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Beyond Wrestling Americanrana ‘16 Review – ZSJ And Gresham Put On A Clinic!

It is time for the biggest show of the year for Northeast independent promotion, Beyond Wrestling. Americanrana is Beyond’s “Wrestlemania” show of the year, with a very stacked card, with tons of matches that have major implications on the future of the wrestlers in Beyond. Keith Lee vs. Brian Cage had me pretty hyped as they are pure hosses and they would be great together, and it was our opener!

Brian Cage vs Keith Lee***3/4

This match stated off with a bang. After a bit of mat wrestling, they start doing high octane offense, with Cage hitting lucha moves like dives and arm drags, but Lee was just as agile, landing on his feet after a monkey flip. Dijak and Fury were on commentary and by god, Dijak was beyond hyped. Then they start displaying their strength, Lee hit a disgusting suplex on Cage, hitting a standing belly to belly. Lee beats up Cage in the corner and he is just so good. Lee catches Cage out the air which I find very impressive and then Cage hits a springboard DDT after being dropped. Cage also hits a standing moonsault that had me wowed. This was a very good opener and had you hyped for the rest of the show. Lee misses a moonsault and I was amazed that Lee could even hit a moonsault (although I had already seen him hit it before, still great every time. After many great nearfalls, Lee gets the win with 2 pop up powerbombs, one being a sitout. Great match.

After the match, Joey Ryan comes out, gives out the blow pop and says he is only here to get back the DDT Ironheavymetalweight title. Suge D comes out with the belt and we have a match between these 2 for the title! The match starts and goes on for a few but ends up going backstage and the ref follows. New match time!

AR Fox vs Matt Tremont***

Two death match wrestlers in a sense, because every time AR Fox is in the ring, I fear for his life, and Matt Tremont is legitimately a Deathmatch wrestler. This was a solid and fun match between 2 guys who are complete opposites in the ring. Hardcore vs. High flying. AR Fox hit a Coast to Coast and then AR Fox is insane and does a swanton bomb off of a balcony for the win. Pure insanity. I love the reaction from Ciampa and Gargano on commentary, INSANE. What a finish, solid match! Watch this match for the finish, this is what I mean, AR Fox is a death match wrestler. Just wow.

Crusade For Change (Gangone, Carter, M1nute Men, Marconi) vs. The Strong Style Squad (B-Boy, Kingston, Homicide, Dan Maff)**1/2

Dan Maff could not compete for an unspecified reason, was not here and missed the match, turning it into a handcap match. This seemed like it could be a car crash, good or bad, looked like it could be a crazy or sloppy brawl on paper. Maff had a pretty fun part where he beat the hell out of both the M1nute men. This match was a mixed bag, a lot of bad sloppiness and lot of downright bad moments. Darius Carter is pretty unbearable to watch at some points. The Strong Style Squad were fun, but were sloppy themselves at some points. Homicide hit a sick second rope tope con hilo. Maff nearly kills Carter with a burning hammer. Every time the Crusade for Change was in charge it was pretty boring. Just a very average match. The Crusade for Change get the win when Darius Carter sneaks up behind B-Boy (after having a sick sequence with Gangone) and gets the win for his team. Alright match. After the match Homicide thanks the crowd and cusses out the Crusade for Change.

Chris Hero vs Kimber Lee***3/4

Not the biggest fan of intergender wrestling, but I could be the biggest fan of Chris Hero so I was very hyped to see him in this type of match. He gets introduced as the greatest of all time, and I can’t say I disagree. Early on Chris seemed unphased by Kimber Lee and had the clear advantage. He was even egging on Kimber Lee while she was repeatedly drop kicking him in the corner. Shortly after Chris Hero rolled through on a cross body and delivered a nasty Cravate Neck Breaker. Chris as usual was being a bully and it was great. Kimber Lee hit a picture perfect huricanrana in an awesome fashion. They were both great in this match, with Kimber Lee looking like a great face, kicking out of deadly piledrivers and elbows and Chris Hero is an amazing heel. Hero ends up getting the win with a tombstone. One of the best inter gender matches I have seen! After the match, Hero says Lee has not earned his respect yet.

Donovan Dijak vs Chris Dickinson vs JT Dunn**

This was a match to determine the Ace of Beyond. All 3 have been stalwarts of beyond Wrestling and all had their fair share of supporters. While Dijak and Dickinson are beating the hell out of each other, Dunn tries to take a back seat but gets super kicked by both men. Dunn was always being as sneaky as possible the whole match. But Dunn also took out the ref, Brian Milonas, which he usually does to every ref in his matches. They took the brawl all over the venue, into the balcony and the crowd. The brawl was a bit hard to see on hardcam admittedly but Dunn still hit a sick dive off the balcony. Brian Milonas ends up beating up JT Dunn, and to be honest, I did not like any of the ref spots in this match. It really brought down a perfectly fine match. These matches have to be the worst for a live crowd as sometimes they can barely see the match, the hard cam missed some of the brawl, which is not that big of a deal, but for some one there live? That could be a big deal. And this match was an overkill on the brawl on the outside. Dunn hits a sick elbow but he ref does not count the pin and he gets beat up by both until Milonas accidentally knocks out the 2nd ref. Dijak gets the win with an elbow similar to Dunn’s and a Feast Your Eyes. Solid in ring, but having that much ref shenanigans in your big match, is very annoying and really down plays the importance of the outcome.

After the match, Suge D and Joey Ryan come back out and they are still fighting for the DDT Ironheavymetalweight title. Joey Ryan looks at his “watch” and says they should have a truce until after intermission so they can sell gimmicks. When we come back, the truce ends and they start smacking each other. They both knock each other out until the camera woman Tanya wins! The girlhood dream has come true! Tanya gets an award and a painting, as she is the Queen of Beyond.

Matthew Riddle vs John Silver***3/4

These 2 are great and could legitimately beat you up, Riddle is a former MMA fighter, and Silver is so small, but his strength is deadly. We start off with some great chain grappling, very entertaining. Riddle hit some sick MMA Knees in the clutch and then got Silver pissed which was a bad idea, as Silver was beating the crap out of him until a springboard knee and a slap to the face on the outside. Riddle hit a sick toss suplex, commentary saying Matanza and Jeff Cobb also do that move. They both displayed sick strikes and strength. I love when Silver chucks people across the ring and Silver did that to Riddle a couple of times. This was a great sprint, with a ton of nearfalls and an insane intensity. Riddle eventually makes Silver tap out.

Catch Point (Drew Gulak, TJ Perkins & Tracy Williams) vs. Team Pazuzu (Angel Ortiz, Jaka & Mike Draztik)***1/2

Catch Point is one of the best stables on the indies and having TJP join them in Beyond like he does in EVOLVE is a much welcome addition. Pazuzu can be a bit sloppy but they are a fun bunch most of the time. Jaka and TJP early on had a very fun opening sequence. No disrespect to Team Pazuzu, but for this whole match, I was completely impressed by Catch Point, but I always am impressed by this bunch, just wish Stokely Hathaway and Yehi were here. Pazuzu were fun, but man, I love watching Catch Point, just insanely accurate with every hold. Gulak’s body slam onto the rope is always beautiful, and when done to Jaka, it was great. Jaka had some great chops and ferocity attacking Hot Sauce but killed him with a lariat. Pazuzu hit a pretty sick assisted cutter. A highlight of this match was Williams’ lariats, hitting many of them and they were all beautiful. Pinkie Sanchez comes out to distract Drew Gulak and he gets hit with a top rope foot stomp powerbomb 3 man move for the win. Very good trios action! Wish there was a clean finish but that is nitpicking. After the match, Riddle comes out and beats up Team Pazuzu, and we have an all out brawl. Dickinson eventually comes out, clears house but him and Riddle have a stare down. Pazuzu is a 5 man squad again!

Johnny Gargano vs David Starr***3/4

2 amazing talents, you knew this one was going to be great. Chris Hero was on commentary, accompanied by his tag partner JT Dunn, and Hero is always great on commentary. There was a bit of banter as Starr beat Gargano last year at Americanrana and was calling himself, Gargano’s nickname, David Wrestling. Gargano eventually takes Starr’s move, the crotch thrust, running off the rope, pretty funny opening minutes. They took the match to the outside and it was pretty fun, including a dive tease from Starr. The whole match was fun with both men throwing strikes and sick moves at each other. Gargano hit his beautiful through the ropes spear, and when his springboard DDT nearly got countered into a suplex, he threw a nasty knee. A double superkick happened that made me pop. Starr hit a beautiful superkick on a diving Starr and then a brainbuster on the knee which was great. There was a ref bump, Gargano Escape was locked in and Starr tapped but no one to call the match. Starr was going to hit Johnny with the foreign object, he decides not to, but Johnny hits Starr with a low blow and the same foreign object, Starr nearly passed out! Starr eventually makes Gargano tap out with his awesome submission. Very good match! After the match Starr puts over Gargano and Gargano puts over Beyond.

After the match Johnny Cockstrong comes running out with the DDT Ironheavymetalweight title, and Suge D, Candice LeRae and Joey Ryan come chasing after him. Joey Ryan “freezes time” and makes LeRae give Suge D a ballplex and he wins back the title. Ryan says thanks the crowd and says it is equal parts his, their, to which the ref gives the title to the crowd, but he quickly gets it back.

Tommaso Ciampa vs Brian Fury***1/2

Ciampa is always a joy to watch! We start off with some very good chain wrestling, which is the Firebrand Brian Fury’s specialty. This is a pretty big match up as Fury is about to retire and Ciampa and Fury have a storied past. Ciampa was the highlight of the match and his knees, whenever hit where deadly, which could be said about all of his strikes. Ciampa was surprisingly good at grapplefrick and this was what this match mainly was. A very solid bout between 2 Northeast Indie Wrestling vets. Ciampa taps out to a Boston Crab. After the match, Ciampa puts over Beyond and Fury.

2 Out Of 3 Falls: Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Jonathan Gresham****3/4

The first 2 bouts in this 3 match series have been some of the best grappling ever to grace the Beyond ring so I was very hyped for this match. Eric Corvis and Suge D on commentary, you knew the commentary was going to be at least great for this main event, and my god, what a damn match. A match of the year contender. These 2 grappled all around the ring. These 2 chopped, smacked, uppercut and destroyed the hell out of each other. At one point, they traded forearms and uppercuts, bruising each other’s chest. These 2 even fought on the outside which was very uncharacteristic of them but it was still great! Would never expect a ring post like that in a ZSJ or Gresham match, and it was very welcomed. The limb and joint manipulation was off the chart in this match. Gresham missed a springboard moonsault, ZSJ put him in a pinning bridge but Gresham pulled down his shoulders and they both got the 3 count. 1-1 draw! Gresham missed a springboard moonsault again but ZSJ capitalized and kicked the hell out of Gresham’s head. Gresham hit a beautiful corner stomp on ZSJ’s leg. ZSJ hit a cradle Tiger Suplex, had me cringe in a good way, devastating move, just wow. Same with his Dragon Sleeper he hit later on in an amazing sequence that included a sweet delayed German from Gresham. ZSJ nearly KO’d Gresham with brutal kicks to the head and a nasty knee. ZSJ eventually taps out to a Figure Four. What an insane match, just wow. After the match, Gresham puts ZSJ over like crazy and they hug it out. Match of the Year Contender.

The main event alone was worth the 9.99 for the Beyondemand service. This was a great show, with only 2 low points on this card and, very good undercard, and a match of the year contender. Thanks for reading!

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