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BASARA Kiorira Vol. 4 Review (2/26/16)

Yokohama, Japan
Radiant Hall
243 Fans (Super No Vacancy) 

BASARA is back baby and Izzac is damn sure fired up! This is their second show making tape and on paper this looks like a real fun show. The top 3 matches have potential to be great and the midcard comedy stuff always makes me chuckle. Isami Kodaka is one of the greatest men in pro wrestling in 2016. He created BASARA, he is headlining Sumo Hall at the end of the month, he works deathmatches and works everywhere! From DDT to DOVE Pro Wrestling! The man is a national treasure.

Daichi Kazato, Hi69 & Kazuhiro Tamura vs. Gurukun Mask, Kazuaki Mihara & Koji Iwamoto***1/2
This was a great opening match for BASARA! It is basically a collection of some of the best Independent wrestlers Japan has to offer and they put on a great showing in this bout. Tamura and Gurukun Mask grapple and wrestle non stop for 2 minutes straight and it was very world class. Good mix of comedy and actual wrestling, just really fun. When Kazato tagged in he was basically the designated punching bag for his opponents. Gurukun Mask is so good holy moly! It’s a shame not a lot of his independent work makes tape because he was on fire whenever he was in this match. Gurukun Mask proceeds to having a fantastic little sequence with HI69, I am sure they have worked 100s of times over the years. Iwamoto did one of the most vicious looking judo take downs I have seen! He dropped Kazuhiro Tamura right on his neck and shoulder area. I would of given this match ***3/4 but the finish fell flat when Mihara speared Kazato in the back and applied the Camel Clutch for the submission victory.
Atsushi Maruyama vs. Rekka vs. Ryu GoumaNR
Well this wasn’t as weird as the 3 way match on the first BASARA show but it was still very weird. The crowd really were into the comedy. I found it comedic but because I don’t understand the Japanese language not everything made sense for me, but that’s my fault. I am sure Rekka doesn’t think a 16 year old Australian dude is going to be watching his matches. Because I can’t explain this match all that great I will explain Ryu Gouma. His gimmick is that he is a business man and isn’t a very good wrestler. He constantly gets beat up and his only offence is when he attacks someone with a book. He suplexed Rekka onto the book but Gouma hit his head on book as well so he sold that like death. The finish is one of the most wacky things I have ever seen in a wrestling ring. Maruyama attempted to Irish whip Rekka into Gouma who is in the tree of woe position but Rekka reversed the whip and Maruyama hit Gouma who is still in the tree of woe and Maruyama sold it like death, Gouma fell out of the tree of woe position perfectly onto Maruyama for the win. Yes that was the actual finish to this match!
FUMA & Madoka vs. Hiroshi Fukuda & SAGAT**1/2
Heavy metal army vs. Mr. America and SAGAT who is the lovechild of Missing Link and Delirious. SAGAT and Fukuda’s double team offence is Fukuda hitting moves on SAGAT but they injure their opponents as well as SAGAT? I know it’s weird but it is Japan folks. For instance Fukuda Irish whipped SAGAT into the corner and gave him a back hand spring elbow and then attempted to bulldog him onto Madoka but Madoka moved and SAGAT was bulldogged by his own partner. Another one of their tag team moves is where Fukuda dropkicks SAGAT’s back which makes him launch forward to hit a spear! SAGAT at one point slid from one side of the ring to the other on his head in a bridge so he could headbutt FUMA in his genitals. The finish was another wacky one because Fukuda wanted to Perfect Plex SAGAT onto Madoka but he moved and Fukuda suplexed SAGAT. Fukuda was thrown outside which allowed FUMA to hit the heavy metal elbow drop for the win. Watch this for the innovative things, I can’t call them moves. They are just things.
(Independent Junior Heavyweight Championship) Shiori Asahi (c) vs. Yusuke Kubo***1/2
Very good match that I wish went a tad bit longer. It was just ticking into the next gear but it ended which was fine but it was creeping up to the **** area. Every match I see of Asahi’s he shows me something different every time. His movements in the ring are so different than everyone else’s in wrestling. It is hard to be innovative in 2016 but Asahi is innovative with his characteristics and his move set. Asahi used Santino’s cobra strike twice in this match, once to the genitals. Asahi was killing Kubo with continuous springboard double stomps, he would stomp him and then wiggle on his stomach to really squash the mid section. Kubo made his comeback and did a Kojima like DDT on the apron followed by a killer backdrop suplex. If you have seen any Asahi match you know he is going to use a array of different kicks and that is exactly what he did to Kubo in the closing stretch. Asahi killed Kubo with many kicks and put him away after the second snapmare sliding kick.
Ryota Nakatsu & Ryuichi Sekine vs. Speed Of Sounds (Hercules Senga & Tsutomu Oosugi)***1/4
Good tag match, I felt like the work was excellent but didn’t connect with me as much as it should of. Early on Oosugi and Nakatsu thought they were wrestling in Dragon Gate because they were moving at a very fast pace. Both SOS members did tandem tope con hilo’s which the crowd loved but they didn’t love what went down next. Senga used the luxurious Burberry jacket to choke out Sekine! Major heat for that. Sekine performed a Finlay roll onto Nakatsu’s knees which would really suck if your the one taking it. Senga and Nakatsu slap the ever living crap out of one another! I believe this is where Senga’s jaw was broken because Nakatsu wrecked him with numerous open hand strikes. Nakatsu catches Senga’s superkick attempt but Oosugi comes out of nowhere and connects with a superkick which allows SOS to hit their double team finish for the win. Their finisher is like a double team One Winged Angel? It looks brutal.
Yay! Another Isami singles match! Yes it was very good as you would expect with one great worker and one phenomenal worker. Both men show their technical abilities early on until Isami goes after the leg of Tsukamoto. Tsukamoto hits a body slam and goes outside of the ring, while he is outside of the ring he grabs he’s GIANT hammer and makes he’s way back inside. Isami is confused so he grabs he’s samurai sword but the ref quickly breaks that up. Shortly after this Isami went for a dive but Tsukamoto blocked it with his GIANT hammer! My god this was funny. Around this point in the match Tsukamoto was bleeding from the forehead, I don’t know how this happened. Tsukamoto is now putting all of his focus on Isami’s head and neck, continuously wrenching at poor Isami’s neck. This match was a superkick party! Great variety of superkicks. Tsukamoto did one in the corner that looked absolutely devastating. Isami connected with the double knee drop and right away transitioned into a leg lock! Smart wrestling right there. Every Isami match he always makes me believe he is going to looe, he is so good at kicking out at the last moment. The last few minutes where great, Tsukamoto had a counter for every big move of Isami’s but in the end Isami stomped and superkicked his way to victory. He used a running superkick that he calls ‘Isami-ashi’ and hey he is Isami Kodaka so he can do whatever he damn well pleases.
Very fun show from beginning to end. All of the wrestling was good to very good and the crowd loved the comedic aspects of the show so I can’t complain. Kodaka is definitely onto something with this BASARA thing. Every show has sold out and the 2 shows I have seen from BASARA have been good shows. I prefer the first show because there were 2 great matches on the card but this was still a super solid wrestling show. I love that they are using talent from all over the Japanese independent scene. Isami is using everyone from the HEAT UP owner to HI69!! Bless Isami Kodaka. I would recommend you check out the opener and main event if you’re short on time.


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