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Beyond Wrestling “New England Mania” Review (4/2/16)

This was a sort of a secret show from Beyond, showcasing other promotions in the New England area and their talent, and this little show happened right before Territorial Pissings. All matches have a 10 minute time limit, and this meant it was a pretty short show!

Xavier Bell vs. Ace Romero***1/4

This was a showcase for Limitless Wrestling and I’ve seen a bit of Romero, the dude is a beast. They are both agile, and Romero is VERY big so it is really impressive and cool to see. Bell tries to hit chops on Romero, but once Romero does, they are way more brutal. Bell also hits a Biff Busick type of dive but once Romero gets up, he gets powerbombed onto the apron. Even though he had a bit of trouble getting him out the ring, Romero hits a damn suicide dive and it was awesome! Romero hits a move similar to the End of Days to get himself a win! A fun opener and it was an impressive outing from both of these guys.

Brick Mastone vs. Christian Casanova**1/2

This match included wrestlers from the New England Pro Wrestling Academy. From that same school, Sasha Banks, Warbeard Hanson, Biff Busick, and Donovan Dijak have come out of it and the trainer is Brian Fury. These two were alright, with Mastone being the star of the contest. It just felt a bit off, a little awkward and sloppy. Mastone was great at the power moves but he ended up losing fast to an inside cradle.  The match was alright, they still have a long way to go, and they look promising.

Triplelicious vs. Jammin' Jack Conner***

An RWA showcase match, known for the Chop Shop where there is a training center and a venue for smaller indies and even where Secret Shows take place. JT Dunn sometimes gives seminars there. This was a pretty good match, working a great pace. Triplelicious hits something called a Puerto Rican neck tie and it was an interesting move. Jammin Jack was being a great face. Triplelicious had the ref distracted, and hit Jack with a belt to get the win, good bout!

Scotty Slade vs. Chase Del Monte***

A showcase for Chaotic Wrestling, a pretty good promotion out of Massachusetts, and they have had great matches with Dijak and Fury that I have seen. Chase has recently just came back after a pretty bad neck injury. I’ve seen Slade a bit in NEW! Slade tries to dive to the outside, but gets caught and driven into a ring post and then gets back suplexed onto the apron! Del Monte hits the Cradle to the Grave for the win in a pretty good bout!

Vinny Marseglia vs. Eric Spicely***

A showcase for Top Rope Promotions. Spicely is apparently Chuck O’Neil’s best friend according to the commentary. I have seen a little of Marseglia, he is alright, but I have only seen about two matches and apparently is going to wrestle a match in ROH at the end of April, in Rhode Island. Vinny hits a dive 2 minutes in. Spicely tried to hit a senton bomb, missed, but it looked very good. The fight picks up and it gets pretty good! Spicely makes him tap out with a vicious cross arm breaker!

This show can be found on Beyondemand, and it would not hurt to watch, all the matches were solid, and they put in a good effort to make a name for themselves on the bigger platforms. For all your Beyond Wrestling reviews, you are already in the right place, Wrestling With Words!


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