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Beyond Wrestling “State of the Art” Review

This is show 2 of a one day double shot show, with the first being By Popular Demand, which I reviewed for the site! Long story short for By Popular Demand, the show was super disappointing but this show looks amazing.

Da Hit Squad vs. Team Tremendous***

A good choice for an opener as both of these teams are a huge load of fun! Sugar Dunkerton and Joey Janela on the call, which was serviceable, besides Janela saying “You know” a lot, but it does not take that much out of the enjoyment of the match. And the match itself was pretty solid! Dan Barry hits a great crucifix on Mack, which is impressive due to size. Bill Carr steps in and him and Mack trade blows, and Carr eventually hits a headscissors in which Mack trades with a top rope rana. Carr also hits a slingshot senton. Mack just bitch slaps Carr, which Carr responds with a nasty lariat. Barry goes for a frog splash, but he slips and it looks weak, so Barry decides to just say fuck it and go for a double foot stomp after. Mack attempts to throw Dan Barry into a wall, but instead gets superkicked by Carr. TOPE SUCIDA FROM MAFF! TOP CON HELO FROM BARRY! Carr hits an awesome side walk slam! Maff hits a cannonball in the corner on Carr with Barry on his back. Burning Hammer from Maff! Barry stays down for the 3 count. Just a really fun opener. Nothing too bad, nothing outstanding, a lot of fun spots. I think that Da Hit Squad have really found a new home here in Beyond!

Shynron vs. Smiley***

I just love Shynron as he’s one of the best high flyers on the indies and Smiley is such a goofball and I love it. JT Dunn and Dave Cole on the call for this match! Handstand headscissors early on from Shynron followed by an awesome flippy reversal sequence. Smiley really impressed me during this match. I hadn’t seen much of him but he can go with Shyron and he has the ‘star’ of this match for me. An insane variation of a flatliner from Smiley. Springboard handstand jab to the face from Smiley, Shyron tries a standing Spanish Fly, but Smiley just pops out. Commentary notes that Smiley has recently beat Callihan which is dope. A second rope coast to coast to a Smiley in a Tree of Woe! BOTTOM ROPE 450 FROM SHYNRON! 1! 2! 3! He wins! Really short and sweet match. I am a sucker for flippy stuff but this was a lot of fun and I just wish it was given more time. With more time this could have been amazing.

Veda Scott vs. Jordynne Grace**1/4

Oh no, a Veda Scott match. Scott is accompanied by Ryan Galeone. Cole and Dunn still on the call. Match starts off hot with Saito suplexes, Missile dropkicks and a tope sucida. Barely a minute into the match and already Galeone interference. Shitty kicks leads into an AWESOME German from Scott. Grace just seems like a monster, stalling brainbuster and multiple suplexes. A trash spear from Scott. Gets a 2 count as Grace grabs the rope. Grace takes Scott off the top rope and power bombs her to the outside onto Galeone. Even More Galeone interference leads to Scott getting the win off a Capo Kick. Not atrocious, this match had a lot of potential–but that finish was trash. Such a short match. Grace hands out a challenge for a match against Galeone. Grace was easily the star of this match.

(Alpha-1 Zero Gravity Championship) Kobe Durst (c) vs. Space Monkey**3/4

Great to see Beyond give Alpha-1 some time to shine! Larry Legend on the call. Match starts off hot with a forearm smash from Durst and a Space Monkey Flip. Durst gets on top and starts laying down a storm of punches. Space Monkey bites Durst as he punches him and then another Space Monkey Flip. They trade some blows which leads to Space Monkey climbing Durst like a tree. Space Monkey tries for a Moonsault and misses which Durst capitalizes on by almost decapitating him. They go up to the top rope and Durst tries to stick a banana in Monkey’s moutn, he pushes him off to the floor, AND A SPACE MONKEY MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE! MOON LANDING! Only a 2! Backstabber from Durst which he then hits a fameasser for a 2. Durst goes up to the top, and hits a KOBEBREAKER! 3 count. Really solid match, wish they gave these two more time. Love me some Space Monkey as he is constantly a joy to watch. Durst is just brutal. After the match, Ethan Page puts over both men on the mic.

Ethan Page vs. Sugar Dunkerton**3/4

Ethan Page is still cutting a promo and is roasting the ever loving shit out of Suge. Dan Barry (not the place) and Larry Legend on the call. Suge storms Page with a takedown and a load of punches. He hits a top tope arm drag on Page. They go into a Greco Roman lock and Dunkerton would not let Page down, which created a hilariously awkward moment. Page hits Suge with a Bicycle Kick and takes charge. Capo kick from Suge D, but Page shuts the comeback down. An awesome Clothesline from Sugar, finally getting some more offense in. “Sugartits” chants. Sugar starts to land a series of stiff strikes, but Page gets up and kicks Suge in the head and plants him on the head with a DDT. Sugar bites Page’s hand and hits him with a bunch of stiff strikes. THROUGH THE ROPE ACE CRUSHER FROM PAGE. 2 count. Page takes out his bare ass but Suge rolls up Page and hits him with a kick. He goes up to the top rope, dabs and hits a diving head butt for a 3 count out of nowhere! After the match Suge gives Page a spanking. A solid match, pretty funny, expected the match to be a lot worse but it was pretty good. Was not amazing but still made me laugh a bit.

Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Fury***3/4

Larry Legend and FUCK NO, Steven the Turtle Weiner on commentary. Why. And Larry Legend is losing his voice. Dear lord help me. This should be a great technical bout. Starts off with them trading holds. This sequence was honestly pretty damn good, the commentary just ruins it though. Steve Weiner is also disrespecting Kobashi and his chops, why do they let him talk? Falcon Arrow Facebuster and shining wizard from Edwards! AND A CHOP FROM EDWARDS! ANOTHER ONE! ANOTHER ONE! ANOTHER ONE! And he takes Fury to the outside for even more chops! Takes him back in the ring for a 2 count. A very close nearfall off of a chop. Beautiful clothesline by Fury and then he returns the Favor with 9 chops. He gets cut short by a thrust but he quickly hits his 10th. Fury moves out of the way of a missile drop kick. And more chops from Fury. Top rope code breaker from Edwards into an Achilles lock! TOPE SUCIDA, but he misses and hits a couple of security guards. Bodyslam onto the concrete from Brian Fury. They trade chops and forearm in the ring and SUPERKICK from Edwards. And Steve Weiner spoils ROH’s Top Prospect Tournament for no reason, I do not get why they let him on this. EDWARDS IS GOING TO TOWN WITH CHOPS. Edwards’ hits a backdrop stunner for a 2 count! Fury hits a back chop. They go up to the top rope. Edwards knocks him down with head chops, and misses a double foot stomp. Fury then hits a brutal hip toss where Edwards land in to the corner. ALABAMA SLAM INTO WALLS OF FURY. Edwards reverses it into a pin, for a 2 count. SUPERKICK from Edwards. Brutal powerbomb from Edwards into Achilles Lock! Fury gets out of the hold. 2 pop up powerbombs into a Walls of Fury and EDWARDS TAPS. What a match. Sadly commentary ruins a lot of this and takes you out of it and there was a bit of chop overload in the beginning. I recommend this match, and definitely recommend watching it on mute, Steve The Turtle is just not a good commentator, and ruins matches.

Chris Hero vs. Jonathan Gresham****1/4

Now this is a match I have been dying to see ever since it got announced! Sugar Dunkerton and promoter Drew Corderio on the call for this one. Gresham is one of the most underrated performers on the indie scene. SUGE D SAYS GRAPPLE FRICK ON COMMENTARY. The match starts off with some “Grapple frick”, and these 2 are just so damn good in this style. Chris Hero props Gresham up to the top rope and gives him a noogie. GRESHAM IS MAD. He pushes him and says he is the best technical wrestler in the world. Some more “Grapple frick” follows. A brutal chop from Hero. Flying head drag from Gresham. Dragon screws from Gresham but Hero replies with an awesome looking kick. Another Chop from Hero, Gresham tries to chop back but gets punched square in the face. Beautiful yet nasty senton from Hero. Hero hulks up from Gresham’s strikes and slaps him in the face and then chops him. Those 2 trade strikes beautifully. GRESHAM WITH A HIGH ANGLE BRAINBUSTER. Hero kicks Gresham off the apron to the ground, and Gresham barely beats the counts. Hero hits Gresham on the back with a stiff shot. A disgusting elbow from Hero. Springboard moonsault from Gresham, pulling that out of nowhere. He puts Hero in an ankle lock, and then targets his limbs. A release suplex from Hero only for a 2 count! Nasty Jab from Hero to Gresham. Hurricanrana from Gresham and he rolls through to a double stomp on Hero’s leg. Piledriver from Hero. As DJ Khaled would say…another one. But, Gresham worked so much he can not go for the pin. ROLLING ELBOW FROM HERO FOR ONLY A 2! JONATHON GRESHAM GETS A 3 COUNT AFTER AN AMAZING PIN REVERSAL SEQUENCE! Such a dramatic ending as Hero was so close to kicking out. After the match, Hero goes to help Gresham after all that and JT Dunn hits Gresham, Hero spits on him and gives him a dirty handshake. Gresham calls out Corderio so he can have a match with JT Dunn. I really, really, really liked this match. Not MOTYC, but it was really damn good. Hero wrestling heel needs to happen more often as he is so good at being a douche. Gresham played his role perfectly and he was a big star in this one. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

Evil Uno vs. Pinkie Sanchez**1/4

Was really excited for this one, been missing Uno in the States and him and Pinkie seem like their current gimmicks would mash up well. Ethan Page and Veda Scott on commentary. Pinkie starts off with attacking Uno right away. Bicycle kick from Uno, with the ref holding Pinkie’s foot. Uno starts attacking the leg. Evil Uno being ultra-evil by trying to get outta a leg lock by pinching Pinkie’s nipples and grabbing his hair. Once he gets a rope break he just slaps the shit out of Pinkie and hits a brutal chop. Pinkie hits a double stomp on Uno’s knee, continuing to work over Uno’s knees. Flatliner from Uno! KUNG FU SUPERKICK FROM SANCHEZ! Pinkie goes up to the top and Uno grabs his dick. Pinkie’s manager, Christina Diamond, comes in to help but she gets put into a forced hurricanrana off the top rope and then Uno just slaps Pinkie. Uno puts both in a sharpshooter and Pinkie taps. Was a bit disappointed by this match. Was way too short and just felt off. This match had a lot of potential but was just squandered.

Mike Bailey vs. Matt Riddle***1/2

I love both of these guys. 2 of the best rising stars on the indies, and Riddle has been improving so much. Larry Legend and Ethan Page on commentary. Side note: Battle of the guys with no shoes on. Riddle hits some awesome looking gutwrench suplexes and then kicks Bailey in the back. Fisherman buster from Riddle! CANCUN TORNADO FROM BAILEY! Gotta say I freaking love that move. Bailey then goes on a kick streak. STANDING SHOOTING STAR KNEES! Riddle hits a Springboard Knee to Bailey on the apron, who goes to the floor. He teases a dive, rolls to the outside and just slaps Bailey in the face. Bailey hits him with a kick then with a moonsault to the outside! Shooting star double knees to the back and…RIDDLE KICKS OUT AT 1! HEEL HOOK FROM RIDDLE AND HE WINS! Really good match. Riddle is striving in these short matches, he is learning so damn much and is a great heel. And Bailey is just so damn good.

Sami Callihan vs. Donovan Dijak****

The match I have been waiting for! These 2 have similar styles, both brutal and they can be pretty stiff. Sami Callihan has been on a hell of a tear since getting out of NXT and has not had a bad match since that I have seen. Hero and Drew Corderio on commentary for this match. Match starts hot with a kick and exploder suplex from Callihan for a close 2 count and then a brutal kick from Dijak. They then trade strikes. Springboard clothesline from Callihan that lands Dijak to the outside, and the Callihan hits him with a lope. He then spits on his hands and chops Dijak and takes him for a walk which Dijak stops and CHOKESLAMS HIM ON THE APRON! They take the fight back into the ring and Dijak takes charge. Sami goes up top, and then Dijak kicks him up there, follows him but it was a bait and Sami super kicks Dijak’s knee. Then Callihan continues to target the Knee and he just gets increasingly more aggressive. Dijak kicks him out of the ring it just made Sami more mad, but he kept running into Dijak’s strikes. He attempts a Feast Your Eyes, and Callihan gets out and grounds him. He goes to the top but Dijak catches him with a belly to back suplex. Dijak kips up and tries to chokeslam Callihan; but just throws him into the corner. Sami then throws Dijak in the corner and does his signature kicks and a half n half. Stretch muffler, but Sami does not have all of it. Chokebreaker on the knee from Dijak but a BRUTAL LIGER BOMB INTO A STRETCH MUFFLER FROM SAMI! Dijak rolls up Sami for a nearfall. They trade even more blows, sluggishly, then it picks up! FEAST YOUR EYES INTO A STRECH MUFFLER! Dijak was so close to tapping, great selling. Vicious stomps from Callihan which gets turned into an armbar from Dijak. FEAST YOUR EYES FOR THE VICTORY! After the match Sami goes for a handshake but fakes him out and attacks him. Brian Fury runs out and saves him! This match was stiff and brutal. Which was what I wanted it to be. Dijak is really coming ino his own, and I love it. Callihan has been on a tear recently, you need to see this match.

Overall, this show was MUCH better than By Popular Demand. Nothing was offensively bad. Can not wait to see where they take these upcoming storylines! Thanks for reading!

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  • Chad Perry

    I have to disagree with a few things here as someone who was there live. I found Hero vs Gresham to be extremely boring and disappointing live. I tried watching it on VOD and lasted about 10 minutes before I couldn’t take it anymore.
    I also had evil vs pinkie as much worse.

    Dijak vs sami and Eddie vs fury were definitely great though.

    • ReDRagon fanboy

      Sometimes things come across a lot differently on tape lol. Evil vs Pinkie was not so bad I could not watch but I was certainly let down.

      May I ask why you found the Hero/Gresham match boring? I though the strikes and the ending with the piledrivers were great, but I love to hear the other side!

      • Chad Perry

        I certainly agree that things often can come across different which is why I try to go back and watch any matches I loved in person to see if they were as good on tape. The Hero/Gresham match just felt like a really, really long squash match to me with a fluke pin at the end. I am a HUGE Hero fan and seek out any match he is in, so that was a huge let down. I like what I have seen from Gresham in ROH too so I was looking forward to the match. I feel like if they would have shaved off 5 to 10 minutes that they would have had a much tighter match, the way it was it just felt long for the sake of being long.


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