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BASARA “Raising An Army” 1/21/16 Review

YAYAYAY BASARA is finally here! Thanks to Isami and DDT for giving us this great promotion and thanks to Morten, Eric and RealHero for giving us this content. On paper this is the independent dream card of Japan, GODDAMN KONAKA = PEL WHAN IS WORKING THIS SHOW!!!! 666 represent! But honestly this card is incredible on paper and I (Izzac) am not familiar with some guys but that’s the cool thing about indie wrestling in Japan, you always learn. This show is a combination of DDT, BJW, ZERO-1 and independent/freelance talent. I don’t what else to say, I am way too excited for this. BASARA is finally here!

Ikuto Hidaka vs. Ryota Nakatsu****

I loved both these guys and I loved this match. Holy shit, this was amazing. Hidaka worked over Nakatsu’s leg and Nakatsu sold perfectly. So many amazing spots in this bout, Hidaka and Nakatsu has a phenomenal opening sequence. Tons of cool holds were exchanged including a fantastic Figure 4 sequence. Nakatsu threw some killer kicks but Hidaka had some of his own including a springboard dropkick to Nakatsu’s injured left leg. Nakatsu did a crazy armbar shortly followed by him hitting a Bridging German for a near fall. This is like a finishing sequence from a BJW main event. Nakatsu dropped Hidaka on his head with a German suplex but Hidaka showed fighting spirit and hit a head kick and the best powerbomb ever which Ryota Nakatsu kicked out of!!! He finally put Nakatsu away with a spinning back kick and a standing head kick! Killer finish to a killer match.

Konaka = PEL WHAN vs. Atsushi Maruyama vs. Ryu Gouma

WHAT DID I JUST WATCH? This match consisted of 2 spots. For 1 minute Konaka was tea-bagging Maruyama, the ref has his face in Maruyama’s penis and Gouma has the doggy-style position on the referee! THAT SPOT LASTED FOR ONE MINUTE! THEY JUST STAYED THERE FOR ONE MINUTE! The next spot was when all three men had each other in ankle locks and after a minute they all stood up and were confused. Shortly after that they went straight back to the 3 way ankle lock. Maruyama and Konaka outsmarted Gouma and made him say he gives up to the ankle lock! So Maruyama and KONAKA = PEL WHAN win the match but Gouma loses. That was weird but very comedic. Only lasted 5 minutes and I am not sure if that’s good or bad.

Madoka & Tsutomu Oosugi vs. Kazuaki Mihara & SAGAT***

This was trimmed down to 5 minutes but it was a fantastic 5 minute bout. Mihara and SAGAT are both very beefy dudes that are athletic and Madoka and Oosugi are high flyers. Oosugi and Madoka hit tandem tope con hilos! They did so much in 5 minutes it’s hard to remember but I was losing my mind at how good it was. Madoka is the person that innovated the S.O.S (Kofi’s old finisher) but he calls it the ranhei. He used the ranhei on Mihara for the win. Fantastic for 5 minutes!

Hi69 vs. Yusuke Kubo***1/4

This was probably the sleaziest match on this card. I love a little bit of sleaze in my puro. Whenever Hi69 singles matches drop I get a tear in my left eye and say to myself that I am truly blessed to be able to witness such glory. But honestly this match was pretty good, not excellent — but it served its purpose on this card. The match started slow and for the first half of the match it was a Hi69 squash match. He hit a lionsault! Kubo made his comeback and hit two DDTs followed by a slap to the face. Hi69 hit one of the stiffest knees I have ever seen on poor Kubo. Kubo hit back fist but gets caught in a Michinoku Driver. A top rope splash finishes off Kubo. I hope Hi69 is a regular in BASARA why you ask? BECAUSE IT’S HI69!

Ryuichi Sekine vs. Koji Iwamoto***1/4

This was the same as the match beforehand. It really picked up towards the end but it was still a very well worked match. The match begins with grapple fuckery but it soon breaks down into a fight. Both guys nailed each other with forearms and it was so cool. Sekine preferred to use his kicks instead of his forearms and that worked well for him. The ref was great in this match, he most have some sort of hatred for Sekine. Ryuichi Sekine is very funny but also very malicious, he destroyed Iwamoto with a knee in the corner. Iwamoto hit a rainmaker STO! The dude is so smooth. Very good match that ended with Sekine kicking Iwamoto’s head off. Solid win for Sekine.

Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Hiroshi Fukuda***1/2

Going into this match I wasn’t sure how it would work because Daisuke is the manliest of men, and Hiroshi Fukuda is one of the top comedic workers in Japan. Spoiler alert: they worked this as if it was Daisuke vs. Yuji Okabayashi, Just a brutal match that made me a big fan of the ‘wrestler’ Hiroshi Fukuda. The dude can really wrestle when he wants to. He was fantastic in this bout as was Sekimoto of course. Sekimoto murdered Fukuda early on in the match with all the ‘stronk’ offence he has perfected over the years. Fukuda made a hilarious but yet menacing comeback and this is when the match REALLY started to pick up. Fukuda dropped Sekimoto on his neck with a backdrop suplex! The two men ran at each other throwing lariats and in the end Hiroshi knocked down Sekimoto with his lariat. Sekimoto always puts over other guys strength which is really cool for him to do as a very muscular man. The finish came when Sekimoto hit a trio of traditional Japanese wrestling maneuvers. First was the brainbuster followed by a killer lariat and to pin Fukuda is pulled out the deadlift German! Excellent finish.

Isami Kodaka & Takumi Tsukamoto vs. Daichi Kazato & FUMA****1/4

This goddamn match. HOLY SHIT! Isami Kodaka is a great man and is my #1 wrestler of the year in 2016 thus far, the dude is unbelievable. But let’s get to the match. I am not too familair with Kazato or FUMA but they made me huge fans of them in this bout. Kazato is crazy athletic and FUMA’S gimmick is that he is a rock star which is diverse and very cool. There was probably a total of 2 minutes of mat work and then the guys just got straight to business, Literally within 5 minutes Kazato did a springboard moonsault to the outside! Seconds later FUMA does a moonsault off the Shinjuku Face stage onto Isami! Who, seconds later, does a flipping senton from one level of Shinjuku to the level below! Fuma made a fantastic ‘rock star’ comeback if that makes sense but Isami hits a beautiful crossbody to cut him off. Kazato tags in and does some of the most innovative and athletic offence I have seen in recent memory. Isami fires back with a yakuza kick followed by a top rope rana and a double knee drop from the top! Trust me guys; that hurts like when it’s 3 AM and there is no ice cream in your household. Kazato is legit incredible, he did some brutal looking kicks on Isami but Tsukamoto comes into the ring and he and Isami double superkick Kazato. Isami locks in a devastating looking armbar but FUMA makes the save. The last 6 minutes were intense — so much stuff was going on. I give these guys so much credit as they worked a 21 minute PWG style match and they do this every weekend! I LOVE JAPANESE WRESTLING. The last 2 minutes of the bout saw Isami and Kazato battling for the win. Isami decapitated Kazato with knees and stomps and kicks and oh my goodness I don’t know how Kazato is walking. Isami put the nail of the coffin when he hit a running superkick to Daichi Kazato who is my new favorite wrestler. Can’t wait to re-watch this match.

What a fantastic debut show! This was so enjoyable and had great wrestling. I didn’t dislike one thing on this show. The MOTN was the main but that opener with Hidaka and Nakatsu was unbelievable. I am over the moon that they will be running 14 shows in the next 5 months. I wish that they could all make tape. BASARA is so awesome and I hope it continues to grow because their talent roster is great. I hope to review more BASARA shows in the future.


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