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Big Matches in Lucha: Psycho Clown vs. Pentagon Jr.

Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA)

Watch: Cubsfan’s YouTube Channel (match link here)

Date: July 3, 2016 (aired July 9, 2016)

Centro Civico Nueva Aragon – Ecatepec, Estado de México

Let me explain what Big Matches in Lucha means before I get into why I’m reviewing this match. In lucha there is so much to cover every week and so little time. In CMLL not only do we have Friday shows, but Monday and Tuesday shows that get get streamed. WIth AAA’s programming at this point, there is very little point to covering every week in my opinion due to how much of a dumpster fire AAA has become, it would just mess with the sanity of any common reviewer on this site (AAA already messes with my sanity with backstage stuff, week in and week out). There is just so much to watch. Very little of anything actually makes you want to cover everything that happens in the big companies. So instead of full show reviews for things like AAA or the non important  CMLL shows, I will be reviewing matches I think should be covered. This is usually means big singles matches in Lucha as not a lot actually happens in the realm of Lucha unlike any other wrestling genre.

Why is this a match I think should be covered? Well simply put, Pentagon Jr. does not have a lot of singles matches in AAA. Despite him being widely popular in not only Mexico but across the world due to Lucha Underground. Pentagon Jr. is a star and one of the hottest luchadores going right now. Despite all of that, this is his first singles match in AAA since 4/16/2014 against Australian Suicide (a good match that you should check out) so this match is a pretty big deal. This match is against Psycho Clown for his AAA Latin American Championship. Psycho Clown for those who may not know is one of AAA’s biggest and most over stars. He has a lot of detractors online, but I am not one of them. I find him to be a very entertaining and hard worker. This match is a big deal as this is two of AAA’s biggest and most over guys in the company, Pentagon Jr. is a world wide star while Psycho Clown is a star nationwide. Now lets get into the match!

Latin American Championship: Psycho Clown (c) vs Pentagon Jr.*** 3/4

This was one of the more enjoyable and one of the most frustrating matches AAA has put on all year. This was a very hard worked match that had two parts to it. First part was the straight up wrestling match. A lot of great dives including both guys flipping over the top rope. Both guys threw everything they had at each other. Package Piledrivers, Canadian Destroyers, chops, and the likes. This part was a very hard working straight up wrestling match from both guys that sucked you in. The near falls got you jumping. It all broke down after Pentagon started to get frustrated and took a chair to the refs back. Pentagon Jr. then set up array of chairs with a slanted table in front on top of them. Pentagon then tried to slam Psycho Clown into that table but Psycho Clown reversed it into a Canadian Destroyer into the table. Psycho then tried pinning Pentagon Jr. but the ref was still out. When this happened Pagano (a terrible death match wrestler who is getting a undeserved push and is likely main eventing Triplemania against Psycho Clown in a hair vs. mask match) interfered, and slamming the clown into a chair. Pentagon Jr. takes this opportunity and does a double stomp from the top rope to get a delayed pin while another ref runs out there.

Like I said this was a very hardworking match from both guys. I had this match at 4 stars till the interference from Pagano. While the inference made sense to continue the story they want to push forward (even though I may not like it) and that is fine but I still can’t help to be disappointed. This was Pentagon Jr’s second big win of the year, and both times were due to shenanigans. (first one being the Rey de Reyes win). As many Lucha Underground fans know, Pentagon Jr. is a star in the making. A guy you can build your whole company around even though he is a rudo. He can make the company a lot of money, but when they put him into a meaningful match, they have to mess it up with crap booking. AAA is a very disorganized company, but Pentagon Jr is the future of it. Let him become a star, a legend. If they don’t do it soon, it is going to be too late as another company is going to pick him up and give him and many other guys that deserve to be at the top a lot of money. With all that said, I highly recommend to check it out. As I stated before it is rare for Pentagon Jr. to get a singles match in AAA, and he and Psycho Clown did deliver in this match.


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