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Beyond Wrestling “By Popular Demand” Review

This is show one of a night that had two Beyond shows. “By Popular Demand” was certainly an interesting show, and at some times this show was pretty damn good, and at others, it was really damn bad. Which is what I have sadly begun to expect from this company.

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Conor Claxton vs Drew Gulak***1/4

Ciampa and Dijak on the call, which I must say, Dijak has an amazing commentary voice. Opposite day here, with them saying Dijak is Ciampa and Ciampa is Dijak and Gulak is Claxton and vice versa. Once again the sound only comes through one channel. Starts off with some great mat wrestling, and even though Claxton is usually a deathmatch/hardcore guy, he can certainly hold his own on the mat. Interesting note, Claxton was trained by Gulak! Gulak tries to go for a piledriver but Claxton will not budge. Gulak takes him back down and takes control. Claxton puts Gulak into an armer, to which Ciampa proclaims “THAT’S MY DAMN FINISHER”. Gulak just slams back Claxton to the mat and goes for a series of Springboard boots. Hits Claxton with a Fisherman Suplex. Claxton is now starting to bleed, which Dijak replies perfectly, “this wouldn’t be a Conor Claxton match with out blood.” Gulak slams Conor multiple times into the ropes. Claxton reverses the last one, into a slam into the ropes of his own. Gulak does a brutal suplex into the turnbuckles for a 2 count. A bunch of great pinning sequences follow from both men, many 2 counts. Gulak hits a NASTY piledriver for a 3 count. Really good opener, pretty solid match! After the match they give each other a handshake. “Sportsmanship” chants from the crowd. Pretty solid bout from these men, Claxton really impressed me with how much he could go with Gulak. I would not have taken him as a guy that could of done that type of match, but he was great in it!

Massage NV vs. Milk Chocolate*

Anthony Gangone and TJ Marconi are on commentary for this match! One of the weirder match ups I have seen in a while. Dorian Graves tries to massage Randy Summers, but Summers runs to the ropes, he does not want any of this. He puts him into a submission looking massage and Summers just can not take it. TSK comes in, and does a top rope axehandle into massage. How many more massages can they do before the shtick gets old. Doesn’t matter as a lot of this match is pretty bad comedy. Summers tags in Watts, VSK attempts a hurricanrana, does not look too good as Watts is spiked straight onto his head. Some double team moves from NV, nice little exchange. Graves once again goes for a massage, but on Watts this time. Summers and Watts attempt their own version of Twin Magic as Summers distracted the ref and Watts hits a great drop kick. Vicious back elbow from Summers and it gets a 2 count. Summers goes for a Nipple twist on Graves, in which Graves hits the twist on Watts and then Summer nipple twists the ref, while Graves comes up and goes for a roll up on Summers for a close 2 count. Another annoying comedy spot. I love comedy matches, but this just is not that funny. Summers hits an ace crusher after that, looked great. The Watts puts on a glove and sticks his finger up Dorian Grave’s ass. I wish I was joking. Graves then takes off the glove for Watts and sticks it in Watts’ mouth. Summer tags in and attacks him like crazy. Watts tags in and gets hit with the comeback of VSK after Graves tags him in. They get oil from their corner and they put it on Graves back, VSK uses it as a slip and slide into Watts’ crotch for a 2 count. Summers accidentally hits a lariat on Watts and then NV hits atomic drops on him. NV put a towel over Summers crotch and squeezes his I would presume penis. They hit a Shatter Machine and NV gets the win. What an awful match. Like I said I love comedy but when it is bad jokes…

Lio Rush vs. John Silver***3/4

Good match, TERRIBLE commentary. Jon Gresham and Steven “The Turtle” Weiner on the call. Good lord the Turtle is annoying. And Gresham seemed like he did not want to be there. Almost had to watch this on mute. Good thing the match itself was pretty damn good because this nearly was a skip. Starts off with some mat wrestling. Awesome looking headscissors from Rush, Silver responds with gator rolls and “I don’t want any of that flippy shit”. I know that Silver is not that bigger than Rush, but good lord is this man strong. And on the other hand, Lio Rush is so good at flippy stuff. Including a tope con helo into the crowd! Silver takes Rush down for some ground and pound and afterwards hits one of the stiffest kicks, in which Rush replies with “You’re weak” and then gets 2 more stiff kicks. Crazy. Silver is a monster, Rush tries to go for a headscissors and he just stops that and throws him into the ground and into the crowd. Silver just throws him onto the apron, turnbuckle, everywhere. Lots of stiff chops and slaps from Silver. Rush finally comes back with a head scissors. Crowd chants this is awesome. F-5 FROM RUSH! Then Silver proceeds to slap and kick the life out of Rush. Rush counters the Spin Doctor into a rana, and then Silver counters a kick from Rush into a crossface. Silver hits a nasty lariat and then another one for a 2 count. Silver tries a monkey flip but Rush counters, but Silver pops up and hits him with a nasty Canadian Destroyer! Brutal Powerbomb! Silver wins! What a stiff brutal match, was an absolute pleasure to watch, but it would have been even better if I had muted it. That commentary was honestly atrocious, and took away from the match at some parts. Silver is slowly becoming one of my favorites and matches like this show why and Rush is having an amazing year.

Anthony Greene vs. Brick Mastone vs. Cam Zagami vs. Christian CasanovaN/R

Larry Legend and Conor Claxton on commentary. Just love Larry Legend on commentary. First time seeing Brick Mastone, he looks like a monster and he was just throwing people around. Greene hits Brick with an awesome superkick. This match barely gets started and the Crusade For Change run out and attack all of the competitors. Brandon Bell runs out and tries to help, and this leads to the next match.

Crusade for Change vs. Team New England Pro Wrestling Academy**

All out mayhem in the beginning. Crusade for Change just destroying all of these guys, including some dope offense from the M1nute Men. Anthony Gangone hits a beautiful suplex neckbreaker, and Brick Mastone runs in and just runs into Gangone. Brandon Bell starts taking control of the match. But Darius Carter hits a brutal bicycle kick. They all pick up Bell and hit a Code Breaker/Superkick combo and the Crusade wins. Really short match, pretty much a squash but none the less it was still fun to watch. Post match they beat down the participants until Dijak comes out to wreck them up, which I thought was fitting as he is a new England guy along with all the competitors of the match. He grabs the mic and tells Brian Fury that he owns him one.

Candice LeRae vs. Ryan Galeone**1/2

Ah, it wouldn’t be a Beyond show without an intergender match, but at least this one is with Candice LeRae, I would go so far as to say the best current intergender wrestler right now…who gets a great pop by the way. Veda Scott accompanies Ryan Galeone. Milk Chocolate are calling the match. Ryan Galeone begins by sizing up Candice LeRae and getting hit her but acting like nothing happened. LeRae tries for a top rope DDT but Galeone just slams her to the mat. A load of Veda Scott interference, which gets REALLY annoying. Much of this early match up is Candice going for offense but Galeone almost no selling, it gets kinda bland after a while. It just feels very awkward. LeRae gets Galeone in the octopus hold but what would you know? More Veda Scott interference. Candice hits a Tope con Suicida 3 times, and on the third time she hits her signature tornado DDT on the concrete. Crowd is soooooooooo behind Candice. And another tornado DDT off the ropes! She hits a ballsplex but you guessed it, Veda interferes. And then Galeone just ruthlessly slaps Candice, which felt really uncomfortable. Very close near fall on a small package from Candice. Galeone just kicks the shit out of Candice and he gets the win. This felt like a complete waste of Candice’s talents. She could have been used for something more than Galeone’s punching bag. Veda Scott interfering every freaking second was very annoying.

EYFBO vs. Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano***

Larry Legend introducing these teams because there are 2 guys from Team Pazuzu, which is always great but gets cut short by Ciampa after Larry starts making fun of Johnny and Ciampa. On commentary we have Fury and Silver. Starts off with a test of strength, in which Ciampa loses at first but then they trade monkey flips. Draztik kips up, but Ciampa can’t with out Gargano’s help. They tag out to their partners and trading chants for both men. A bunch of comedy at the beginning that I actually found a bit funny unlike the NV/Chocolate match earlier that night. I actually laughed a bit during this match. Gargano hits Ortiz with his jump through spear. Ciampa starts to twist and pull on Ortiz’s beard like it was an arm. Ciampa puts his thump up the bum of Ortiz, and suplexes him. Ciampa and Gargano hit a bunch of tag team moves, which leads into Ortiz biting Gargano’s ass. He tags Draztik in and he works Gargano’s leg. EYFBO catches Gargano while he jumps of the top, and they kick his knees out. Ortiz holds up Gargano for a stalling suplex and he then transfers it to the Funky Monkey and he drops him, Ortiz hits a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Gargano finally tags in Ciampa and he hits a bunch of stiff strikes. Beautiful northern lights into a neckbreaker and backbreaker from EYFBO. Ciampa and Gargano hit a Superkick assisted Air Raid Crash. Ciampa and Gargano get distracted from the outside, which lets Ortiz pin Ciampa for a small package to win! Pretty solid match. Nothing amazing but compared to the rest of the card, this was a major improvement. The double team moves from both teams were really damn good.

(Dog Collar Match) Joey Janela vs. JT Dunn****1/4

The match I was waiting for. These guys have had an awesome rivalry here in Beyond which has even spilled out to CZW and HOG too! The Dog Collar stipulation was a great choice. For a feud that has gotten this heated, it is only fitting for these 2 to be bound to chains until one beats the hell out of each other. Sugar Dunkerton and Larry Legend on the desk, as they self refer to themselves as Color – Color commentary. These 2 were hilarious through out the match, and it was awesome and hilarious. Joey Janela is busted up early after JT Dunn wrapped his fists up with the steel chain and punched Janela straight in the forehead. JT Dunn gets some chairs and sets them up. Janela nearly kills him with a whip of the steel chain but Dunn moves out of the way just in time. Dunn sets up the chair around Janela’s neck and tosses him into the corners and we see how much blood is flowing down Joeys head. Dunn yanks Joey Janela off the top rope through a chair and dear lord was it brutal, and Dunn just gets MORE chairs and a trash can. He sets up 2 chairs and Janela puts JT Dunn through the chairs with a Michinoku Driver. Janela sets up a trash can on the outside and Dunn hits him with a Death Valley Driver off the apron onto the can. As Larry Legend said it best, “HE DEAD”. AND A 2 COUNT. This match is too much in the best way. JT Dunn almost kills Janela with a BRUTAL powerbomb through a chair for a damn 2 count. JANELA HITS DUNN’S ROLLING ELBOW ON DUNN!! Finally Janela chokes JT Dunn out with the chain for the win. This match single handedly saved this card. A brutal, disgusting, and nasty affair and it was everything this heated feud needed and hopefully it continues because it is one of the bright spots of a Beyond show.

Afterwards, Hero checks in with Dunn but Janela keeps bragging so he hits Janela with a brutal elbow to end the show!

Look out for the State of the Art review from Trask when it comes out! Thanks for reading.


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