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BJW Road to Ikkitousen (February 10) Review & Results


BJW Road to Ikkitousen on February 10, 2017 

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Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan 

Yuko Miyamoto & Isami Kodaka def. Tsutomu Oosugi & Hercules Senga***1/2

Tremendous match here, this was the third match on this card but the first I watched. Was very awesome as you would imagine, considering the wrestlers involved. Isami and Yuko doing non deathmatch stuff in BJW is somewhat of a rarity now a days, so this was a pleasant surprise. This was short, going just over seven minutes but it was balls to the wall action throughout. They did a lot of unique stuff the BJW audience has not seen before, lots of unique counters. Yuko especially was on fire in this. Speeds Of Sound boys were impressive with their dives and lucha libre influenced offense. Isami did a tope suicida out of nowhere which popped me. Senga did a huge tope con hilo. Isami got the win with the European Clutch on Oosugi.

Kohei Sato, Kazuki Hashimoto & Kazumi Kikuta def. Daichi Hashimoto, Atsushi Maruyama & Takuya Nomura***1/2

On the same awesomeness level as the previous bout though obviously it was worked in a much different style. Once again the young man Takuya Nomura shined and was the star of the match. It wasn’t even like he was spotlighted more than anyone else, it’s just that he found a way to come out looking like a million bucks. Do not get me wrong. He took one hell of a beating. The kicks he received from Kohei Sato were brutal, it made Nomura move at least a couple inches on impact. Kikuta looked good here which is something I’m not used to saying, he had a mean streak in him. Daichi and Kazuki continue to tease us of their eventual singles match. Kohei was a destructive god. Just a really good match here. In the end the veteran Sato pinned Nomura with his signature Piledriver.

Jaki Numazawa, Masashi Takeda & Takumi Tsukamoto def. Abdullah Kobayashi, Ryuji Ito & Toshiyuki Sakuda***

This was going really well, and up until the closing sequence was a damn good deathmatch. Just the finish with Jaki pinning Abby seemed odd and outta nowhere in a bad way. They were doing their signature running headbutt spot and then boom…Jaki gets the school boy. Sakuda much like Nomura in the previous bout took a hellacious beating throughout the match. He did get some shine in, most notably with his impressive Lionsault. Ito looked great as usual, his moonsault will never not be awesome. Takeda looked like a world beater, he is my pick to win this years Ikkoutsen Deathmatch League. As I mentioned prior, Jaki pinned Abby with a school boy.

Ryota Hama, Shogun Okamoto & Yoshihisa Uto def. Yuji Okabayashi, Hideyoshi Kamitani & Yasufumi Nakanoue***1/4

THESE ARE SOME BIG BIG BOYS THAT DO SOME BIG THINGS. My father walked in on me watching this match and all he said was ‘WOAH’ at the sight of Ryota Hama. Shogun Okamoto is going to be appearing more regularly for BJW this year, but these things take time. He’ll work the Korakuen events from now on for sure. Uto has lost a lot of the heat he had when he was pinning Sekimoto in January, he is back to being just another guy much like Kamitani. Though I must say Kamitani looked much better here than he has in a couple months. Yuji Okabayashi was the superstar he always is. So charismatic and so smooth. He sadly couldn’t lift Hama off his feet. If you didn’t believe me when I said Shogun is going to be in BJW more…he pinned Hideyoshi Kamitani with one of the best release backdrop suplexes you will see. Okamoto has a wicked backdrop suplex.

Hideki Suzuki def. Ryuichi Kawakami ***1/4

This is pretty crazy, right? This is the main event of a BJW Korakuen Hall show. If you told me that this time last year I wouldn’t have believed you but here we are. These two warriors fighting for the right to face Sekimoto in March for the Strong Heavyweight Championship. This was a good match, not excellent but there were many moments of excellence. I can tell Hideki calls at least 80% of his match on the fly and I love it. With his background in MMA it makes me believe his matches are CONFIRMED SHOOTS. Kawakami was awesome here, he threw some bombs as we all know he can. When he returned he mentioned he dropped 5kg but he has most certainly put that back on, he is looking THICC. That’s not a bad thing, in BJW size is what you want. Hideki and Kawakami traded German suplexes, Hideki used his Billy Robinson inspired offence. Kawakami stuck to what he knows best and that’s elbows. In the end seemingly out of nowhere Hideki nails the Double-Arm Suplex to pick up the victory and the right to challenge Sekimoto for the Strong Heavyweight Title.

  • Good - 6.5/10


This was a good show. Nothing was skippable from the matches I viewed and I was entertained throughout. The best match for me would have to be the Yankee vs. S.O.S match but tomorrow I could tell you the Takuya Nomura six man tag was better. Both very good bouts. Thank you for reading!



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