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BJW 2/2/16 Review

Tokyo, Japan
Shinkiba 1st Ring
Before 338 Fans

Hello everybody! Izzac is back with a Big Japan review, and yes I just typed in 3rd person. This show looks pretty wild on paper with a variety of different matchups including the super weird main event (which photos have surfaced of) and oh boy…it looks different, but I am quite excited to view. Lawrence would be glad that Tatsuhiko Yoshino is working this show against Seiya Sanada! That should be great. BJW shows are the best and even though this is a small show it should still be easy to watch and entertaining.

Jaki Numazawa & Yuichi Taniguchi vs. Masato Inaba & Kankuro Hoshino*1/2

This by all means should be terrible. Taniguchi and Numazawa started working over Inaba’s fingers Sabre Jr. style until Hoshino tagged in. IN FRONT OF 338 FANS NUMAZAWA DID THE SKULL TO SKULL HEADBUTTS ON HOSHINO!!! Dude. Save it for the big shows please. Jaki is the most sleaziest wrestler in BJW, also he is damn ugly. Although he did bust out some cool moves. Inaba and Hoshino look to have the match won but Taniguchi kicked the female referee to break up the pin. So, Taniguchi tags in and I guess you could say he ran wild but his offense was so weak I am going to say he jogged wild. Hoshino pinned Taniguchi with the Gedo clutch. Sort of entertaining but nothing good.

Atsushi Maruyama , Masaya Takahashi & Toshiyuki Sakuda vs. Takumi Tsukamoto, Kazuki Hashimoto & Daichi Hashimoto***1/4

If you want to hear who Atsushi Maruyama’s name outside of BJW is, listen to the 4th edition of Puro in the Rough. This should be very good. Sakuda and Takahashi have a nice opening exchange, Maruyama and Kazuki tag in. Daichi wins a strike exchange with Takahashi and tags in Kazuki who proceeds to kick the life out of Masaya Takahashi. Oh man, Takahashi is a chubby dude but he did the best drop-sault I have ever seen! Following that he tags in Maruyama who runs wild on his opponents with kicks, enzugiri’s and so much more. I really enjoy Maruyama’s work, I was going to say he should get booked more places but then I remembered he wrestles numerous places under a mask (coughs at Lawrence). Sakuda and Takahashi destroy poor Tsukamoto with two sentons in the corner. After that, Takahashi hits the big ending and Sakuda hits a lionsault for a near fall. The finish saw Tsukamoto hit a superkick, Kazuki hit a killer German suplex and Daichi finishing Sakuda off with the shining wizard paying homage to Keji Muto.

Seiya Sanada vs. Tatsuhiko Yoshino***1/2

This was a super match. It only went 11 minutes, but man it was great. The two men traded holds with one another which resulted in two stand offs. Seiya Sanada was tired of holds and decided to beat Yoshino up. Sanada spiked Yoshino with a pile-driver on the outside. Sanada is crazy athletic as is Yoshino for that matter. Yoshino hit a missile dropkick in which Sanada sold like he got shot. The final 4 minutes of this match were a crazy sprint. Yoshino hit a DDT and smoothly transitioned into a Boston Crab. Sanada hit a rolling elbow but Yoshino caught him with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Sanada did a springboard missile dropkick that was fantastic. Yoshino rolled Sanada up three times which the crowd bought as a finish. Sanada hits a fireman’s carry cutter followed by a Tiger suplex that Yoshino kicked out of! Sanada is pissed and makes Yoshino tap to the Dragon sleeper.

Isami Kodaka & Yuko Miyamoto vs. Abdullah Kobayashi & Masashi Takeda****

Takeda and Isami start the bout. The crowd is into all four guys and loved the Takeda/Kodaka grappling to begin. Abby and Yuko have a hilarious ‘grappling’ exchange if you can call it that. Takeda and Abby work over Kodaka’s left arm early on until Isami hits a dragon screw. Yankee Two Kenju begin to work Abby’s legs for a fair while. Takeda tags in and has a crazy technical sequence with Kodaka that ends with Kodaka no selling an exploder and executing a flying armbar. Yuko tags in and gets the better of Takeda but Takeda does a crazy heel hook and tags Kobayashi in which is always a good time when he makes hot tags. He did Kobayashi things (elbows, uppercuts and his NJPW tribute act). Yuko superplexed Abby! Then, Isami hits a double knee drop! The four guys battled for another 4 minutes but it ended in a 20 minute draw. I liked that no one had to get pinned.

Daisuke Sekimoto & Yoshihisa Uto vs. Hideyoshi Kamitani & Kazumi Kikuta***1/2

This should be a very nice match, but nothing special; and that is exactly what it was. A very basic match but everything they did in this match meant something. Uto was carrying most of the workload early on for his team. After around 7 minutes the match really started to get going. Kamitani is going to be the number 3 guy in BJW within the next 2 years, Kikuta is so young but yet so good. He works like Shibata. Sekimoto was bumping around for Kamitani and at one point in the match the two bulls ran at each other and you could hear Sekimoto say ‘fuck’ when he got hit. Uto was fantastic in this as well. My favorite spot of the match was when Kikuta was kicking Sekimoto in the chest and after the third kick, Sekimoto just killed him with a lariat and locked in the sharpshooter for the submission win.

(Water Hell On the Brink of Choking! Tension in Winter! Dainihon in Winter! Winter Vacation Pro-Wrestling Without You Knowing! Poseidon Adventure Splash Match) Ryuji Ito, Yuji Okabayashi, Tsutomu Osugi & Hercules Senga vs. Shu Brahman, Kei Brahman, Shinobu & Takayuki Ueki

Oh my god. Just look at the name of this match. Not to mention the Brahmans are in this as well as the comedic version of Shinobu. Oh, and Ueki will try and shoot everyone. OMG, this match may be sleazier than any HEAT-UP show ever. Ito looks so out of place, he came out to techno music. Yuji Okabayashi, my goodness! He is wearing red overalls and dancing with the Speeds of Sound. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. HE DID THE ENTIRE SOS DANCE WHILST ITO IS STANDING IN THE CORNER USING A WATER GUN!!! THE REF IS DANCING!!! YUJI IS SMILING!!! Shinobu and Yuji start the match with shoot wrestling! This review has fell off the rails, I apologize. I FORGOT TO MENTION YUJI IS WEARING A RED WIG. This fucking match is ridiculous in the best way. The Brahmans are assaulting everyone with blow up dolls/animals and Ueki Lucha hip tossed everyone except Yuji who made everyone bump just by raising his hands. THEY ARE ALL THROWING WATER BALLOONS AT THE CROWD AND EACH OTHER! THE BRAHMANS GET A SACK FULL OF MANDARINS AND ARE THROWING THEM AT THE CROWD AND HITTING THE FRUIT WITH A TENNIS RACKET! This is the funniest thing ever. So much stuff is going on. Shinobu hit a frankensteiner on Ito and then the SOS came in and they attempted to work with Shinobu to hit three moonsault planchas at the same time but the ropes were way too slippery! UEKI CAME OUT AND MADE ICE WITH AN ICE MAKER! In Australia we call them snow cones, and he threw the ‘snow’ into the crowd whilst romantic music played. YUJI ATTACKED THE BRAHMANS WITH A BUBBLE SHOOTING DEVICE. Yuji pinned Ueki after the Dragon splash! That was something. One of my favorite spectacles of all time. It doesn’t deserve ratings but I LOVED IT.

Watch the main event. That is all.


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