match. My favorite being the rainmaker headbutt. Yuji kicked out of the splash mountain which is super rare. Rainmaker headbutt but Yuji fires back with a Jushin Liger rolling kick!!! THAT WAS FUCKING INSANE. Yuji killed Shuji with a lariat and a golem splash but Shuji somehow kicks out. The last five minutes were insane and I could write 1000 words on the last five minutes alone. Just picture a world of shoot headbutts and lariats and that’s what the last five minutes of this match looked like. The two warriors traded slaps and then more headbutts and lariats but Yuji capitalizes on a lariat and hits a second golem splash to retain! He was so happy! ****1/4

(BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship) Ryuji Ito (c) vs. Masaya Takahashi 

As someone who likes death matches on the occasion this was good. That’s tough for me to say because my favorite death match workers are Jun Kasai and Masashi Takeda and they weren’t in this match. I am not really a fan of either guy. Well I do enjoy Takahashi outside of death matches. Ito is a bore because you know exactly what is going to happen every match. Poor Takahashi took most of the punishment in this bout. Ito has terrible pro wrestling punches. I saw a few death match fans giving this upwards of four starts and personally I couldn’t imagine that but everyone has different preferences. Ito does still have a pretty killer moonsault press. Ito was stabbing Masaya in the head with these nail like things? I am not sure but they did not look like fun one bit. Ito used a hurricanrana from the middle rope which sent Takahashi through a pane of glass. Masaya was full of fire and the crowd really got into that. He used a German suplex hold for a near fall and then a jackhammer onto razor blades but Ito once again kicked out. Fucking Ryuji Ito used a syringe on Takahashi and stabbed it through his cheek. That was disgusting and I almost through up my dinner. HE GAVE TAKAHASHI A GERMAN SUPLEX WHILE HE HAS A GIANT SYRINGE IN HIS MOUTH! Ito finally ended the match with the dragon splash with light tubes. My god this was scary. If you enjoy death matches you will love this. ***1/2

So there we have it! Big Japan Endless Survivor 2016 is done and dusted. I thought it wasn’t a blow away show by any means but there were 3 very good matches and one great match which is of course Yuji vs. Shuji. Very easy to watch show and I have to thank Morten for streaming this live! So I watched this three hour show live which started at 4 pm for me in Australia so I can’t complain. The crowd was not your usual loud Big Japan crowd. That may be caused because of the large arena. Check out Shuji vs. Yuji whenever you can and if you have a strong stomach I would recommend you to watch the deathmatch main event.


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