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Beyond Wrestling “Territorial Pissings” Review (4/2/16)

Beyond is a promotion out of Rhode Island, and they are usually pretty good! They also had a show before this called New England Mania that I reviewed earlier, so you should check that out! The show opens up with a Talk Show called “In The Sack” with Matt Taven and the guests were Mike Bennett and Maria. Taven was being very “sexual”. When Maria was about to give a lap dance to Mike, EYFBO and Jaka came out and interrupted it. They picked out a girl member of the audience and Maria was getting started but Mike shut it down. The segment then devolves and it was pretty funny.

Matt Cross vs. Travis Gordon***1/2

A battle of high flyers, and to say I was not excited for the match, would be a huge lie. Just great great high flying, off the wall action. Early on, Gordon gets some air on the ground by hitting a standing Shooting Star Press. A lot of great springboards. Just a load of smooth movements, great agility, like when Cross hit a flipping back elbow. Cross hits an awesome combo of a double stomp then a standing moonsault. This was a very fun sprint, and a great choice of an opener, perfect way to get the crowd very hot and ready for the rest of the show. Cross wins with the rebound cutter in a great opener!

Jordynne Grace vs. Ryan Galeone**1/4

It feels like every Beyond show has an intergender match these days. I don’t have an issue with that, but sometimes they are not the best. I feel like Galeone is not the best in these matches too, as Grace was pretty good in this one, had amazing strength, but pretty unimpressed like I was in his match with Candice. Galeone was just being a dick for a lot of the match, and I did not find it that entertaining. When the match was evening up, in terms of control, it was much more entertaining to watch. Galeone wins after hitting a roundhouse kick and a dead lift powerbomb.

Beaver Boys vs. Da Hoodz**3/4

The Beaver Boys are always fun to watch, Silver is just amazing, great strength for a guy his size. Silver and Pyro squared off for a bit and it was alright. The pace in the beginning was very slow, but not in a good way, just very boring. But then when the action picked up, and Beaver Boys hit some awesome moves, it got a lot better. Da Hoodz are a weird team to me, one match they could be really good, the other, they could be very lackluster and this was the case. Good thing Silver and Reynolds were here to make this a lot more entertaining. When Silver got the hot tag, it was a lot better, he goes crazy, stiff strikes and hits awesome suplexes, hes just a great wrestler. Silver even kicked out of a Hood Stomp! Silver hits his Monkey Flip Destroyer then the Beaver Boys hit their finisher, and with help from Dave Cole interference. The match was pretty bad at some points, but there were a lot of great moments.

Suge D vs. Chuck O’Neil***

God, how can you not love Suge D? Chuck brought the MMA style to the fight, and Suge D just has something about him, and it created an interesting dynamic. And that interesting dynamic was pretty good. Seeing Suge D in a match like this was weird, but not bad at all. There was a point when they traded stiff strikes, and it was a good sequence. Chuck was really dominating this match, but to see a guy like Suge try to comeback is really entertaining. Chuck hits a top rope belly to back suplex but Suge D kicks out at one. Chuck O’Neil hit a running jumping knee strike and Suge D was out for the count. A good contest, a lot better than I thought it would be.

The Hooligans & Viking War Party vs. Crusade For Change***

One team is amazing, and one is not so much. Hooligans and the Viking War Party are such a hoot to watch but Darius Carter is pretty bad sometimes; he wasn’t that bad here. It starts off as a crazy brawl. This was a car crash of a match, weapons and all, and that is not a bad thing, very entertaining. A lot of fighting on the outside. The ref had no control of this brawl, just crazy, a sick table spot. EYFBO was marking out on the commentary the whole time and it was great. Little Viking just gets destroyed as Crusade for Change win.

Jonathan Gresham vs. JT Dunn***3/4

This had the potential to be a hoot. Match starts off hot with strikes and chops from both Gresham and Dunn and a springboard moonsault from Gresham. When Gresham gets into the grappling, and the limb manipulation, it was awesome, Gresham is very underrated at that. Dunn’s strikes were so on point. A vicious battle that was very good. I really liked it, just brutal strikes and some great grappling. But then Gresham fell off the top, and the impact made him puke which was pretty gross. Besides watching Gresham puke in the ring, the match was great. Gresham won after getting him in the Alligator Clutch, really besides the puke, it was very good, but you can’t really look over that.

(2/3 Falls Match) Da Hit Squad vs. EYFBO***1/4

Da Hit Squad get the first fall almost immediately via a Burning Hammer and then they go for some Suicide Dives. The action was very fast paced! An aggressive battle, and it was a very good match. Da Hit Squad are oddly entertaining and I love them in Beyond, and they are just fun to watch. EYFBO get the 2nd fall with a superkick and then the 3rd, making a comeback, with the powerbomb neckbreaker combo. They finally get their first win. This was a hard hitting hoot and I thought it was great. They have great chemistry together! I really hope this is not the end of their little series. After the match they embrace with a hug, and EYFBO put over Da Hit Squad on the mic!

Mike Bennett vs. Jaka**1/2

This was made after the “In the Sack” segment, Taven was out there and Maria was out to help out Mike. Maria distracts the ref, so Jaka can get hit with a trash can, which was pretty funny. A very average match, but it was still cool to see Bennett wrestling to be honest, first match I’ve seen of him since TNA! After interference from Taven, Jaka wins by hitting a choke assisted pop up powerbomb. Maria was supposed to give Jaka a lap dance as that was part of the deal but Bennett took away Maria before it could happen.

Chris Dickinson vs. Brian Fury****1/4

The Dirty Daddy vs. Firebrand, I love to watch Chris Dickinson wrestle, a very underrated guy on the scene. Dickinson brought the grappling to Fury and Fury fought back, as Fury is really good at that style. The grappling was great! When they brought the fight to the outside, it was very entertaining. So many brutal and nasty holds, Dickinson was just so great in this match. He hit awesome chops, he was even better than Fury with the holds and submissions. This was a WAR. This was an intense battle, Fury was getting beaten up, but when he fought back, his resiliency, and evened it up, it was something else. He hit a tombstone piledriver, just trying to get back into this match. Dickinson hits a hurricanrana, similar to his one from the match with Cage at PWG, I popped so hard for that. Dickinson finally wins this 30 minute contest with a trailer hitch, this was a HOOT, you have to see this match ASAP! After the match they shake hands, just an awesome match! He calls out Dijak after the match, as it hypes up their next match!

This was a pretty good show, with a great main event that is a must see, and I recommend you all see this when you can. The Raw Footage is up now on Beyondemand! For all your Beyond reviews, you are already at the right place, Wrestling With Words!


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